Thursday 14 March 2013

Who is Commander Musa? (Edited)

I read this and this, which made me think that this old man may had been responsible for the Jabidah massacre, and had links to the Marcos political dynasty.  Of course greater research must be done.  This is something I will have to add to my "must find out" list.


  1. He's dead, Jim.


  3. In this stories show that Musa is most probably double agent who work both for MARCOS and MNLF fighter during their bitter war. How could he escape the Jabidah massacre...or being letting go. That's why MNLF fight prolong war with Philliphine with no winner in either side.

    And the most stupidiest thing that they do is making havoc and make enemy with Malaysia.

    Maybe they are being MANIPULATE by bigger player to make an enemy with Malaysia government which in future the later didn't want to support or given them free ride to run from Philiphine army to Malaysia porous land.We don't know how on earth it so sudden make KIRAM eagerness to let their fighter sure death to face Malaysia army.

    Is it real Raja Muda Abgimuddin lead the 'journey' to Lahad Datu?
    Or he is sleeping on comfort bed in 5 star hotel in Manila.

    This Kiram are so stupid that they make an enemy with the government that let their thousands refugee took shelter in promise land.

    Kiram make terrible mistake that the problem that he create with Malaysia will make Philiphine easier hand to rout them out from Mindanao even Sulu Island. The Island that have potential vast mineral resources which can't be develop because of them due to long war.

    It's all about oil and teritorry dispute with China with they see that
    Sulu Sea to Palawan have bigger oil deposit that yet to be produce and have a potential to be as American Marine Fleet Base for South East Asia which act as deterrent to China and North Korea.
    First, they need to 'clean' their domestic problem than it easier to others make a military base.

    They are like a mouse between two tiger which they themselves 'create' their own destiny.

    Todak Malaya.

    1. The key part that took me to think of him as traitor of his people is the following excerpts from the AsiaOne article :

      Musa, who is from Sibutu island not far from Lahad Datu, managed to escape Corregidor Island before the Philippines army killed his fellow recruits in the Jabidah massacre in 1968.

      "Haji Musa is about 69 or 70 years old. He was one of those who escaped the Jabidah massacre," said Idjirani.

      "After the massacre, Haji Musa joined the Philippines army and he was assigned to the Mindanao conflict (in southern Philippines).

      "Ten years later, he was assigned to the Presidential Security Guard (lead agency tasked in providing security to the President of the Philippines). He was never with the Moro National Liberation Front."

      Villagers who are close to Musa's relatives living in Kampung Sungei Bilis claim otherwise, saying that he was an MNLF commander and served in Vietnam while with the Philippines military and was a military tactician.

      He escaped just before the massacre, but went on to become a Presidential Security Guard, and served in the army, while the villagers claim he was MNLF. Very iffy.

  4. Commander wearing slippers?