Friday 2 November 2012

Midnight Burger King blues

It's now 12.41am. I'm at a Burger King joint.

Don't know what to do at tne moment. So, I'm doing this posting just for the heck of it.

There is still a lot of people coming in for burgers amd french fries meal.

At one corner was a pretty Chinese girl sleeping on a chair without a care in the world. She covered her face with the book she was reading - Fifty Shades of Grey. I wish I'm as pretty as her....

Eh, what the hell, I'm writing lah....I think I need to slow down a bit with this blog....been posting on daily basis....don't want to bore you all liao...

Until next time then....


  1. Lucky you, I kat phuket lepas midnight susah cari makan. I wish there ada mamak buka kedai kat sini. Naik baik simpan kit kat kat umah. Kalau nak mari holiday, tolong bawak nasi lemak ok, gian!

  2. If the pretty Chinese girl covered her face with the book she was reading, how you know she is pretty?

  3. 50 Shades of Grey is a pornographic book, BDSM inclined. Not good for anak dara...rosak otak nanti.

  4. Kenapa lah rasa rendah diri sangat dgn amoi2 ni semua. Dah lah sepet, kuning dan lepeh kalo tak gemuk macam Ms. Piggy .Itu ke ko punya idea of beauty..adoiii.

  5. Not fair lah, why no- boring ( ) - in your Reactions button :)

  6. Ai,

    You dah baca ke fifty shades of grey?

  7. I have not visited Burger King for almost 1 year, I think. Though I love their Double Swiss Mushroom, i can't stand the drive to their joints, always jam bah... keep blogging ya!

  8. BC, hope that you are enjoying your break. Miss your blog. Take care.

  9. hey...
    where r you....
    y no write anything???arrrrrggg
    life is so miserable without u...bigcat....stop ignoring us....
    we luv you....<3

    bigcat fan.

    1. I'm still around. Thanks for dropping by, but I just need some time-off to recharge and refresh. Take care and maybe you'll see me writing again, Insya Allah. Cheerios.

  10. eating late and drinking aerated water and then go to bed is actually bad for your will get fat..and be a real big cat..your bf or your husband would look for someone less plse dont make it a habit..unless you burn the fat away by having torrid sex after the burger..ha ha ha

  11. Ai..Ai..we miss u

  12. Boringlah tak dapat troll you BC..tulislahhhh