Thursday 7 March 2013

Back to The Future According to Annie

I find this Armed group claim Jurong part of the defunct Johor Sultanate to be an interesting futuristic headline.  Not that I think HM the Sultan of Johor would entertain such a stupid thing, nevertheless it is an interesting "what-if" to exercise your mind with ... heh ... I have only one possible scenario for that - destruction of Johor within 24 hours.  Well, maybe 48.  Nah, 12.


  1. Thanks Big Cat for highlighting my obscure blog. Cheers.

    1. Kita kena rancang ambil balik Singapura dari Cina walaupun mengambil masa seribu tahun seperti Israel. Tanah Melayu mesti dipulangkan kepada orang Melayu walaupun 400 tahun walaupun 2000 tahun. Orang Hindu bakar masjid babrik selepas 2000 tahun, orang Buddhist bunuh Rohingya selepas beratus tahun.

      Jadi anak-anak Melayu perlu disediakan untuk the Jurong invasion.

  2. Don't be stupid.
    Small patch of land also want to claim. We lose that whole Island to the British due to the greed of their grand-grandfather. And now you want us to risk our lives, just for a small patch of it. With global warming and weather calamity, someday everything will be under the sea. What a waste.

    I suggest we claim Patani, Yala, Narathiwat and Satun. They used to be under a Malay Sultanate, just as in Sulu and Sabah. That's huge mass of land on the Isthmus of Kra, with hills and high grounds, which we can run to, if the sea rises. If we have money, can also excavate a canal across it, like the Suez Canal.

    With that havoc in Southern Thailand, I don't think they would mind. Their hands are also tight with squabbles at borders with Cambodia and Myanmar. They don't even tolerate Rohinyas refugees like we do. They would be glad if we could dose off the trouble in the south. After all, we have Siamese of Malaysian citizen living comfortably in Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan and they are bumiputra too. We will treat citizens in that Provinces, the same.

    What say you?


    1. Nope, I am not going for that. If we have a Kra Canal, who's going to use our ports in Johor, and the red dot may even attack us for threatening the stability of their economic activities in Jurong ... err ... the northern brothers also too easy with the guns, they may decide to have an armed picnic in Haadyaii. Not a good idea.

    2. I say Malays are too nice to other people. They so easily kesian with others. They just can't resist giving up what are theirs so that others may think kindly of them. That's why they end up the way they are now. I can relate to that because I'm half Malay.

    3. I know la why you like Southern Thailand. wink!wink!
      Got Haadyai,Phuket, Golok..all heaven on earth..:) ..
      Before you think of Kra Channel, realise the Kra oil-gas pipeline first.
      So many plans and announcements yet till today nothing.


    4. Poor idea. Satun itself is relatively free from the violence in Yala, Pattani & Narathiwat. This would trigger a war between Malaysia & Thailand... and will also bring in China & the US into the situation.

      The events in Lahad Datu show what happens when we support militants. Eventually, they turn around and bite you. Ask the USA about their support of the Afghan militants

    5. Dear All.

      I should have read Annie's blog before commenting. Anyway it's just not worth, fighting over land that would probably be under the sea, some time in future.

      I agree, we Malays are too kind to others, except our own kind. Look at the how we treat the Rohinyas. Someday, we might be surprised if they would want a part of our country as their own. There is no secret that he have helped the Moros' Misuari fighting the Philippines Army from annihilation and now he bite us. It's all about MONEY.

      I think, you have lust on par with Al-Juburi.

      Don't worry, it's only my fantasy, when the sea level rises!
      By then, the US/UK & China/Russia would be busy fighting who should be sheriff of the world. They would have no time to bother anybody.

      I think the US might have a hand in Sabah. They create havoc everywhere they went. Beside oil, there must be other economic reasons. That minesweeper, USS Guardian which run aground could have easily supplied arms to the Sabah intruders. They are the largest manufacturer of combat weapons. If the world is peaceful, nobody wants to buy them.
      No wonder, their Defense Dept. or something, have recently ordered billions of ammunition as stock.


    6. Annie

      You say you are half Malay. Therefore you are only HALF nice but the other side is the DARK side like Darth Vadar. We need Hans Solo and Skywalker to battle against the empire. We know who is the empire 2day.

  3. Don't be so quick to link the US with whats happening in Sabah. As people should know, Najib has promoted very strong relations with the US and this friendliness has been reciprocated. Besides, the last thing the US wants is for a government in Malaysia to have a dominant Islamist voice, which what Malaysia will have if PR wins.