Tuesday 13 November 2012

Coldness and hypocrites back home

First of all, let me wish all who celebrate Deepavali today the very best. May it be a joyous occasion  for you and your family.

Been on the road for almost two weeks now.

Pausing for awhile before the last phase of my trip.  I think I will rest here for tonight and tomorrow before continuing the next day. The last phase should be for another four days after that.

My upper lip is numb due to the cold weather, but overall, I am okay.

Been out of touch with things back home since I started my trip. Access to internet is not so good at this place.

The only interesting thing about politics back home that I heard all the way here was about PKR vice-president and daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah saying something in a church about Malays' status as Muslims and then denied saying it before turning around again to admit it after presented with evidence of her saying those things.

Honestly, I don't care much if Nurul Izzah thinks that some Malays are not necessarily Muslims. That's her choice to think that way. Heck, I don't think I really care if she thinks I am not a Muslim. Pas people had even labelled Muslins like me as apostates, what. After all, she is not GOD. She is just a politician who is what she is now courtesy of her being Anwar Ibrahim's daugther. So, don't expect me to respect her opinion that much. By the way, I never think she is that bright anyway, even when I was back then sympathetic for her and her family.

What I however  really can't stand about her latest stunt was, the way she was trying to play the religious card for political gains. Were the Pakatan gang so desperate for Christians' vote that she had to say such things in a church? Can't she win support by any other mean?

And there was Pas, a party which have been exploiting their purported Islamic credentials, supporting her by initially saying that her words had been twisted by the pro-BN media and then when proven she had really said such things, they turned around saying she was right for saying such things anyway. What is this, if not a munafikin (hypocrite)  behaviour? True or not, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz?

Well, Nurul Izzah, if you really have the conviction of believing in something, you better stick to it, ok? Don't be a snake. Leave that to all those snaky Bar council lawyers who think they are so smart with words that they can get away with being snakes. This advise goes to you you all Pas people too. You want to claim yourselves as being the best type of Muslims(whatever that is), go ahead and be the best type of Muslims and don't behave like bloody hypocrites, ok?

Ya, I know I'm not a good Muslims and all, but I don't go around accusing my fellow Muslims of being lesser type of Muslims simply because they do not subscribe to my political beliefs, ok?

Eh....enough of my preachings....need to sleep now....I will try to start posting regularly again after this. Cheers everyone.

ps - This following video clip is for Andy, my fellow traveller and  good friend from Indonesia. My favourite Scorpion song this one, Andy. Just for fun ya :-)


  1. Big Cat: isn't it true that Badawi was quoted as saying that Muslims can become murtad ? That's Islam Hadhari ? I know of many Malays who want to renounce Islam but since we are a free country where booze, women and gambling are readily available, why should anyone rock the boat ?

  2. big cat..plse ask Nurul what would be her reaction when her daughter one day were to ask her that she wants to convert to sya buddha or christian.

    1. Marry matsalleh, keow teow, tosai, obama, amigo - is a big problem? Is the world going to end when black become white? Who has been to hell, heaven and come back?

    2. Nurul will say "praise the Lord, for you have seen the truth".

      So, just what is wrong is the child decides to follow another faith. It may be God who is leading her to the true faith.

      Muslims, should back off from Nurul and ask why the hullaboo now. Weren't you silence when Tun Badawi said exactly the same. Where were the Muslim's fire and brimstone. Even now why nothing against Badawi. So clearly the case against Nurul is simply because she is the daughter of Anwar and she is from PKR.

      Its really easy to deduce the muslim mind. It is devoid of intellegence after the golden age of Islam. Let's see now open condemnation and opposition against Badawi who is the father of Iskam Hadari and advisor to IKIM.

    3. Wow! Andy your fellow traveller. Lelaki kan dia? Muhrim ke dia?

  3. Big Cat: Your boss stole the rakyat's money and then pledged at Diwali to return the money if BN gets to win back Selangor. What is your opinion on this ? I mean, can the rakyat be sooooooo stupid ?

  4. Proved that the boss stole the money. In Selangor that sands missing and sold and have facts still no action. semua pun sama only we gor to choose the bad than the worst. Tne bad is BN the worst is PR...no choice ....vote for BN

    Please check the kedah state timber
    Kelantan state timber

    1. Dumno, if sand are missing why no ACTION from DUMNO's Polisi? Why Dumno train polisi to be from bad to worst? What is home minister and AG doing?

  5. Please read the staement of ADAWI CAREFULLY IN NEW STRAI TIMES July 9 YEAR 2007. nothing similar with Nurul.

  6. Rakyat is sOOOOOOOO stupid to vote for PR previously......like me.....change konom end up nothing....

  7. staement of ADAWI CAREFULLY IN NEW STRAI TIMES July 9 YEAR 2007

    Please.. If you aren't even intelligent enough to have it even cross your mind about the possibility of his statement being have been edited beforehand in the newsroom from the verbatim... You really deserved to be happily cheated by the bn elites for 55 more years.

    You're reading from a publication that has admitted and apologized for outright replacing words by an Australian politician, which the original ones have been recorded in the Australian parliament Hansard and heard by many witnesses ... if you are still blind to the integrity of your source... Well good day to you.

  8. Cheated by Bn pun hidup tak susah,taklah meremnpat macam indonesia tu or macam bangladesh ke or that Indian workers yang ramai kat sini so cmne nak kata BN tu penipu. Tapi bila tengok kelantan tu macamtu je walaupun federal dah bagi macam2 so BN tipu ke tak bagi dana.

    Camni la biasa kalau orang PR memang nampak salah BN je kalau Bn nampak silap PR je. TO us rakyat biasa both pun ade buat silap hanya yang satu lagi tu kalu ambik duit rakyat ade rakyat dapat balik dalam e=bentuk kebajikan yang satu lagi biasa manifesto dulu belun terlaksana semua nya dan ade pulak kata manisfesto hanya manfesto bukan janji. SO cheat ni kan tapi memangls bagi pro PR susah sikit nak terima kenyataaan. Camni la perbetulkan diri masing2 yang berjanji tolong la tunaikan jangan bandingkan siapa betul siapa salah. Rakyat ni, we dah really bosan dengan politik sebab umur dah senja pun cakap takde sensor lansung, jangan ikut perangai yang tak bertuhan , kita ade dunia akhirat yang menanti so mahkamah akhirat lain sikit no peguambela. Balik kepada pegangan ugama, jangan asyik berpolitik sampai masa nak pi tak sedar2 lagi.....minta dijauhkan.