Saturday 30 March 2013

Thinking of the Future


PKR Johor Deputy Chief Dr Ahmad Faidhi Saidi announced that PKR will be contesting in Segamat, and in the Johor Jaya (Pasir Gudang) and Tangkak (Ledang) state seats.  Dr Ahmad Faidhi is also taking over the responsibilities of co-ordinating PKR Johor election machinery from Chua.

Chua Jui Meng is reportedly OK, but location is unknown.

Translation to Cat language - Jimmy doesn't want to play ball with Annie anymore.

The happenings in Johor and moves by the various political parties, most especially the dynastic power tussle of the Lims and the Anwars, have given a Rational Mastermind a reason to ponder.

We have seen how a particular "chinese revolt" turned out for a segment of the people of an island up north and how that revolution has evolved to affect the lives of low income workers and small businesses, regardless of their ethnic background, who are now left with no choice but to look for affordable dwellings and greener pastures in the mainland.  

Of course there are also stories of gag orders, press boycotts, private "security" units enforcing the "security" as they please, not to mention the problems caused by Microsoft Excel to an exemplary democratic and transparent election process, and now a typo, probably the fault of Microsoft Word, that caused differences in the billions.

The holy "green uprising" from the northeast has swept across the north and the almost unchecked destruction of Lojing is now replicated across Kedah, from Baling to Pedu.  

We are witness to the decades long success of a certain northeastern state government exporting their brand of holiness to other parts of the country through the "migration" of their people who not only benefit from the good jobs and good living elsewhere, but returning in droves during elections to ensure stunted economic growth at their "kampung", amid unsavory stories of sexual exploits, domestic abuse and funds mismanagement. 

Then there is of course the absolute mess in turquoise territory, being advised by God's Gift no less, with ADUNs and MPs who spend most of their time blaming everyone else for everything gone wrong with their sex lives and yet continue on their merry way to ruin what was once the richest and most developed state in the country.  

Or not saying anything sensible at all in the Dewan, if they were there, because they were too busy with their facebook, tweeter and spy camera to feed the rapacious need of their cult followers for more of their repetitive pure and holy pronouncements, peppered with large doses of insinuations and unveiled insults against non-followers.  

Maybe these are the domains of Potentates, ulama's and God's Gifts, but Johoreans must not allow their emotions to overrule their thoughts in the upcoming general election, because that's what is coming their way via Gelang Patah.


  1. Jimmy is crying his heart out after being back-stabbed by Anwar. He doesn't want to be disturbed at the moment but will come back to Anwar, because he has nowhere else to go.

    The Pakatan fellas think Najib and Mahathir are in the same class as LKS and Anwar. They are way off the mark. Najib and Mahathir are respectable statesmen. LKS is an old, power crazy politician who wants to make sure his son is in total control of the country. Maybe he is copying from North Korea.

    Anwar is another shameless, power crazy politician who is 'The Laughing Stock PM wannabe of Malaysia'. He is famous for being the PM wannabe with the most porn video credited to him.


    1. Ah, so we get to see Jimmy again in Johor? Oh bother ...

    2. LKS, for his 50 years of service to Malaysian politics, he should be conferred the title Datuk Lompat for tirelessly hopping from one constituency to another, the latest being Gelang Patah. nobody does it better than The Kid, or rather The Comeback Kid for the GE13 edition. after all, he's from Johor by the way. him contesting in Gelang Patah is his way of saying "The Kid is back".

  2. Never minds what going on the other side ,what is important how BN ,especially UMNO are preparing to prepare their ground should be seriously considered .
    UMNO move should be practical ,never should been much influence by much consideration of their component ,what is great important hear to defend their position and BN should batter up their previous performance and UMNO should never neglect the aspiration of their voters by placing any dick or dong under their labelled especially in Malay majority area.

  3. Nothing you've mentioned will prevent BN from losing more Johor seats than in GE12. The only question is how many? With further losses of seats in the East Coast, can these be made up by BN in the peninsula - I think not. Najib will be toast. The people of Johor should be proud that the next PM will be their home town boy.

    1. dapster really funny. they think malays like them. hahaha. in ur dream

    2. Boley kasi nombor ekor ka, amoi? Since you seem to be so good at predictions.