Friday 13 July 2012

The good Umno people will prevail

One of the things I never try to hide in this blog is my extreme loathing of Umno people who confirm the stereotype of themselves being boorish and corrupt. Yes, there are many of these scums in the party.

I despise these people more than the Pakatan goons because they are the cancerous elements which destroy all the good things done by the good people in Umno.

I have met quite a number of these parasites and some of them are -

* those who go around telling people that no one can survive and be a leader in Umno without money. They say this to justify their own corrupt behaviour of buying their shortcut way (or that of their boss') to the highest level of the party leadership.

* those who go around assuming that everyone are themselves. They simply could not comprehend the fact that there are people who are not even Umno members but believe in the ideals of the party and doing something to defend it....for free.

* those who go around behaving like a peacock just because they have a position in the party or given a post in the government courtesy of their political masters in Umno.

Despite my bad experience with these people, I still believe that the good people in Umno will prevail over them. Yes, there are still good and decent Umno members and leaders. They actually far outnumbered the rotten ones.

Why I put the picture of Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman there for this posting? Because once he explained to my friend who is a journalist that he never tried to give "duit kopi" to reporters in an attempt to make them like him because he doesn't want to insult them and their profession. Ghani and that small band of his loyalists are the ones who turned me around to support BN. They convinced me by their exemplary behaviour and incorruptible character. I don't care if others do not believe me about Ghani and his people. As far as I am concerned, my consience is clear. I sincerely believe the good Umno people will prevail. I'm sure DS Najib Razak will eventually clean up the party, insyaallah.


  1. Been noticing few articles made by you about how people think journalists can be fed with 'duit kopi' easily. Are you trying to warn someone so that he will stop persuading you with money?

  2. Hey Big Feline,

    This is my first caterwaul on your blog.

    Umno became infested after the election of 1993 when Peliwat Negara practically bought all the division chiefs.

    Do your homework and write about that!

    The Dunggus who support Peliwat Negara don't know how much damage he has done to the party and the country.

    But even those who know choose to remain, blind, deaf and mostly dumb.


    Kuching Miang

  3. MsBC
    I am a hibernating and almost dormant member of UMNO, but these I will do in my constituency;
    If Karpal versus Najib.. I pangkah Najib
    If Karpal versus Bung Mokhtar . I pangkah Karpal
    If Mat Sabu versus Bung Mokhtar .. I pangkah Bung
    If Karpal bersus LKSiang .. I pangkah Katpal
    If nik Aziz versus Mahyudin . I pangkah Mahyudin
    If Nik Aziz versus Khir toyo .. I pangkah Nik Aziz
    If Mat Sabu versus Samy Velu. I lari ke Taiwan

  4. whatever lah how clean and how straight forward Ghani you have written or perceived to be but I think deep inside Ghani he is a very vicious person, a very unreliable boss, someone whom you must curry favour and ampu bodek to be with him. We hope come next GE we dont see this joker with the zapin policies anymore.Johor have so many good people ie from UMNO to lead the party and to be the MB.Pas or the Fuckatan goons should not day dream of taking over Johor..As fo Ghani,3 terms is already too long and plse dont overstay..

  5. And there goes the Ah Beng now dating Big Cat....kedua2 masuk longkang....

  6. You spelt Johor's MB's name with capital letters used as they're supposed to.

    Please spell His name right too, next time, InsyaAllah, right?