Friday 16 November 2012

Racially discriminated my foot lah

There is this report I read in the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider about the anti-BN Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita saying that constitutional provisions which secure bumiputra rights are inspiring racial discrimination.

I believe she was talking about Article 89 and 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Well, I know that she is actually saying nothing new as those provisions have been targeted by all anti-BN (or to be exact, anti-Malays) quarters since before I was born. But it just bothered me that she brought up this issue as everyone were gearing up for the coming general election where it is known that campaigning along racial line will be the main weapon for certain quarters such as it was during the last Sarawak state election.

Okay, this is a very prickly issue and should be avoided if we want things to go smooth in this country. I even have recurring arguments with my boyfriend over those provisions whenever we accidentally strayed to race relations in our conversations. We normally avoid the topic as it does not do any good to argue about it.

But, whenever I'm forced to argue about it, my usual line on this matter is that, those provisions were agreed upon by our founding fathers (of all races) as a trade off whereby the non-bumiputra were given citizenship and allowed to continue with their way of life instead of being forced to assimilate into the bumiputra's culture as it was in other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philipines.

That is why, I would say that the Chinese, for instance, have their own education system which was guaranteed by the very same constitution which provides for the loathed bumiputra rights. That is why Malaysia is the only country, other than China and Taiwan which has a Chinese education system.

Well, maybe Irene Fernandez should check on those provisions of the constitution which secure the existence of Chinese schools and come out with a statement that those provisions cause the segregation of our children on racial line and inspire racial discrimination. See la what would happened if she ever say that.

Personally, I support the existence of Chinese schools because I respect the wisdom of the country's founding fathers whom I assume were of the opinion that each race should preserve their own identity while helping each other as we share this country. That was, to me why the constitution provides for such leeways exclusive to each particular race. The understanding should be that we respect each others' rights and honor the agreement made by our forefathers.

Let me put it on record here that I never believe in the concept of "Bangsa Malaysia" because there will never be such a thing. We are Malaysians of different bangsa and each should respect the others instead of trying to force an assimilation into one bangsa. The same as there is no such thing as "Bangsa USA". We were simply not meant to be that way.

Everything has a price, and to me, what were propagated by people like Irene Fernandez as constitutionalised racial discrimination, is actually the price we have to pay for the half century of progress of this blessed multi-racial and multi-religous country.

By the way, for being purportedly racially discriminated, I think the minorities in this country were actually doing much better economically, and now politically, than the bumiputra who supposedly were discriminating them, I think.

Not even Irene Fernandez seems to be too racially discriminated, isn't she? She seems to be doing rather well despite her persistent complaints about this country, I think.

Was you racially discriminated in anyway Irene?

Oh by the way, Irene, can you please do a make over a bit. Really la, at least make yourself a bit more presentable if you want to play act as human right heroine like Aung Sang Sukyi.

Ok, at least comb your hair, can?


  1. That is very unbecoming of Big Cat. One person's meat is another person's poison, so avoid personal attacks. You think just because you have a chinaman boyfriend, you are really chun ? To others, you may be ugly, so please don't go there.

    1. Dont know who this irene fernandex is much like that tamil guy tony fernandes i suppose. The one who got 2 free planes from his tamil buddy mahathir hehe. Yep that is discrimination alright.

      How could the UMNO President, the ketua orang Melayu gave two airbus for RM1? You cannot even buy nasi lemak for RM1 ringgit now!

      How could that Tamil fella Naza got thousands of AP to import cars. He claim that the NEP that was formulated after the Malay rioted and killed a few Chinese and Indians was made for him.

      Since when is a Tamil a tribe in sabah and Sarawak to qualify as bumiputera?

      And how about that Tamil Syed Mohktar who also claimed that when the Malays rioted and killed the Chinese to create the NEP, this was justification for his Tamil buddy Mahathir to give him rice, ports, hmm just google lah too many.

      So from here you can see that Irene the Tamil, want more.

      The constitution has been waylaid by Tamil masqurading as Sabah and Sarawak bumiputeras. Tamil Christians like Tony and Hindus like Ananda Krishnan or Lingam or Tengku Adnan.. all tamils

      plus there is of course Ali Hamsa, Irwan Srigarl, KJ, Azeez the SPM in Tabung Hj board, all craps by UMNO leaders.

      Strange even though that Tamil fella Mahathir is not around more and more Tamil are being recruited not to forget Nor Yakub of course the one who lost billions.

      Yeah you are right, that Irene is one ugly woman just like Ambiga..the hindu.

    2. Want to become Englishman mate?
      Ever heard of stranded BOC in England, majority r from Penang

    3. Want to be Englishman mate?
      Ever heard of stranded BOC there, majority from Penang
      Now begging Malaysian government to take them back

  2. Big cat and small pussy. You mention that minority fare better than the majority. My big foot and small head. So the Indians and Chinese fare better? Your Dumno Bloggers gloated they have to resort to working illegally in other countries. For 50 years have DUMNO help its kind? Look Kelantan and even Trengganu. Where are the petrol dollars for them? As usual, Dumno eat all the KFC drumsticks and left the finger licking good bones to its kind. $1000 for $1 for you.

    1. My friend. Not sure what is your back ground. Please be rational and use head first.
      1. Trengganu is much² better. It is clean and developing. Have you been there?
      2. The only problem is with Kelantan. No clean tap water so what ever.. Also dirty etc..
      3. So, only can prosperous when have duit petrol? Oh... Kedah how?, Perak how? It is about the management. The Malays in Kelantan easily been deceived by look. Since Tn Guru have this alim look and kononnya zuhud lifestyle, than the Kelantan Malay would support him even he did not do much.
      4. Yes, (some) Umno buggers had done damage. But they also did goods. You have to admit that.

    2. YOu admit Kelantan is in poor state. All the drumsticks are eaten by Dumno just like Sabah. Is Sabah so poor in resources? Dumno sapu all the drumsticks meant for Kelantan and Sabah. Even Penang pay a lot of taxes but Dumno Government just gived them peanuts and a banana to the State Government. Dumno Government all income, business and custom taxes but give many states kachang putih.

  3. Meow....bigcat is being "catty".

    Superficial, even.

    Since when have good looks been equated to, say, intellectual capacity, personal integrity or good morals?

    Hillary Clinton is no glamour puss. Yet she wields a pretty big stick as US Secretary of State.

    Then, there's Angela Merkel. Nothing much to write about in the glamour stakes.

    Or how about the late Golda Meir?

    Of course, we all don't have the good fortune to look as nice as Yingluck Shinawatra. Would it be demeaningly sexist to say that she is the best looking among the Asean leaders?

    1. And she thinks that RM looks really good...hahaha...even with handbags and gold rings, it doesn't make the woman look cool....I wanna go puke now.....

    2. Yingluck Shina look nice???? Best looking among... WTF???? Blind kah?

  4. Kuching Besar:

    The hot news now is about the ex-soldier who was caught stealing a packet of milk powder for RM22 and sentenced to 3 months jail. He had to steal because he wanted to feed his daughter. Of course what he did was wrong, but as a bumiputra and ex-soldier, did he deserve his bad luck ? Did the constitutional rights help him at all ?

    It was just hijacked by a few lah....where Razak Baginda can live in luxury in the UK with his RM 500 million commission, where the Shahreezat family can live in luxury through soft loans, and where Bekir Taib Mahmud can spend hundreds of thousands on a trip to the UK.

    Write about this ex-soldier's important story, not about the opposing views of an educated person like Irene, who is far more educated than YOU.


    1. No wonder many bloggers have banned you from their blogs. You are a liar and only good at making-up stories, in another word, a typical Pakatoon. If you bother to attend the court or read the transcript, you will know the ex-soldier is part of the professional crime group that moves from one supermarket to another stealing basic provisions to re-sell in the black market. I dare you to go and visit this ex-soldier in jail, ask why the dishonourable discharge hence the word ex in front of soldier. Ingat hidup ini macam Drama Minggu Ini kah, boleh buat buat cerita?

    2. I don't make it up stories. You dumno people just can't read Engrish. Don't play play. The ex-soldier was jailed 3 months for stealing a carton of milk worth RM 22. If he is part of the professional crime group, why wasn't he charged with other crimes ? I read what what was written - he was charged with only ONE theft worth RM 22.

      Kalau tak tahu baca Engrish, tanye lah saya. Saya boleh ajar - free of charge.


    3. DUMNO: Let me ask you a basic question - why bother to steal basic provisions to resell in the black market ? Why not steal more upmarket items like handphones, electrical items, cars, etc etc. Maybe the bumiputras sudah tak cukup pandai, hanye curi benda2 yang bernilai RM22.....

    4. fyi, there is a market for stolen goods like baby milk formula, instant milk, nescafe etc. Some people steal handpphones, some steal balak and some steal packet milk ! It is an organized crime in a small scale. Organized crime doesnt only mean mafia liked crime la. Pls be more informed.

  5. Oi, an uneducated person like you want to debate with Irene Fernandez ? Is that why you disparage her looks ? You are not a decent Muslim.

    1. Oi,
      I do think that Mdm Irene should learn something about preparing a better presentable public image. We can be ugly, but we can be presentable.
      She can learn from DSAI. He is the master in this.
      One more, is commenting on somebody is a sin? Or advice somebody is a sin?
      Or is Mdm Irene terlalu suci utk dikritik?

  6. So we can't argue with educated person like Irene ? How old are ?

  7. My fellow countrymen/women,

    1. Name me other country that is multiracial that can live peacefully. Where the local tolerate soooo muuccchhhhh... and closee one eyeee to a looooootttt of thingssssss.... Be rational ok and learn the history and bersyukurlah...
    2. Where was this? Penang? Was Mr Lim boosted that Penang was sooo damn safe? Oh,Polis.. under Umno? I see.. Oh, what happen to Kedai Makan Aliyar di Jln Macalister Road? I don't think that rampas barang tu kerja Polis. I believe it was the work of some politic people wannabe enforcer. Oh, keselesaan jalan? So, tell me why dekat feri byk lagi gerai bangsa bukan Melayu dan bangsa yg bukan ugama Islam niaga tapi tak dirampas? Tell me? I live in Penang ok. Setiap cleah bedah i tau..
    3. Mahatail? Who is that? Is that a name of a person? Sure you sihat?

  8. This Irene Fernandes,any connection with Tony Fernandez or that big monkey Derek Fernandez.What are they?Mat Saleh celup ke

  9. Sure kita bersyukur di kalangan perompak UMNO. Hallelujah! Alhamdullilah....

  10. Have the minorities done enough to be treated as equal? For the past 50 years or so, what they have already done that warrant the questioning of the constitutional provisions?
    In every country, Malaysia included. There's always one race which is dominant either numerically, politically, or economically that make them become a host society. And the minority, if they look to be accomodated with treatments like the host sociey, they should make an effort in order to be considered as one; via assimilation and the willingness to forgo by stripping off their racial, cultural and religious identity from the country of their origins and adopt a new identity, in order to be accepted as equal. This is not a new concept. We have seen it in Indonesia. The minority over there not even allow to use names that can be identified with the country of their origins. Once the Indonesian government granted a citizenship, they must adopt the life of the Indonesian people and uphold the Pancasila. In the US, while the minority are allowed to practise their own racial and cultural differences but they can't be open about it, or ask to be recognized by the state. Let alone having a holiday to be celebrated nationally! Schools which promote segration along racial and religious lines are not allowed. All the kids have to adopt the same curriculum that promotes unity among the various races.
    Now Irene, can you compare that with what the minority have enjoy here. Name ONE country on the face of this earth where the minority enjoy so much but give little in their contribution. After all these years, instead slowly identifying with the host society and trying to accomodate to and to contribute to nation building,they turn arrogant. Start to question everything. Ask for more. Undermine the contributions of previous leaders which make the country prosperous. Always complaining and nothing is not good enough. You know what, all these questionings, complainings would only create suspicion and hatred between the races and Irene should have known better before she comes out with one. I agreed with the Big Cat. Irene needs to pay attention to her appearance in public. It is not about having a good look. You're public figure. People do make judgement on how you present yourself in public. It's the first impression that count.

    1. Dumno bloggers living in dark ages like the dinosur. In Indo, there are berita in Tionghua and people are allow to use whatever names they want- bule, farang, matsalleh, marry who their want and believe and eat what they like. Chinese New Year is now part of Indo National holiday and Chinese religion is part of recognised religion. You have been living in the black hole.

    2. "In Indo, there are berita in Tionghua and people are allow to use whatever names they want-.."
      Nobody says anything regarding news in Chinese language Indonesian national broadcast

      "people are allow to use whatever names they want- bule, farang, matsalleh, marry who their want and believe and eat what they like.."
      Agnes Monica is an Indonesian of Chinese origin. So Agnes Monica a Chinese name?

      "Chinese New Year is now part of Indo National holiday and Chinese religion is part of recognised religion.."
      Above arguments(Anom 16.02)were refering to the US, not Inodonesia.

      Go and read the New Order government under Presiden Suharto (1967-1998). Whenever you want to argue, please state evidences to support your claims. Don't try to get clever. Calling people names just to discredit their opinion does not make one sounds intelligent.

    3. Otak buruk. Why talk about Suharto? Better talk about Sukarno president before Suharto. More sex stories. He married 4 wives and one of them is a sushi. He killed Malaysians by dropping Indon paratroopers in Labis and landing Indo Marines in South Johor. Only British SAS go and hunt them. Suharto wanted to destroy Malaysia with his Confrontation against Malaysia. Even Philippines oppose Malaysia becuase they say the Sultan of Sulu owns North Borneo.
      Go and learn and don't behave STUPID.

    4. I have had the benefit of visiting the US many times, both for business and holidays.

      I have the distinct impression that there is freedom of religion in the US, no questions asked.

      So, it's no big deal there if Christians convert to Islam or if Muslims convert to Christianity.

      And I'v seen plenty of mosques, Hindu temples, Sikh temples and Buddhist temples in the US. Not to mention synagogues and churches.

      Are there any synagogues in Malaysia? There are in India, you know - a country which is overwhelmingly Hindu, but which is resolutely secular.

  11. MsBC
    Small matter lah BC. Kalo semua Melayu setuju to hapus Art 153 ke, 123 ke 007 ke, no problem , pasal Melayu majority la ni. Mungkin bangsa Fernendez ni dalam tahun 3012 jadi majority di Malaysia dia mungkin boeh jadi Agung kot. So the moral of the story is, follow the will of the majority, keep on whining or shut up!

    1. Why not tell, Blacks, Red Indians and Aborgines in Australia to shut and follow majority? Also tell USA, UK, Japan to shut. China and India are majority too. Dumo and mad cow disease.

    2. That's my point for a mangkuk like you to keep on whining, he he he !!

  12. Aiii... So shallow of you lah...
    1. What I mean is, we should be grateful that we live in peace and the is no racial stress among us. It does not really matter either which party govern this tanah yg di rahmati. Just please do not even try to touch upon "racial issue". You can campaign about a lot of others things such as transparency, efficiency etc... but do not touch on "racial issue". Leave it at there..

    Hallelujah,hallelujahallelu, jah allelu, Ya Allah hu..

    ps - You wrongly translate the meaning of Hallelujah.