Thursday 7 March 2013

Our Guys are Very Photogenic

I have this obsession of scouring for information and observing opinions related to specific topics that catch my interest, and at the moment it's the relationship of northern Filipinos and their southern "brethrens" who share the same nationality but with differing ideologies and loyalties.  I thought this comment was rather amusing, and I thought should be shared with everyone who frequents BigCat.

OBEY  6 hours ago

It's kinda weird that the Malaysian forces are very photogenic

Go here for the whole thing.  The compliment was real, although grudging.  Poor OBEY, he doesn't like it, but he just has to say it.  I guess Malaysians are generally good looking to the extent that even our guys in green and blue are very photogenic in the eyes of our neighbors.

OK, so I am shallow, but that was somehow very satisfying.  Hehehe ...



  1. Ehem ehem, of course we are (while adjusting my berret)...

    1. Ah well, men in uniform ... I have always had this weakness for them :)

  2. Hi Tinsel,
    I just have to go and read that news eh? Found out that the keyboard warriors are saying that Malaysia has been supporting MNLF and MILF financially and strategically to break Philipines economy.
    From the look of it Malaysia has become the superpower country like America! Maybe we should ask UN to have the Veto power? After so much of information from opposition that we are in a very bad condition, suddenly our neighbour is saying we are a super power? Kewl...

    1. LOL. I know, it's kind of weird all around.

  3. if one soldier dies, he is 99.9% Malay or Bumiputera.

    the rest busy eating cake and complaining.. including that "ah beng suka gigit polis". he deserves a slap!

  4. your links not working

    1. Which ones? The one linked to this posting works.

    2. handsome malay9 March 2013 at 17:09

      She means how come the links dont show any handsome army pictures... :) Just the sentence from Obey.


      It's kinda weird that the Malaysian forces are very photogenic."

      Naturally the girls were expecting to see some handsome photos. No sample?

      Why are the Malaysian army men rugged and good looking? Well the kind of men who would go for this kind of physical job or career must naturally be testosterone driven. hence their rugged and macho look. If you look like a wimp, you obviously wont pass the first test nor have the inclination for the tough regiment.

      It seems this is not unnotice I have been told by some girls. Most Malay/Chinese women who watch the merdeka parade were turn on by the tall macho men on parade. And even as a man I could see why. They are tall, well tanned, rugged looking, well defined chisel looks, Malay men you rarely see in the offices because they live in the jungle haha. They looks like adventure models but they are real fighting men. Office malay men are naturally short, unfit, wimpy, money thinking gooks.

      Dont believe me? Next time wake up early and stand on the roadside during merdeka celebration. I promise you girls, heart will beat faster at the sight of groups of rugged looking Malay military men passing by..hehe.

      But then Malays are naturally handsome and the uniform made them more so.

      Spoken like a true rugged malay. or maybe BigCat have started a new fetish..hmmn. Got to buy that colereng uniform at Pertama Kompleks I ve been eyeing.

    3. LOL. Okay I got it. Maybe I will put up some photos of our men in uniform in my next fluff posting.

  5. Malaysia has the moral right and responsibility to defend itself against armed attack. The loss of those brave policemen is tragic for their families, colleagues and the nation. But I have concerns too. Why do the early news reports of the incursion keep referring to approximately 20 armed men within the group of about 200 people. When I read the news today I see "32 more gunmen die". Am I missing something?

    1. You need to have a little trust in our security forces. Where ever they are stationed they have earned the respect of the international communities for their professionalism and commitment to duty. Have some faith will ya?

  6. Another Dumno, racist and anti Government. Malaysian Government spending millions of ringgits on Mational Service and Malaysian of all races answer the call of Service the Nation and that is why it is call National Service. You accuse them of disloyal?

  7. Anon 16:47

    We are not talking about National Service hear , we are talking about regular forces hear ,even National Service was condemn by the believer of Malaysian Malaysia,very patriotic as always.
    Loyal or disloyal or not ,it's only you who could answer that ,but loyalty must shown and proven .

  8. Yes, Bigcat2,
    Our men are good looking.
    But of course that must be my weakness talking...
    I too got a thang about men in uniform, uhuh.


    Prayer for our boys: Be safe and God speed. We are damned proud of you and appreciate all you are doing to keep us safe.

  9. I have seen this already in OutSyed The Box. This must come from Wenworth Hotel. Whata waste of space.

    Aye. Save us from the corrupted and abuse-of-power ex-DPM aka Al-Juburi. Hei, that's the name given by Mat Sapu Bini Orang.

    Aye. Save us from corrupt Guang Eng. He gave that undersea tunnel to a RM2 crony company.

    Aye. Save our security forces from traitors cum sodomite.

    So Help Us God.
    Vote BN.


  10. The problem with some Malaysians is that they are jealous of others. This is what holds them back with their negative thinking!

  11. Yes - to be proven and how come you prove that others are disloyal when UMNO government allow they play and win medals in the world games but they put barriers to serve as a goverment officer in the Government - to be treated like leaves in the curry. So you are Big cat is wrong and telling lie to Almigty to say that there are other races in the past fought for the country?