Saturday 17 November 2012

What's up Hadi?

This was from Star alert just now -

17/11 Pas Ulama Council rep Hairun Nizam: Party president Hadi Awang should be PM if Pakatan win GE13; party should not support any other candidate/STAR

When I saw it, I immediately called a journalist friend who was covering the Pas' muktamar in Kota Baru to check what was happening there as this news would probably gives Anwar Ibrahim a minor cardiac arrest.

"Yup, that Hairun was serious. The Ulama Council is very powerful and its supporters have been flexing their muscle these past few days here and the indications point to them not wanting to give face anymore to the Anwarinas in Pas," said my journalist friend.

My friend was probably right. My reading was that the Pas hardliners were indeed worried as the party has been viewed as pussies of late for being bullied by DAP. The existence of the Anwarinas in their rank has only made it worse for them.

However, half an hour later, my friend called me back and said -
"Eh, Hadi had just gave a PC. He said he rather be a khadam (servant) rather than  be a PM."

"Are you sure?" I asked, hardly believing what I heard.

"Yes, he was rather uncomfortable when we asked him about what Hairun said...but that's what he said," said my friend.

"What happened to Hadi's balls that he said that?" I asked again. I was irritated that Hadi, the president of a party of Islamic warriors not daring enough to replace Anwar as PM-in-waiting.

"That, you have to ask Anwar," said my friend, laughing. friend could be right. Maybe Anwar does has Hadi's balls in his pocket, metaphorically of course.


  1. Maybe Hadi is more inteligent then you. He knows that to win he nedds the support of the non malays. And as of now he haven won anything yet.Why wanna trumpet himself as a PM in waiting. By saying that he is a khadam he wanna tell the people his priority is to serve the people.He is avery clever man because he knows there is no point dreaming of any post when you havent won anything yet.

    1. Hmmm...maybe you are right...then, that makes Anwar a moron for trumpeting himself as a PM in waiting all these while, I guess.

    2. Like Hadi said, he prefer to be khadam, khadam to PKR and DAP actually

  2. He's just being a fool that he is


  3. to declare himself as 'khadam' is only to shows rakyat how humble he are.. than people will respect him and eleted him as a PM...

    see the game?

    Big D*ck

  4. How come you as a journalist not covering the Muktamar?

  5. Anwar will be PM and Hollywood will make a movie about it

  6. What the heck, man. Only recently he said he doesn't want to be wakil rakyat any more, old already, tired too much travelling, wanna focus working in the party secretariat only.

    What's this mau jadi PM, tak mau jadi PM, mau jadi khadam, then got orgasmic when he was proposed to be PM, loud takbir etc. Lidah bercabang ha?