Friday 29 March 2013

Birthdays and Personalities

I turned a year older this week and would have forgotten all about it if I had not had a few birthday wishes from people who knew.  Yes, I am an Aries.  Not that I believe in all that zodiac business, but according to a friend, all the descriptions ascribed to an Aries personality fits me to a T.

Ha .. ye la, as if you can fit the entire how many billions of earth population to fit into 12 zodiacal personality types, and I happen to belong to a group described as moody, short tempered, self-involved, impulsive, impatient, independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic and courageous.

Take note, "garang" is not one of the characteristics ascribed to the Aries group, of which I belong to.

Golden Aries Dragon by Rene Polumorfous @ Deviantart

However, it got me curious about all these personality types and tests that seem to abound on the internet.  So I did a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator free test just now to know what Type I am.  Apparently there are people who actually pay to take these tests.  I found out that I am an INTJ personality Type.  According to wikipedia INTJs are the rarest of the sixteen personality types and account for 1-4% of world population.

So that makes me a combination of a ram, a dragon and a rare scientist.  Heh .. what a strange animal that would make.

PS: My next project is to guess the personality types of my favorite politicians.


  1. Is being sexy and seductive among your many traits.

    1. Sexy is subjective, seductive is desperation.

  2. Dear Big Cat named changed to Tinsel)
    You and Ghani Othman share the same you said people in this category he is garang, fierce too, but as far as Ghani is concerned he is is slow,lembik and not too garang, his lectures were all very boring but when Jamilah is around he sometimes showed his machoness.
    Anyway my dear Tinsel, U have a happy belated birthday May you have nine lives, like cats always do. If you are still avaialable and your Chinaman bf is still not sure whether he wants to convert, then you dump him. I am available...

    1. I am not Ai. I repeat, I am not Ai. Ai is in Taipei. I am in Johor Bahru. Get it?

      And I don't have a boyfriend, chinaman or otherwise, to dump, and neither am I on the lookout for one. So beat it, and stop bothering me with inane nonessential.

      But thank you for the birthday wishes.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Tinsel.

    I took the Myers-Brigs test too, and it seems that *MY* personality type is the rarest. You're not the rarest, I am, OK?

    I was intending to go on a fake rant for a page-and-a-half, and pretend I'm upset - UPSET you hear, how dare you claim to be rarer than me! - but I realized I couldn't be arsed. Too much to do, but for some reason here I am.

    *Sigh*. It's been a long 4 weeks. I need rest. Aku dah tak betul.

    Again, happy birthday. Find someone special and nice, so that birthdays and such are even better. Take it from a former Lone Ranger :)

    1. LOL. I never claim to be the rarest, wiki did. According to the Kiersey test, I am a Rational Mastermind, and that was supposed to be 1% of the population. I think I need to stop this current obsession with personality tests.

      Have a good rest this weekend SoG, and thank you for the birthday wish.

    2. I went and did a bit of digging, and you are right, overall INTJ is not the rarest, INFJ is. Among women, INTJ is the rarest, like 0.5%, whereas among the men, INFJ is - 0.5% too. Source

      Heh .. now I can see why I am an INTJ. :D

    3. "I think I need to stop this current obsession with personality tests."

      Hah! Ze poor woman iz obsessed and needz help wit her compulsionz. Hah! Well, I ... I ...

      I didn't take the M-B. Mine was a Keirsey. I was at work and I couldn't look it up.

      And I'm an INTJ. Oh fishhhh... no wonder I have plans for setting up an international spy ring if I ever inherited Bill Gates' fortune...

      I am NOT obsessed, ya hear?! No way. I completed those plans YEARS ago! I do not dig that hole anymore!

      Ohhh... the pain inside... will it ever go away? :P

    4. LOL. I can totally relate to that ...

    5. There's this member on the INTJ forum that goes by the nick "Secret", who joined in March 2013, who uses for an avatar the silhouette of a demon cat (hint: demon cat eyes) with... daffodils? weeds? in the background.

      For the life of me I can't imagine why I'm mentioning this to you. It's not like I know of any female INTJs who uses a cat avatar.

    6. Great minds think alike comes to mind :D