Wednesday 28 November 2012

Lagu Melayu

I think I really should not had went to check out the Umno people at the PWTC yesterday.

Now I'm a bit infected by all those Melayu stuff.

For no good reason I searched at YouTube for this old song which I learned many years ago.

I didn't feel anything when I sang the song back then. I was young and a very idealistic leftist who don't think much about my ethnic heritage.

But just now, as I listened to the song, I can feel tears coming to my eyes. I quickly suppressed it. Tough girls have no time for tears.


  1. Wahai Big Cat..... siapa lagi yang nak mengingatkan bangsa kita kalau bukan kita sendiri...kita yang berketurunan daripada bangsa yang gagah dan bijaksana, bukankah nusantara ini kepunyaan kita semua...Melayukan Gagah diNusantara.:)

    Si Mahameru Bukit Seguntang

  2. "I think I really should not had went to check..." Your England teruklah, for a TKC graduate.

    1. Ya, true also. Still trying to improve. Thanks for pointing out.

    2. MsBC
      No worries lah. In the art of communication, as long as the other party decipher what one's gonna convey. in Queen's English ke, Ivy English ke, Gurmit Singh's English ke or Mumbai English ke, the job is considered done.

  3. All first formers in my school of my generation were required to sing this song everyday during morning assembly. Then another song called "Suria", which goes something like this:

    Suria muncul di pagi hari
    Kita bangun sederap kaki
    Menara bangsa akan kita bina
    Perkasa tiada rebah lagi
    Mentari sudah ada di sini
    Pasti bersinar seribu tahun lagi
    Biar berhembus angin sangkakala
    Malam pasti tiada datang
    Kita sudah tiada perlu tidur
    Kerna mimpi ada di depan mata
    Peluh jernih mengganti keringat
    Bersinar bagai mutiara
    Rimba akan terus hijau
    Unggas riang-ria berkicau
    Air jernih meriak di kali
    Udara nyaman terang di rongga
    Darah kembali berharga
    Merah buat penyeri muka
    Embun jernih meniti di bibir
    Kasih sayang jadi milik semua
    Kita bebas, terbang laksana burung
    Terikat hanya di tali cinta

  4. mak ai, lama dah tak dengar lagu ni. dulu kat sekolah nyanyi tiap2 minggu. terimakasih kucing besar


  5. Terima kasih...sememangnya bangsa kita berada di persimpangan jalan yg mencabar

  6. its a sombre song to keep us on out toes. to remind us of what is at stake. this song and the perajurit song always bring tears to my eyes, but not just any tears but the kinda tears that says "let me wipe this tears off my cheek first before i come chop off the head of my enemies". whoever that might be.

  7. I am so touched by this song ,but I never heard before.

  8. What do you mean by saying "infected by all those Melayu stuff"?

    This is another indication that you are not Melayu. Are you not bitching, belittling the Melayu with that kind of words there? You were not raised by Melayu parents to be saying those words and in that tone?

    Now, I dare you print this comment. To show the readers that you have a warped mind and thinking about the Melayu. Watch your words, so and so you. Considering you have done the same and commented by a few others in the past as well, you deserve more nasty words than I have used so far.

    1. Boooooo


    2. Well, she did publish your comment. But to her credit she does think and doesn't have a one track mind. Any individual or people that wish to develop and progress need to have questioning minds. Just using the word "infected" isn't derogatory - have you ever heard of a song or video "going viral". Your comment is a sad reflection of an undue focus on form over substance - something I don't ever see from BC.

  9. This song always brings tears to my eyes. Wait till you listen it being sang in unison by thousands, tears will just fall freely.

    1. agree - negara ku less important than dumno song? Big Cat small psussy would not cry if negara ku sang if Malaysia won the gold in international games?