Saturday 1 December 2012

A police story

Things at work were not so good today. My boss thought I did a crap job and I  agreed with him. I tried my best but was off form today and there was no excuse for it.

Decided to take a little break from my bullshit work and watched this movie -

Beijing Blues

Turned out, it's the best cop movie I have watched in a long time.

It's about the life of a policeman in Beijing. It is very realistic and touching. It could relate to Malaysian police or any other police in the world.

Those who love to curse the police and accuse them of these and that should watch this movie. That type of people were depicted a lot in the movie, so they can see the image of themselves.

Oh, by the way, after watching this movie, I decided to conclude that generally, the Chinese are prone to dislike the police notwithstanding they are of what race. The Chinese policeman in this movie was cursed a lot by his fellow Chinamen.

Our police should consider commissioning a good moviemaker to do a movie like this which tells the real story of the day to day life of our policemen in this country.

Definitely don't hire Yusof Haslam lah. Gerak Khas and those type of shows won't work one.

Get a director and writer with some depth and talent for it, ok?

I would like to recommend Amir Hafizi for the job.


  1. The courage to be imperfect is a beautiful thing. Just do your best and be happy with that.

  2. Make sure have realistic scenes of police taking "kopi-O" money, detainees "found" dead in police lock-up's and rape scenes of Indonesian women in police stations. Afterall, these are real situations.

  3. Here, the cops and robbers put up a show, and both laugh all the way to the bank.

    Curi2 Malaysia

  4. That why Mau Zee Dong turn China into communist nation ,the Chinese never like restriction ,they would do anything to get their way and that is the reason where ever the Chinese are ,corruption are rampant .

    1. And the policemen despite the great religious upfront have no qualm in accepting bribes. So much for the religious piety. Police Dapat Rasuah Manyak!

    2. Corruption is everywhere including Islamic States. You must be Dumno not to read why people uprise in Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Indonesia, syria and many more in Middle East. Even with religion restriction, corruption still flourish.

  5. Who are those thieves? Non-Malays, Indons, Viet Congs, Blanga?