Friday 15 March 2013

Where Does Violence Take Us? (Edited & Updated)

Updated: I have something interesting to share with you readers.  I found this rather interesting discussion and picked up on something by this Dawn person, whom I concluded is a filipina but shares about her opinion of police as brutal and very specifically gave the example of Bersih 3.0.

Dawn  poyo  2 hours ago
Policemen aren't innocent bystanders either. So they don't qualify as "innocent civilians" being targeted by "terrorists".
Why is it so hush-hush that their own policemen killed an innocent teenager? Is it because they themselves are the terrorists? Barisan itself should be tagged as the terrorist. Look at Bersih 3.0.

I guess the Opposition hordes have taken their poison abroad.

Edited: I have removed the excerpt because it was doing bad things to the posting.  If you want to follow that discussion, suggest that you just follow the link given.

Feeding my obsession with the mental state of pinoy keyboard warriors, I find an interesting discussion of what seems to be a discussion of our political situation.  I will just take an excerpt of what is being discussed here, but you can see the rest there, if you wish.

Other than Hans Hans who openly expressed his support for BN and pretty_ugly_1 who seems to be quite neutral, the majority of the other Malaysians are not BN-friendly.  I find it strange to find these pro-opposition forumers arguing the Malaysian case against the pinoys, and yet back at home you don't find them being as patriotic or appreciative of the relative peace that we have.

Don't they realise that moderation is what makes Malaysia different from the Republic of Philippines?  Why didn't they realise that the demo-culture and overly emo rhetorics that they are fond of using as a means to intimidate the majority and challenge the government of the day is exactly what got us "13 Mei"?  You think politics of hatred by opposition leaders and their NGOs and incitement against the security forces as done by Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah will not result in something similar to "13 Mei"?

When we can't get the Kiram and his terrorists to see reason, can't you see that reflection in ourselves?  That we are unable to see the other point of view and resort to violence, either verbal, or physical as demonstrated by the Bersih violence?  What is the difference between the Tausug terrorists and the Bersih ones?

What's the difference between Kiram's daughter's lack of logical reasoning about going to Sabah for a picnic armed to the teeth and the way Himpunan Hijau defied scientific evidence to protest the Lynas "mutants" factory?

What's the difference between Suluk Filipinos who had jobs and homes in Sabah, enjoying subsidised food and fuel, and yet assisted and harbored the Tausug terrorists, from the Orange-clad Anak who were given land titles for nothing and still go around the country trying to create unrest and claimed being discriminated against?


  1. What the fuck is wrong with Malaysia anyway??!!!

    We are in a crisis & should be united as one people but we have those who go to the extent of sniping at our boys in uniform. We should be united as one country but instead we have those who'd rather acccuse a foreign, unrecognized, uninvited "army" illegally occupying our land & claiming it as theirs as actors playing a part in a shadow play?

    It's a democracy but our responsibilities as a citizen dictates that the nation comes ahead of our personal interests.

    10 Malaysian men died so far protecting their country leaving wives widowed, children fatherless, parents having to bury their sons yet we are still unable express support for our defenders?

    If an opposition leader who was implicated in the planning of the crisis was innocent, why is he so busy to answer the allegations on a platform afforded him by the Philippines Inquirer? Surely, his election campaign can wait & his explanation that will vindicated his innocence be a good boost for his campaign?

    Something stinks to the high heavens here, and it sure as hell ain't those decomposing Sulu invader's remains.

    1. Ask those DUMNO. When Suluks came, DUMNO welcome them saying friendly stay. Afterall, sama agama. Maybe refugees like those muslims from Burma.

      How can one be implicated and was innocent? What kind of law we have. If implicated, he must be tried and if prove guilty, then if hang if necessary for being a traitor or free him if innocent. Malaysia, please make up the mind. Innocent or Guilty?

    2. Anon 16:21,

      Those Sabahan Suluks have the right to be citizens of Malaysia courtesy of Sabah joining the Federation, and so they happen to have relatives in the Philippines, just like some Singaporeans have relatives in Malaysia and vice versa. Just because their relatives happen to be in, say, Tawi Tawi when the international boundaries were drawn doesn't meanswe must be inhuman and stop them from visiting their relatives. That's why the authorities were very accommodating at the border, because we understand about family ties. We understand that there is a cultural link between the people of Sabah and Southern Philippines. We were just being magnanimous.

      Obviously some Filipinos are taking advantage of this magnanimity by trying to bring their war across the border. They think that because we have been accommodating, that we are pushovers, that we would be intimidated by their brutality. The majority of the Suluks in Sabah are not terrorists.

      Why can't we help people who need help? Please take note of the Malay culture and the Islamic culture - helping those in need is a good thing to do - part of being civilised. Throughout our short history as a nation we have always been very helpful to refugees who are being persecuted in the own countries - Vietnamese, Rohingyas, Cambodians, Bosnians, Palestinians - or do you suggest that we just turn them away to drown in the sea, or starved to death?

      Why am I even explaining this to an idiot?

    3. It's always UMNO's fault ain't it?

      It was UMNO's fault Memali happened. It was also UMNO's fault the financial crisis of the late 90s happened. It would be a remiss of me to not blame UMNO for whose anal crevice Anwar's wiener entered. And of course the Sauk incident was again UMNO's fault. Over the last few years, the deaths of TBH, S Kugan, Altantuya was part of UMNO's Kraken-like tentacles. We're not even a quarter through 2013 & already Lahad Datu is UMNO's doing as is the deaths of 2 VAT 69 commandos, 2 SB officers, 2 CID policemen, 2 GOF personnel, 2 RMR soldiers not to mention little William Yau & PI Bala.

      Since it is all UMNO's fault, I suppose we should also blame them for playing a major part in our independence 55 years ago too right?

      And if you're not already stinking rich, yep, I think we can blame that on UMNO too. In fact, if you can't get laid or if your spouse is fat/ugly/smelly/comes quickly, we can automatically blame UMNO for that too.

      Remember your first auto accident? It was part of UMNO's conspiracy to bleed you of more money to fill their coffers. And when your phone went dead on you after faithful service? Yep, you guessed it. UMNO was the hidden hands behind that to enrich their cronies who are HP dealers.

      And the last time you popped a Panadol or Aspirin? Nope, that wasn't UMNO's fault. Your deluded mind was just telling you it's straining under the weight of your conspiracy theories.

    4. LOL. Anon 20:53, that should be a posting on its own. I like.

    5. Just pissed off at how our Malaysian brethren blames everything on UMNO. In fact, if they can get away with it, they'll blame UMNO for an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy too when we all know the blame lies in the prick's prick.

      And no, I'm neither an UMNO member nor am paid to write what I wrote. I work 50-60 hours a week to earn enough to live decently. In fact, the rant came after an expensive pint of Hoegaarden which I'm not blaming on UMNO or the administration since I exercised my freedom of choice to walk into the establishment.

      And Tinsel, keep up the garangness. In fact, I'd love to see you up a notch or two on the garangness meter. Methinks you don't suffer fools gladly so GIVE 'EM HELL!!!

    6. I'll keep that in mind, thanks :)

    7. Well said Bigcat Tinsel. I really have enough of those ninnies who blame everybody else for every problem in his-her small world.

      Agree with Anon 21:32.. kena garang lagi ;)

    8. I skip posts once I see words like DUMNO or Kutty thrown around.
      If people can't express themselves without throwing insults it's too much to expect them to not to rely on violence.
      Violence is merely a means to an end.
      It's employed by people who clearly doesn't appreciate others and merely view the world though their own clouded perceptions. Verbal and written abuse is merely them exerting violence over media.

    9. I agree Anon 16:14, I tend to do that too, ignore them, but I let most of the comments through because they serve as a reminder to never allow myself be clouded by hatred and bigotry.

  2. Tinsel..your last 2 para is spot on.

    They are all .."anjing2 yang menggigit tangan yang memberi makan".


  3. It's not too late we look back into our national and education upbringing , a lot's of wrongs .
    SRJK is part of the thing to be corrected .

    1. Totally agree with you. Malaya mederka, UM - one of the top in Asia - now 50 years, DUMNO made it one of the bottom in Asia due to DUMNO education policy. Now RD send his son to SRJK to get better education. Go and ask RD.

    2. Kalau kerajaan islam tak jatuh, insyaAllah x jadi macam ni. Satu nusantara dijajah oleh beberapa puak eropah: british, belanda, sepanyol, perancis dan tak lupa portugis. Sistem kekhalifahan dihancurkan dan diganti dgn demokrasi. Diadakan persempadanan untuk menghalang kebebasan bergerak antara daerah kesultanan islam dahulu.

      Tak mustahil perkara begini berlaku. Terutamanya bila masih ada kesultanan yang dahulu diiktiraf di dalam sistem pemerintahan islam.

      Yang amat menyedihkan bila yang menembak dan ditembak dua duanya melafazkan kalimah takbir, tahmid.

      Adakah peluang utk islam menyatu? Adakan dasar demokrasi malaysia membantu umat islam menyatu? Bukankah itu simbolik kepada ucapan syahadah kalimah tauhid?

      Saya pasti penulis dan pembaca blog ini fikirannya luas dan bukan semberono. Apa ulasan anda? Apa penyelesaian yang anda cadangkan?

      Kalau saya, yang susah wajib dibantu. Apatah lagi sesama orang orang beriman. Pegi mekah musim haji,jumpa juga di sana. Nak berbunuhan juga ke di sana?

    3. Anon 16:14, I am glad that you are commenting here in your uniquely stupid way so that everyone can view for themselves the outcome of an SRJK education - yu are a perfect example of why we shouldn' send our children to SRJK.

    4. Anon 17:29

      What make you think that I would favor SRJK , I believe that Malaysia should one school system to lessen the behavior like you which I strongly feel the byproduct of SRJK .
      any how i might agreed with you that something not right with UMNO education policy ,they should closed down all the SRJK soon after Merdeka,'dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung', bukan berpijak dibumi Malaysia tetapi masih menjunjung negara asal.

    5. Anon 16:14

      You England the speaking very the good lah. Lu punya BM pun manyak bagus woooo...

      What are you gonna do next? Blame it on the UMNO czars for brainwashing you through the education system? Oh I know... You're blaming UMNO for fucking up big time in SPM & for not getting into UM!!! Poor thing, you were pinpointed via UMNO seers ala Tom Cruise's Minority Report as having nothing between ears perhaps.

      Actually, you should count your blessings. Your brain, if you have any to start with that is, was spared a scrub by them evil UMNO controlled lecturers. Instead, you took the better option of being lobotomized by PR's apparatchiks. I don't know if you were lucky enough to be sodomized while being lobotomized though.

    6. Kutty introduce the Rukun Negara and 2020. Now DUMNO and the cronies above does not talk about Rukun Negara and 2020 but talk about race and religion as if Dayaks, Ibans, orang asli are not part of Malaysia. Dumno never2 think and show their true stupidity.

    7. Anon 16:14

      I send my son to SRJK(C) so that he can learn Mandarin, not because of better education, you biaDAP.

      Although he got 3A2B2C, he was denied secondary education in a Chinese school due to "not enough seat", but with the right "cable & some token of appreciation" the 'seat' could be 'kowtim'. That's what people said, when I went to register him.

      You're right, Tinsel.
      My son has become somewhat biaDAP, though. I think he got inflicted with this attitude in the SRJK(C).


    8. RD
      Tell us why go and learn Mandarin in SRJK? No other places? Jibby's son learn Mandarin in Beijing and Dumnos can twist Beijing to Anjing. Why non-chinese must learn mandarin in malaysia? Please explain to your fellow brothers? Many for SRJK go to TARC or UNTAR run my BN Government under MCA.

    9. Anon 13:01
      Give yourself a name, please.

      SRJK(C) is cheapest way to learn Mandarin. (Although I put him 2 years in Chinese pre-school). My Chinese neighbours then, was very helpful in helping with his homework and occasionally coaching him. I can't effort to send my 7 years old child to China and even if I can, my wife would surely objected. (Sending him to China, at that age).

      I want him to have Chinese friends. Celebrate CNY with them, interact & mix with the Chinese boys as I do, when I was a boy. If he knows Mandarin, it will be easy for him to learn Japanese, in future. (Since, the written characters, looks almost the same). He has also learn to speak local Chinese dialect like Hokkien and Cantonese. His job prospects would widen with an additional language. He could become a translator or could read what's written in Chinese Media. My son's complexion is fair and anybody could mistaken him as a Chinese. (Even, Khairil Johari, Guan Eng's secretary, looks exactly Chinese, what?) So he can also work undercover as double agent, in triads, in the underworld or in other subversive elements in Malaysia.

      As I said above, he only finished Std. 6 in SRJK(C) and I have to enroll him in SMK because I had no 'cables' and I hate to indulge in bribery. You can't send your child to TAR or UNITAR, after Std. 6. Can you? Anyway I always bought him Chinese books to brush-up his Mandarin. Today, I am glad that all his personal secrets at home is written in Mandarin, especially his hand-phone.


    10. Bloggers do you all agree with RD? Silence means agree and not allow SRJK to close down.
      Why cables - who started them - DAP in Government for 50 years? Under present Government, we need cables everywhere and this start 50 years ago under Alliance and BN Government. That is why we need to change the system. But since UMNO/BM Government do not change, we need to get a new Government to do new things just as Ali the small businessman who died and change the Tunisian Government and same as Egypt under Mubarak.
      TARC and UTAR are private college funded by Businessman. SRJK received some Government fund as has to depend on public which is same as Sekolah Agama.
      Khairil is chinese born-but become a muslim when he follow his stepfather and practise malay culture. UMNO said in 1957 Consitution, one is a Malay if the parent is a Malay. You still want to question what UMNO said about the consitution?
      But not Kutty. When he went to study in Sinkapore, he write down as Indian. Only from 1957, the Malaya consitition define who is a Malay. Before that, there is no definition eg Chinese Baba in melaka - chinese who speak malay, dress like malay, eat spicy food like malay but they are still defined as non-malay. Kutty is supposed to follow his father - a Mamak from India. When he married a malay muslim, he is still a mamak as it is before 1957. Only after 1957, he can claim as the law defines it.

    11. Anon 11:36.
      At this time?, you must be at work. From Wenworth Hotel or Komtar?

      Today, BN announced, they are building another 4 SRJK(C). Looks like, vernacular school is here to stay forever. I suggest Malaysian should enrolled their children en-mass into SRJK(C). With an additional language, it will surely widen your child's job prospect.

      Changing government is no like changing underwear. Egypt got ruled the army, then by the Islamist,like PAS and after 3 years they are nowhere near prosperity. Tunisia is not well off, yet. You must very dumb to suggest that we change gomen to reduce corruption. You think DAP, PKR & PAS are not corrupt?
      - Teoh Beng Hock died because of corruption in DAP.
      - DAP gave a 6.3 Billion contract to a RM2 company owned by an ex-convict who contravened the Banking and Financial Institutions Act.
      - Cousins, Ngeh & Nga gots land in Kelantan, given by PAS.
      - When Anwar was in BN, you say he is corrupted. Karpal and Mar Sabu accused of sodomy in Parliament. He also misused the police to threathen Ummi Hafilda and for that he served 6 years in Sg.Buloh prison.
      - Sand mining & Talam Gate in Selangor......and much more.
      Can we trust these people in PR?.

      Why are you so sensitive about race? Only racist keep harping on racial issues. I said my son's complexion is same as Khairil who looked exactly, Chinese. If everybody says he is Malays, so be it. I did not question his race or the race of his step-father. By the way, Mahathir has said many times in his writing that his grandfather(married a Malay) is 100% mamak and his father(also married a Malay) has 50% of mamak's blood. If you say he is still a mamak, so be it. Why are you so sensitive about race, anyway? Anybody can be a PM of Malaysia. You also can be PM.

      Malaysian comprises of many ethnic. In Perlis, Kedah, Perak & Kelantan, the Siamese looks exactly Malay. My wife looks Chinese. There are Malays who looks exactly Indian. In-fact many of my Chinese friends, looks exactly Malay. In Kelantan, many Chinese looks like Malays.


    12. Mahathir son of Iskandar Kutty20 March 2013 at 16:23

      "By the way, Mahathir has said many times in his writing that his grandfather(married a Malay) is 100% mamak and his father(also married a Malay) has 50% of mamak's blood."

      The STAR exposed Mahathir father as an Indian from Kerala.The STAR did not say grandfather. Did Mahathir ever said when his so called grandfather migrate to Malaya? Mahathir himself is nearly 90 years old. Did Mahathir said where his father came from? That is, he was born 19 twenties. His grand father could not have come in 1890. Mahathir registered as an Indian in Singapore. Does he look Malay to you? It is another one of Mahathir grandfather story. Both he and Anwar Ibrahim are Indians speaking Tamils.

      No he looks like that Indian migrant Syed Mokhtar, in his biography Syed Mokhtar admitted his parents were illiterate Indians from Pakistans.

    13. You are dumb and racist.
      Why do you hate the Indians?
      What have the Indian done to you or your family?

      We don't care where their great-great grandfather comes from. As long as you are Malaysian and you are not racist, you can become a PM, too.

      If Anwar is not a sodomist and a sex maniac, he can become PM, too. Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu, accused him of sodomy in Parliament, 1997. First, Mahathir don't believed because he want to make Anwar PM. You forgot?

      'Syed' has his origin from the Middle East. Yemen, if I am not mistaken. You are sure bloody bodoh CT.


    14. Thank you RD, for putting down exactly what I have in mind, wish I have more time to downsize these bigots myself, but unfortunately, I have a day job which sometimes takes up my evenings too. Salute :)

    15. You're welcome Tinsel.
      Your job as a priority, please.


    16. And so, you think Syed Mokhtar has not contributed at all to this country? Has he not contributed in ensuring Malay professionals continue to get a chance to become successful managers in large Malaysian-based multi-nationals? Tell me how many of his organisations are helmed by Malays as opposed to say the senior management of CIMB?

      Let me tell you that I have worked for, and with, a number of pure Malays who were given a chance to lead large multi-nationals and GLCs who would not trust giving Malays senior management positions, make a policies that discriminate against Malay businesses with the excuse that Malays are credit risks, and many more.

      I also know some Malays who are absolute self-serving bastards who have no conscience at all in getting what they want at all costs regardless of whom they hurt, and these are the very same people who shout loudest about protecting Malay interests.

      At the end of the day, they are only serving their own interests, so you can stuff all that fight for Malay right wherever it suits you, just elsewhere, because I don't buy it.

      Don't worry, I do not get so easily kembang, because I don't waste my time feeding my ego with false pretensions of talking about fighting for this or that.

      For me action speaks louder than words.

  4. No compromise if it is involved soverignty and security. Have to enhance and strengthen our monitoring systems at border either with Philipines, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

  5. SJK quality is for scum. When they can't compete with SRJK, they decide to bring down the quality of common exam so that they can boost thier result. So even go further by being a pseudo Malay hope that they become one of them. Pathetic.

    1. Do you have prove or is that a syiok sendiri statement? I'm the product of SJK and from your writing, I'm pretty sure that I'm smarter than you, a SRJK produce.

  6. If the pro-Oppo bloggers support Malaysia when speaking to outsiders, but say all sorts of nasty things about Malaysians when talking to Malaysians, then they really have some issues.

    I'm no psychologist, but I know that politics is just one thread in the tapestry of our being. Besides being a politician (or a supporter of politicians), we are also fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, citizens. So how can you condemn one thread in one person in one instance, but later we praise the same thread in another? What lunacy is this?

    Seriously folks, don't let hate consume you. When it does, everything on earth will be seen through Hate-O-Vision, and you will make enemies of those who would be your friends, and friends of those who poisons your drinks.

    1. Well said Servant of God. A lot of people are so bias that they can no longer see right from wrong.

      There is never a time where double standard is so rampant like now.

    2. Servant of God, becareful of using God's name otherwise it is a blamsphemy.
      Fully agree agree with you don't let hate comsume just because it is different. Now see the groups in Syria - sunn, Awalites, Hezebollah, Shia

    3. Servant of God

      Very well said. If one in the same religion has the sort of attitude, it also happen in the same race. Worst, when people have different religion or race. But politicians and bloggers start to use race and religion to divide the country. The natives of Malaysia consist not only of malays but there are Suluks, Orang Alsi, Dayaks, Ibans etc. They may have different opinions but in the world, they represent Malaysia to win honours in the world eg badmintion, football, squash etc. But racist are still questioning them about their loyalty when they follow Rukun Negara.