Thursday 15 November 2012

Pas ripping off Karpal's goatee

Read a report today that Pas Ulama council chairman Harun Taib had said that other component parties of Pakatan had agreed to allow for the implementation of syariah in the country's administration if they were given the mandate to rule the country.

Harun had said this today during the Pas annual general assembly meeting in Kota Baru.

So, Pas' hudud agenda is on, I guess.

Karpal Singh would definitely flipped once he read the report.

I'm actually finding it difficult to believe that report myself. Pas is currently just a junior partner in Pakatan with just 22 parliamentary seats compared to DAP's 29. How did they manage to convince DAP to agree to such thing would be a mystery.

Maybe Harun was just kidding. Maybe he was just trying to tease Karpal....honestly, I don't know.

Probably Harun made that statement because Pas is really worried now that they may lose more of those Malay Muslims votes, especially those who were uncomfortable with DAP's apparent dominance of the Pakatan coalition. Maybe they were afraid that Nurul Izzah's rather controversial statement on Malay Muslims' freedom of religion had done irreparable damage to their cause.

Well, desperate measures seems necessary in desperate times.

Err...I wonder if Lim Kit Siang or his handsome son Guan Eng will say anything about this....well, maybe not....silence is golden to them, I guess.


  1. Bigcat, religion is a tool for many to make money since begining civilisation. From the lowest bomoh who uses jampi, to the islam lawak of azhar idrus to nik aziz, at the end of the day its the fulus that count.

    Well come to think of it all political stand is how to maximise profit either for your clan or your party supporters.

    So how does hudud of the Arab traditions can help nik aziz make money? The trick by these religious goons is to put out common senses platitude or rules purportedly for the good of society but, with a big but, with the money trail to them.

    Thus after a long sermon by MegaChurch, its please give your credit card to the cause..muahaha.

    Its the same as arqam, after the mumbo jumbo about sex, please donate generously for the big Mama in Mecca.

    In Nik Aziz case, he wants to be ruler, he rules even longer than the Sultan of Kelantan, so he sells hudud but with him as Mursdiul Am. Makan gaji buta.

    Its the tradition in Kelantan. The man turun naik surau bagi ceramah jual air liur with conviction, the women sells their goods to earn the income. The man sell heavenly promise, the women folk work their arses off. And the polygamy gold umbrella ensure these women think its lucky they get to share the man.

    So that is life. Theres many a bad people out there.

  2. Confirm UMNO also wanted huduh and Shariah laws. If not was PAS are like hungry ghosts insisting to implement it. So UMNO supporters will switch side to PAS.

    1. Works well for DAP, good way to split the Malay votes.