Thursday 14 March 2013

Of Eyes that Can't See (Updated)

Update:  Along the same line of thought, Annie shares her piece here.

I was having difficulties with reading all day and night yesterday because I misplaced my contacts lens case, with lens, and couldn't get a replacement where I was yesterday.  So there I was, going around, almost blind, hoping that I could survive the day without too much trouble.  Fortunately, my shortsightedness isn't serious, just -2.50 on the left, and -3.00 on the right.  So I could still see, though kinda blurry.

Fortunately, my shortsightedness does not extend beyond my eyesight, unlike some people who tend to see themselves as the all-powerful centre of the blogging world.

When I wrote about the real faces of Umno as defined by the ordinary kampung folks in the rural parts of Johor, it was because largely, they stayed true to the essence of Umno.  However, I am not blind to the fact that there are those who have lost their way, and given in to their personal greed.  The dirty minority are the ones that bring disrepute to the party and what it stands for.  They may not even be people in positions of power, but they are definitely in position to undermine people who are in power with lies, deceit, and treachery.  Especially when they work together in groups to create the desired perception.

They use all kinds of trickery to ensure that their targets give them what they want, most of the time involving huge amounts of money for services rendered, or simply to keep silent.  I know of some organisations who provide real professional services, and take in rejections gracefully, as professionals.  However, there are those who cannot take rejection well.

With the presumed power of the social media and blogs, these extortionists have gone online with their vile campaigns of subversion, coupled with insinuations and innuendos, claiming that their intentions are pure and for the good of the party, when in fact they are just fighting for their own stomachs.  And boy, what huge stomachs have they got.

Those who have openly sided with the opposition have revealed themselves, but there are many more within the fold.  Their eyesight never go beyond the size of their stomachs, and their concern for the party is not as deep as the pockets they want lined with money to finance their SUVs, latest gadgets and coffee at Starbucks.  Their hypocrisy sickens me.


  1. Well ..a sleeping PM was brought down not too long ago..
    Thanks to them..

  2. I have read the 2 latest postings by the 'hugh stomachs'.
    Can you counter them with facts.
    Ai tried using the official statements but not convincing enough.


    1. I am not going to waste my time entertaining them and their agenda. Ai may have a soft spot for them, consider them her colleagues, but I don't. I took off my rose tinted lenses a long time ago.

  3. I think this is one of the major problem that UMNO is facing in the eyes of the public and their extended members [ordinary members of cawangan] ,and always bear in minds that this are the members who strongly believe 'perjuangan' UMNO and devotedly always with the party. Life is very simple among them and normally their prospect of life too does not venture beyond cawangan or kampong except for the educational prospect of their children but nevertheless not to forget they have eyes to see and brain to think and rationalize things that what normally people tends to forget especially at the bahgian and state level.
    UMNO has lost it's creditably in the eyes of the public and most of all their grassroots members ,because of personal greed some of it's members who take their perjuangan differently.

    1. Now U see clearly and admit to say UMNO has lost it's credibilty because of personal greed. Who started them? You are once blind but now you have recover your eyesight. Good 4 U but not good 4 UMNO.

  4. There is none so blind as he who would not see.

    Just imagine the blind electorate led by similarly blind leaders. And Malaysia ends up in a hole.

    And that folks, is what's gonna happen with Kim Guan Eng, Haha-Dee & Ah-No (it's not me) War in charge

  5. I have been privileged to have witnessed first hand on how UMNO has helped the suburban lower middle class; particularly those who lived in squatter villages in Petaling Jaya. Those settlements were vulnerable to floods and fires.

    Who woke up at 2 am to help them move after a fire? The UMNO people. Who helped them find interim shelter and get support while they find proper accommodation? The vile UMNO people. Who helped them apply for the rumah rakyat termiskin? Still the UMNO idiots.

    The majority of those in UMNO are in it not for themselves, but to help the community as well. And no, those who were helped were not just Malays.

    Thank you very much.