Friday 23 November 2012

Possible solution to a hairy problem

You all probably have read the report about hair dressing saloon operators in Kota Baru having a hard time because the Pas Kelantan government had banned women from cutting men's hair and vice versa.

Those who have not yet read it can do so here -

Kelantan's gender segregation rules affect non-Muslim businesses

Well, there you have it. So much for non-Muslims not being affected by Pas' hudud aspirations. And that's just the starter, ok. I'm sure more will come once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

Well, DAP will definitely fight Pas over such things but the fighting will go on and on for like forever and the country will suffer for it. How to work la if fighting all the time over such things.

Anyway, that's for the future. As for now, here is a solution I would suggest for the Kelantanese hair saloon operators - hire more hairdressers whose gender is somewhere in between...not men nor women.

How's that? The LGBT gang should be happy about it, right?

Meanwhile, try to get Ambiga and her Bar council friends to cook up some legal hocus pocus claims so that those who choose not to be men or women got to get their gender registered with NRD as - Malaysian. Ya, the same thing which Hannah Yeoh so fashionably tried to do for her child's racial status.

See, so Malaysian what -
Race - Malaysian
Gender - Malaysian

That way the hair saloon operators could avoid being fined....err, also couples could also avoid getting caught for khalwat. Can always argue - See, I'm not a male or female, my IC stated here that my gender is Malaysian. And so does my partner's....Ok, I think I'm getting overboard with this....hahahahaha....this is actually so funny for me....except, of course for the very serious consequences it will brings upon our multi-racial society.


  1. Nic and creative solution!!!!

    Ordinary Malaysian

  2. Why dragging on? DUMNO and its bloggers please do not drag until Xmas, NEw Year, Chinese New Year etc. Dumno and its bloggers, do you want shariah laws or not?

  3. Anony 00:39 ni hidup di planet mana? Masih jahil bahawa Malaysia mmg laksanakan undang2 syariah dan kami panggil mahkamah syariah. Apa susah type in google and click search you idiot..

  4. 'maabeles' posting BC

  5. How I wish Pakatan can spend their valuable time as a strong and effective oppositons or spend time building a real ROKET making it a NATIONAL pride instead of just hanging pictures of rockets in their DAP logo!! huh huh..

    Zaman dah bertukar sekarang, we the ordinary citizens very much look forward to progress, cara psychological warfare main politik dah agak lapok...

    Apa bole buat, semua ketua2 Pakatan geng2 dah nak expire tarikh luput masing2, asyik duk kasi rakyat turut serta melatah kealam kebudak2an mereka - kata omputih, into their 2nd childhood years!!!

    1. Anonymous 17:30

      Apa bolih buat, Malaysia are not blessed with good opposition,they failed to realize the process of good government.

  6. PAS-DAP bickering over hairdresser issue, and they want to rule the country?


    1. Dumno & MCA wants to govern or just koreh land and get loans to buy condom instead of rearing cows?

      PR does not rule. You insult malaysian royals as they are the real rulers.

    2. You korek depan and belakang as you believe they are the same!!! Good on you.

  7. agree!

    in fact i found some of the LGBT working as hairdresser, not only in KB but KL and elsewhere.

    if pakatan rules after the next general election, we should be able to see more of them at the parliament!

    don't u think so?

  8. BC - You do write some insightful commentary, and sarcasm is a reasonable tool in public debate, but this article is weak. There is a key question regarding the role of religion in politics, whether our chosen leaders have the ability and respect for others to allow them to live their lives according to their own, differing beliefs. Can Malaysia create shared values that all citizens can live by. Can we give eachother the space to live our lives according to our beliefs? This cannot exist if one group, even the majority, enforces its own practices on others. It's often said that the strength of a nation can be seen for how it defends the rights of those with no voice or only a small voice, be its the rights of women, animals or minorities. Isn't Malaysia strong enough?

    I agree with you that its a real concern of how the rights of minorities will be protected if/when PAS controls the State's religious enforcement bodies. But I do disagree with you in one key way - why do you demand that your rights be respected when you won't defend the rights of others. Why demand liberalism to not live under a fundamentalist islamic state when you can't restrain youself from abusing the right of consenting LGBT adults to live their lives in a way that doesn't effect your rights? If its wrong for these people to even exist, why is it so wrong that you have to get your hair cut by a woman (if you are a woman)? What is more importnat - your existence or your weave?
    There is a quote from the Spanish Civil War - "If you telerate this, then your children will be next". How can we expect our rights to be tolerated when we won't support the rights of others. Who will defend your rights when all those that would speak up for you were taken away because you didn't speak up?