Wednesday 11 July 2012

BN's worst enemy

A friend working for the PMO told me the other day that we are actually at war now. The establishment is under seige, he said....dramatically.

Honestly, I think my friend is quite outdated. For me, the war started at the start of Pak Lah's pathetic premiership. The seige started way back then. Of course my friend can't comprehend that as he had at that time living a good life in a neutral environment and employed by foreigners.

I was a foot soldier in the trenches, so to speak, mostly at that time trying to defend Najib who was then the deputy prime minister. The attacks aimed at Najib at that time mostly came not from the opposition but from Pak Lah's people who tried to undermine Najib at every turn. I was not part of the Najib's team but had the privilage of working closely with them. The team was actually quite small at that time. Nowadays, except for those from my days of hanging out in Pekan, I hardly know any of the new people. There are so many of them now.

The most important lesson I learned from those early days of the "war" is that the attacks from within are more dangerous than those which came directly from the enemies. In a more simple term - BEWARE OF TRAITORS

These traitors can be in many forms. Here are two types of traitors who are most dangerous -

1. Those who claimed to be staunch BN supporters but actually working for the Pakatan side to undermine from within.

2. Those who claimed to be staunch BN supporters but actually working for their own self interest. They actually don't give a crap what will happen to BN or this country as long as they get what they want - power, money, positions, etc. Seventy five percent of traitors within BN are of this category.


  1. Those who offer proof to the public, especially in respect of proven theft of public funds, must be commended as loyalists to the nation.

    Keep up the good work, men and women of conscience.

  2. I have to agree with you. That 75% are greedy people. They usually have perfect sense of smell of money.


  3. Kuching Besar, all the pro-BN bloggers like you have been told by your master to sound the warning.....don't play play with BN, and certainly stop showing incriminating documents to the your master gotta stamp even your toilet paper as "rahsia".

  4. Really ? Is it true toilet paper in Putrajaya is now stamped "Official Secrets Act" ?

  5. No point just saying there are traitors it will acheive nothing name names that's what cutting edge bloggers do.Or send the names to your boss before its too late