Friday 30 November 2012

Najib made me teary eyed

I think I am getting too soft hearted.

That day I listened to a song and felt like crying. Today I watched Najib delivered his keynote address at the Umno general assembly and I almost cried again.

It was when Najib passionately swore by the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad that he will ensure Umno will give priority to the needs of the people above all else that I realized I got tears in my eyes.

A boy who sat next to me in front of the television actually noticed that something was not right with me and asked if I was okay. Of course, I was okay. Very malu la to admit that I almost cried from watching a speech. Luckily I managed to suppressed my tears and it didn't run down my cheeks. That would have been disastrous for my tough girl image.

But really la. I never saw Najib delivered a speech like that.

And I used to follow the guy around whenever he balik kampung to Pekan for almost half a decade and saw him giving speeches so many times.

There was no way the guy could had faked it. He was choking with emotion towards the end of his speech. To swear an oath on the name of Allah and the prophet is not something a Muslim do on just any other day. I consider myself not a good Muslim but I would never dare to fool around with an oath like that. Well, not even Anwar Ibrahim dare to do that, ok?

As far as I am concerned Najib has really put himself on the line by swearing that oath. Allah will condemn him to hell if he fails to deliver on it.

The Umno people should realize the enormity of what their president had done. If they still go fooling around again after this, then they are really bastards of the highest order.

If myself, a non-Umno person could be moved to tears by Najib's oath today while Umno members did not feel anything, I don't know la what else the guy can do to convince his people.  If they still after this insist by hook or crook on being an electoral candidate, be given a contract or behave like a male baboon in heat, then Umno is indeed doomed.

Well, I sincerely pray for Najib to be able to fulfill his oath and Umno members to take their president's speech seriously.

You can read the entire Najib's speech here  at

UMNO Online


  1. kejap lagi rocketman datang whacking...

    1. Crying all the way to the banks30 November 2012 at 19:32

      BigCat you should expand your knowledge.go read Ayn Rand ke.

      It is the trick of robber barons to appeal to emotions. AI did that very well too. Najib just learning his craft.

      But at end of the day you get fucked by both of thme haha.

      I would choke with emotion too if my wife get 1.5 billion for PERMATA or my brother get 600 million for merging Malay owned companies..

      And you can call me battle hardened.

      The harder they cry the harder they rob!!

  2. Now lets see how many new faces will be in his election list. If the same old jurassic monkeys are still fielded, I'd rather watch a movie at home.

    1. Tears for the Malays21 December 2012 at 19:01

      The Malays faced a real problem of leadership. The current batch are born before merdeka so they are mentally coloniased.

      Merdeka means self determination. Self rule. Fairness, equal wealth distribution.

      But no UMNO Presiden Mahathir said 20 for the Malays is enough! How is this fair? How is this smart when the Malays and the bumiputeras who depend on the Malay rights made up nearly 70% of the population.

      It doesnt. It was always thought there must be more to it but after 22 years this UMNO President really meant it.

      What it means in real terms that this UmNO leadership does not intend on being fair to the Malays despite leading the UMNO.

      They are kowtowing to international and Chinese and Indians interests at the expanse of the Malays and bumiputeras.

      They must be really stupid or really cruel to be meaner that the British colonialists to give 80% of the wealth to the Chinese and Indian labour migrants.

      But things become clearer with the exposure that Mahathir is a Tamil from Kerala.

      Thus all licenses and monopolies and free planes are given to the Ananda Krishnan, Syed Mokhtar, Mydin, Tony Fernandes cronies and so on.

      It is up to the younger generation of Malays included to realise this.

      How much Najib cry it is water under the bridge but life must go on and the Malays must undo what the tamil racist Mahahtir had planned for the Malays.

      Beggaring in their own country. that is what Mahathir proudly announced in the NST.

      So the fight for merdeka is on going. Young Malays must remember Tamil blood runs thicker and their malayness is only money deep.

      Each policy by the mahathir -mahyuddin , hishamudin must be scrutinised as they are all tainted by big chinese businesses.

  3. I was there. Teary eyed like all around me. For a moment, the writing in the wall is very clear.

  4. kah..kah..kah...

  5. me too kucing besar


  6. I would weep too if I had RM 100 million privatisation contract. Wouldn't you ?

    1. I would cry too if such a contract was slipping out from my fingers, even before I go for GE, also scared my own people want me to fall first ! :)

      And, unmoved? What more do they want lah, contract etc.?

      SPOT ON ! Sooooo we acknowledge that this is the quality of the average member?