Monday 30 July 2012

Malays and flags obsession

That day when I was in Sekinchan and going to KL via Kuala Selangor, I noticed there were so many flags of political parties hoisted by the roadsides, especially at the junctions. Most were Pas and PKR flags. It's almost like during an election. But some how I hardly saw DAP flags. Maybe DAP is smarter then their two predominantly Malay allies and saving their flags for the real election. Chinamen always smarter when it comes to being prudent, I guess. BN got some flags up too but they were far outnumbered by those of Pas and PKR.

Anyway, I don't remember such culture of hoisting political flags in Selangor, back then when the State was ruled by BN. It was mostly confined to States like Terengganu, Kelantan, and Kedah. It's probably because those states got a lot of especially Malays who support the opposition. It's probably their way of telling every one that they are powerfull. See, I got lots of flags, I'm so powerful, so handsome....something like that. And all those motorists upon seeing the flags immediately fell in love with their party and going to vote for them. Uh uh got so many flags, you must be so handsome, I'm so gonna vote for you...something like that.

Well, no such thing in Johor....ok la got some but not too many. Johoreans are mostly sensible people.....hehehe

BTW, I did ask my Chinaman if he knows which flag belong to which party...and his sincere answer was that he only knows the BN's daching and DAP's rocket. The rest he don't really care. Really teruk punya Cina bukit. I know he voted for the first time in 2008 and it was for DAP. Well, never mind, if he can tolerate me being a BN supporter, I can tolerate him too for supporting DAP. At least I know he really cannot tahan with Guan Eng and agreed with me that  the son of Kit Siang is such a spoilt brat and nothing more.

Oh, almost forgot, I wonder who got the contract to supply all those flags to Pas and PKR. Must be rich by now. Somehow, my gut instict said the company belong to some  DAP supporters. Smart towkeys. Well, then again, I could be wrong.

p.s In case you all ever go to Kuala Selangor, try to buy that very nice kedondong with asam boi drink. Best in the world liao.


  1. You don't know who supplied the flags to PKR and PAS ? Wealthy supporters lah...tak macam UMNO yang tak bayar dan kena sue oleh supplier.

  2. sueh lah like this dap supporter thinks lge is spoilt brat, how to win putrajaya?

    lge must overhaul his image to be a british cool gentleman not a wayang cinapek

    shame on you plaster lim

    1. Your England very bad. Pls learn to write properly. And read carefully.

    2. Aiyoo, your Australia also same, and one more thing ah..where you learn to write Pls as please?

    3. Pommy host the Games but has yet to smell Gold. Why be a Englander when China is ahead of USA in the Gold medal tally. Malaysia hide under Amerika sarong? Why bendera looks like Amerika - White and Red Strips. Chinamen in Olympic is very very cool.

    4. haiya I learn my england from cinapek graduate from skjc lah, the tushen money oso not cheap you no, sum more hah he late come, say he kena chase by cops coz he sell fake cds leh

    5. "Chinamen in Olympic is very very cool." heehee, no wonder their skin pale like yellow yellow dirty fellow

    6. Well they cannot show off buying branded goods, so they elevate their status thru flags, another status symbol on top of their kopiah lalalalalala

  3. And stop the obsession with DAPigs. They are not good for your health or your religion.

  4. LOL to LGE a spoilt brat..
    I guess following your oldman's footsteps to jail under ISA make you a spoiltbrat..Not using your oldman's money to drive sportscar and kau luis..

  5. Air kedondong? Lu mengidam ke?

  6. Whenever I see a flag, I see MONEY.

    I think it is a waste of 'duit derma'. Better sedekah to orphanage or rumah orang tua-tua. More pahala.

    Wonder who is the supplier.