Sunday 25 November 2012

Umno's only option

I'm taking it easy this weekend. Need to conserve my energy.

Next week is the Umno general assembly and I expect interesting things to happen. This is the last lap towards the general election and Umno must show that it is ready for it.

The way I see it, this GE is going to be a do or die battle for Umno.

 It couldn't afford to fool around anymore. It need to get serious and shows the people that it is serious in wanting to clean up and shape up.

Party president DS Najib Razak may need the people's mandate at the general election first before he can push through the much needed reforms, but I'm expecting him to prove it during the general assembly that he is capable of doing so if given the chance. The people will be watching and searching for the sign that Najib can do it and if I'm him I will make sure that they will see those signs.

It's not going to be easy though. Such reforms are going to be painful. But Najib will have no choice but to do it if the people give him the mandate. Otherwise, my prediction is that BN will survive just one more term before it will be wiped out by a new set of opposition people.

I'm not an Umno member and therefore got no hangs up about wanting the party lead the country forever. For me, if Umno refuses to learn from all that happened, then I don't think it should stay in power. But for now, I'm giving Umno one last chance. Furthermore, I don't feel that the current batch of opposition leaders could take over Putrajaya. They are just going to make it worse. Their hypocrisy, nepotism and other doubtful practices simply put me off.

Nonetheless, I'm expecting the younger opposition leaders to be better and take over the leadership of their party before the end of next term. Umno need to be prepared for these changes and the only way to do so is to reform itself. Seriously, if Umno leaders continue to just talk about it and let things continue to rot, Umno is doomed to be buried in the GE14.

Umno may in all probabilities survive the GE13 but it then need to get rid of all its tainted leaders. Zero tolerance for corruption. Najib need to get that message across at this general assembly and actually deliver on it whem the times come. If he can pull this off, then Umno will last longer than perdicted. Bear in mind, as history teaches us, corruption among the powerful is the first sign of doom.

Najib will not have any honeymoon period once he is given the mendate at the coming general election. He need to get cracking from the word go, to push for Umno's reforms. All the old useless warlords need to go and so do those who were only interested to further their own personal interests. Najib will need to go on the ground and tell the grassroot members that they have to help him get rid of these parasites. Najib need to do this with great urgency as the next one term will turn out to be very short a time for such tasks.

As for now, at the coming general assembly, Najib need to convince the people that he will and capable of doing all that. Umno delegates on their part need to convince the people that they are not the arrogant ignorant fools they were accussed to be.

You all Umno people have no choice but to do all that. Support from people like me is not unconditional. I'm not going to support a party which continues to screw up itself. I rather migrate to Taiwan than continously tolerate such nonsense.

Ok, enough of my ramblings. To all Umno people, Selamat Bersidang.

p.s To Najib's media handlers, please try to touch base a bit more. Make friends with the journalists and not just their bosses. You all will need their help once Najib starts to face resistence in implementing Umno's reforms after the general election.


  1. bIG cAT SMALL PUSSY admits UMNO must reform. Now He admit umno has too many faults but all the while blind to support Umno but not as loyal citizens. Big cat small pussy says, too much corruption and Umno has to take action. Again, it is an admission by Big cat small pussy. MCCA under Umno did nothing and Big Cat did nothing except asking all Dumno to continue to support Umno.
    We support Malaysia but not Umno because the rakyat's money have been leaking by Umno. Only certain group have KFC but all other the left overs. Now Big Cat small pussy is also getting frustrated and fedup. Why can't Big Cat behave so strange as compare to Tuanku Aziz?

    1. Chehh.. how am I supposed to take you seriously when you twist Big Cat's posting like mad?

      So sad laa PR people.

    2. UMNO parti Bangla26 November 2012 at 19:18

      Hishamuddin kowtow to the Tamil Subra to bring more of his Tamil relatives to Malaysia.

      The sad thing is that there are 60,000 unemployed grads in Malaysia. What is the Indian Human Resource doing by bringing in 100,000 Indians? There are also another 200,000 unemployed non grads Malays.

      These Indians working at slave labour rates are used by the Chinese to destroy Sabah and Sarawak beautiful rainforests millions of years old, so that they can make billions.

      The Home Ministry and Labour Ministry are only interested in the fees they get per head but not the interest of the natives Malays and bumiputeras of sabah/sarawak.

      Thousands of sabahans are out of work and yet Chinese are allowed to bring in these foreign workers.

      These are facts that Malays must remember during the UMNO meetings. The party is led by corrupt officials who dont have UMNO and Malay interest at heart.

      They are controlled by Chinese business plantations, IOI, Medea, Kwantas and human trafficking syndicates.

      That is why the United States have put Malaysia on the human trafficking list.

      It is time to get rid of corrupt people like Hishamuddin. He is only using his fathers name Onn. Remember Onn was the one who wanted to destroy UMNO!!

    3. None of your information is true. Consider this. Any graduate wants to work in plantations? If your son is a graduate would he want to work as a garbage collector?

    4. ....corrupt people like Hishamudin? Any evidence? You really have kedai kopi mentality.

    5. FYI, chinese planations are kacang putih as compare to DUMNO's - Golden Hope, Sime Darby. Who control immigration? West Malaysians need passport or IDs to enter East Malaysia and even they are not allow to enter.
      Look at Malaya. How many from Bangla, Nepalese, Indos. Who are the agents who brought them here and who lulus mereka?

    6. Save Sabah Rainforests!!29 November 2012 at 01:50

      Anonymous 00:50

      Chinese plantations are not kacang putih. You can easily google IOI, Kwantas, Medea, etc acreage. Sime has only 600 thousand and this is from the british time and it is own by thousands of small PNB Malay investors none of whom are billionaires.

      Kwantas, Medea IOI are involved in rainforests destructing near Malua valley. These rainforests are millions of years old but the Sabah State Govt allowed their destruction because they are why? Remember Michael Chia and nazri? Remember the 40 million cash for Musa Aman? The natives bumiputeras in Sabah are dirt poor yet chinese from peninsula are billionaires.

      It is only with information on the internet that we can see the scope of Chinese destruction. You can google michael chia 40 million etc.

      But these plantations can only exist with slave labours. Thats where indian from bangladesh comes in.

    7. Kekayaan Petronas untuk Melayu11 December 2012 at 18:53

      Perjuangan Kemerdekaan orang Melayu masih berterusan. Politik merangkumi ekonomi. Perhatikan di US politik adalah tentang pembahagian kekayaan US.

      Begitu juga di Malaysia. Petronas adalah sumber kekayaan Tanah Melayu yang terbesar.

      Kekayaan ini perlu di edarkan kepada orang Melayu kerana ini adalah sumber Tanah Melayu.

      Beratus billion telah dikeluarkan oleh Petronas tetapi orang Melayu masih ditakuk lama. Ini adalah kerana mereka tidak faham tentang kekayaan berbilion ini.

      Sehingga kini orang-orang Cina telah mengaut 80 peratus kekayaan. Ini terjadi kerana kelemahan kepimpinan orang Melayu dalam UMNO yang lemah otak.

      Kemana pergi berbilion ini? Sebab itu orang Melayu perlu mencari kuasa baru selain UMNO untuk mengawal dan memberi kekayaan minyak kepada orang Melayu melalui agihan kepada negeri-negeri dan kemudian kepada pribumi Melayu dan bumiputera.

      Jika dibiarkan trend pengurusan ekonomi oleh Najib dan Mustapa dan Nor Yakcop maka orang yang sama sama ada Cina atau India dan segelintir kerabat mereka yang menikmati kekayaan Petronas.

      Kita boleh hapuskan keperitan hidup, rumah kampung yang daif, kesusahan persekolahan esok dengan mengubah suai perbelanjaan petronas bukas seperti yang telah dilakukan selama 50 tahun oleh pemimpin Melayu yang tak reti memerintah.

      Bagi mereka ini 20% adalah pencapaian yang dimegahkan walhal ianya satu penghinaan kepada bangsa Melayu pribumi Tanah Melayu.

  2. UMNO and the other components in BN will win big this time around. Trust me. All those protest votes in GE 2008, the votes meant to teach a lesson for ruling coalition, will swing back to BN. In those days people were just angry. They just wanted to show their anger. Now the anger is not there anymore. I can feel it. Just go the streets and talk to the people. The groundswell of discontent plaguing the government between the period 2006-2008 is not there anymore. Thanks to various initiatives implemented by Mr. Najib which benefited the people right from the top echelons down to the workers who sweep the streets.
    Mr. Najib should learn a thing a two from previous administration. Never take public opinion for granted and never run the government machinery with auto-pilot mode.
    From what I've seen from afar, Mr. Najib is doing a very good job. Always working. Always walking. Always running. Always on the ground to get in touch with people. Muhyiddin too. Unlike the other guys spending most of their time running people down in ceramah.

  3. I don't think UMNO will survive after GE13. News from Sabah & Johor is not encouraging. UMNO has built its entire campaign strategy and the majority of Malaysians have now decided to give DSAI a chance. After all if the Americans can elect a black man as President, then we can elect DSAI.

    Perhaps you should consider the Taiwan move because after GE13 this will TANAH JAJAHAN ANWAR IBRAHIM

    1. In your dream!!

    2. Anonymous24 November 2012 19:26,

      What news is that? Care to share? Cuz I got different set of news.

    3. carry on dreaming. just like the pkr people.

    4. Soalan Cepumas untuk Presiden UMNO26 November 2012 at 19:51

      Soala-soalan yang patut di tanya oleh perwakilan UMNO.
      Bukan wakil bodoh yang kaki bodek.

      Soalan untuk Najib.

      Dari rm1.5 billion untuk PERMATA berapa bini ko dapat?

      Soalan untuk Timbalan Presiden,

      Dari kontrak YTL dan SAP berapa hang dapat?

      Soalan mengenai PBS.

      Ini sistem pelajaran untuk murid atau untuk buat duit untuk sistem
      web yang bodoh?

      Adakah ini satu lagi projek kroni Kementerian Pleajaran yang korup
      yang menyusahkan guru asal dapat kontrak komputer?

      Patutkah Guru Melayu boikot PBS kerana tidak memberi faedah?

      Soalan kepada PResiden UMNO

      KEnapa bagi 5 billion kepada kontraktor Petronas, anak2 Mahathir
      jadi bilionair kenapa Melayu jadi pengemis.

    5. Mamat 26 November 2012 03:51

      Aku Melayu... bila masa aku mengemis?

      Kau memang penjilat terpuji laa...

  4. It's your right to say, "my prediction is that BN will survive just one more term before it will be wiped out by a new set of opposition people."

    But when you say, "I'm not an Umno member and therefore got no hangs up about wanting the party lead the country forever", implying you're a Malay, I have a right to point out that you have not even replied to the allegations - with explanations - in the comments to the previous post that you are not a Malay. Such comments came not just from one but a few readers.

    An impostor or masquerader is the lowest form of being. Until you explain yourself, dispute the allegations and remarks made in comments to the previous posts and convince us that you are a Malay, or refrain from casting aspersions on the Malays (like writing the post entitled Stupid Malays) and give your opinions on UMNO (of which I'm not even a member) as if you are a Malay, I'll keep pointing these out and challenge you to continue publishing my comments in here.

    I have already explained my two other options in a comment to the earlier post. I have copied the relevant posts and comments, and will do so of the relevant ones hereafter, for the purposes of record in the event of a need to execute my said options.

    1. Dear Anonymous, please provide detailed evidence that you are not an amoeba. No need to provide evidence that you are a nitwit - very clear from the above. Whether BC is a malay/chinese/indian/ugandan/alien is not important. From her posts she has a history of willing both BN and the Opposition to try to be better than what they are. Both have weaknesses and people like BC can be a voice to provoke change and improvement. Thanks for your comment, made me laugh alot. But regarding the conspiracy theory stuff in your rant, I suggest you get some serious help. Have a nice day.

    2. Big Cat is Chinese. Her mother bagi Cina bangsawan masuk. She has Chinese mongoloid features.
      Just ashamed of it.

      Nothing strange about it.

      Mahahtir is a Tamil claim to be Malay.
      Vincetn Tan claim to be Mahathri relative.

      Yeoh Tiong Lay, Mahdyudin blood brother.

      Hishamudin is not Malay but claim to be Malay.

      Azzeez Rahim, indian claim to be malay and to be Putera UMNO lagi muahaha..putera tua UMNO.

      Kahiry claim to be malay Ketua Pemuda United Malays Organisation mother like Ambiga.

      Nor yakcub dont know how to wear samping claim Malay Minister.

      Ali Hamsa want to be KSN claim to be Malay speak like Tamil.

      Irwan claim malay so he can become Kewangan secretary.

      AI, Tamil DNA dont lies, claim to be Malay.

      All of them acting so that they can get posts in UMNO and get contracts and tenders.

      Rosnah some dusun claim to be Puteri uMNO, fat, ugly like nenek is a joke. Puteri? hooii we men have eyes lah..stupid.

      Pak lah , father from hainan..hai there are u sleeping
      in your yacht in Brisbane. Yes this UMNO President have a yacht in Brisbane while the UMNO Malays are poor in their own country.

      UMNO malays got clean up these people. They are only there for the tenders, land clearing, sand mine etc.

      Lets claim UMNO back for the Malays.

    3. 3:31 -- You must be an angel created by god. So go back to the heavens and dont come down. Everyone here is dirty.

    4. Don;t worry - believe in Jesus/Allah sure goes up and will not come down.

  5. I disagree. I think that IF BN under Najib gets a better result than they did in 2008, the 'warlords' will take it as a sign that they can go about their 'business as usual'.

    Najib will probably assume the same, and won't rock the boat at all. He would announce that the better result is because of the reforms that are already happening (the ones he keeps alluding too and hopes no one scrutinizes too carefully), and then sit back and rest on his laurels.

    Long story short, it would be prudent to expect nothing but more of the same status quo if that happens.

    On the other hand IF BN under Najib does worse or the same as 2008, the blame will be heaped solely on his shoulders (just as it was with Badawi).

    When that happens Muhiyiddin will take over and I'd bet my bottom dollar UMNO will convince themselves that it was Najib's pseudo-liberal nature and pandering to the Chinese that caused their losses (I'm betting Mahathir will be one of the first to play that card).

    In short, the old 'warlords' will become increasingly empowered (within UMNO anyway) by the slow shift to racial-conservativeness that will probably follow. Matter of fact some even older warlords may emerge again as a result.

    The real loser in this scenario (i.e. BN losing/performing similarly to 2008) will be MCA. Their declining popularity amongst the UMNO-ultras will reach an all time low, Soi Lek will probably be forced out, and who knows what else could follow.

    1. IF Najib wins but doesn't clean up, then we pressure him lah. I am completely against the Bersih morons, but I'm all for cleaning up a legally-elected government, regardless of who is in power.

  6. Yeaaa Energy Drained for bullshitting too Much!!!

    1. Manifesto Melayu 20122 December 2012 at 16:33

      Manifesto Melayu 2012

      Manifesto ini bertujuan menentukan hala tuju bangsa Melayu yang
      kini dijadikan pengemis di negara sendiri oleh Presiden UMNO mahathir

      1. Membuat kiraan semua assest negara Tanah Melayu dari Petrolium, getah,
      bijih timah dan emas, pasir, kelapa sawit dan lain-lain.

      2. Meningkatkan pendapatan golongan orang Melayu kepada tahap 3000 sebulan

      3. Meningkatkan perolehan kaum petani dan peladang Melayu melalui kawalan
      pertanian dan bekalan benih dan baja.

      4. Meningkatkan pendapatan perikanan dan sumber alam Tanah Melayu

      5. Menghapuskan lesen-lesen sumber alam seperti frekuensi yang di monopoli
      kaum pendatang Cina dan India.

      6. Mendakwa orang-orang Melayu yang memperkayakan tokey judi Cina dan India.

      7. Mengawal sumber kewangan Tanah MElayu supaya tidak digunakan untuk orang-orang Tamil
      dan Cina sahaja.

      8. Memastikan kekayaan dan bisnes Tanah Melayu diagih sama rata dengan
      80% untuk bangsa Melayu dalam 5 tahun.

      9. Mengawal penggunaan budaya arab untuk memperlekehkan orang Melayu.

      10. Memperkasakan sains dan matematik untuk orang Melayu.

      11. Memastikan jawatan Ketua Setiausaha Negara di jawat orang Melayu bukan Tamil

      12. Memastikan jawatan Setiausahan Kewangan dijawat orang melayu bukan Tamil.
      bagi mengelakan ketirisan kepada orang Tamil sahaja.

  7. You are talking about reforms at this late Hour!!!

    How delusional!!!

  8. Ali Baba tells the whole world that he will reform. The 40 thieves all snigger. ..hehehe. ...

  9. One for you....a million for to change this formula ? Look at musa aman, shahreezat, nazri, Ng yen yen...mana boleh kenyang ?

    1. Then look at anwar, lge, azizan, khaled ibrahim... tailorgate, talamgate, penanggate, macam2 gate..

      You think only you can say like that ka? Poodah!

    2. Anonymous26 November 2012 02:42,

      Unlike you,

      I don't support people who sell off the name of Allah, I don't support people who "menyekutukan Allah", I don't support people who support apostasy, I don't support people who says that it doesn't matter whether you pray to Allah SWT or a rock, I don't support sexual deviants and I don't support people who do not keep their promises.

      So I consider myself to care more about the afterlife than you do. So go fly kite.

  10. Changing BN to pakatan is just like changing the color of the paint's on the same wall .Don't know what will be the different except for the color, what good will be the new color where the wall is still the same?.

    1. Really? Keeping BN is like getting slapped all the time and then accepting their promise not to slap us again.

    2. No, no, no, you got it all wrong. Being slapped now and then is OK, but these BN clowns sodomize us for the past 30 years, and then promise not to sodomize us anymore if we continue to vote for them.

      Curi2 Malaysia

    3. 17:54 and 18:39, vote in pakatan and prepare to be sodomized by anwar the greatest chameleon of this century then

    4. 007 must have been sodomized by Anwar for the past 30 years.....

  11. UMNO's Only Option is to SURRENDER or Make Rosmah The New Leader of UMNO!!!

    She'll Castrate all and Sundry that do not listen to her!!!

    1. Anonymous25 November 2012 19:50,

      So you prefer anwar to screw your sons and daughters, is it?

  12. UMNO's only option is to wave the white flag. Retire gracefully to your mansions in Perth, Sydney, London, Singapore, Melbourne....and let the new administration go after all your ill-gotten gains.

    1. If you think Anwar is clean than you dont know him. How much did he pay the Sabahan MP's to unseat Ghaffar Baba? Where did the money come from? He is the biggest liar in town. And he fooled you.

    2. Fully agree with this posting. Some of them in UMNO think they have a freehold in parliment. But than again what about the PKR leaders?

  13. Just pray they will make use of this precious assembly to discuss on REAL issues affecting us ordinary citizens. Come on la.. berjenaka sesekali syiok dengar tapi sakit hati when there is no substance in some of the speeches made by the delegates, what a waste of time and money..pakai lawa2 pulak tu nak masuk TV punya pasai..

    Tergerak hati, I once attended a branch meet (serik taknak pi lagi), usul yg nak di bawa "Bantah pelakun guna pakaian sexy".. alamak, terkejut teramat sangat... penatnya duk nganga attend and that was what they decided on?

  14. Umno is just a vehicle.