Saturday 30 March 2013

Just Personal Nonsense

I'm supposed to be working today.  Something that had to be submitted by Monday and I am stuck at page 6, I am not even halfway to the end.  Darn it!  I wish the boss would stop giving me unexpected work that ruin my weekend plans.  I was so looking forward to going visiting and the nephews were disappointed I couldn't take them to Legoland.  The last time we were there, there were so any people, I swore I'll never go there again, but I can't say no to the boys.  I hate it when these things disrupt my carefully planned weekend.

Tried to compensate my boredom with my favorite comfort food, New York Cheese Cake, but the mind is elsewhere, so I dropped by Annie's place and saw Ai's piece about getting tired of waiting for the election.  Me too!  Me too!  The anticipation is fading, irritation is setting in.  Wish they'd just get on with it so that everyone can move on.  I hate all this waiting!

I saw in the RTM evening news that things are going back to normal in Sabah and the affected villagers now can start planning on rebuilding their lives again.  (Yes, I watch RTM news, but I'll switch to TV3 when our Minister of Information gets his daily dose of airtime, and switch back after he's gone.  Sorry, I do have my limits.)  They must have felt terrible to see the destruction of their homes and personal belongings, whatever assets that they own, but looking on the bright side, they get to build new homes and shop for new things.  I would love to help with the shopping, and the landscaping part would be fun.

The setting up of ESSCOM will go a long way in assuring the Sabahans that they can continue with their lives in relative peace as part of Malaysia.  Whether we like it or not, being part of Malaysia is good for Sabah as Sabahans get to enjoy the protection of our security forces against the Philippines claim.  By the way, I kind of have a crush on that Sabah Police Chief, though.  Datuk Hamza seems like a tough, no nonsense guy and I enjoy watching the way he handles the press.  My kinda guy.

Anyways, I have only been to Sabah once in the 90s, but that was a long time ago and I wasn't a very observant kid back then.  We stayed at the Tanjung Aru Resort I think, somewhere in Kota Kinabalu, and that was when we found out I was photosensitive.  But that's OK, I prefer forests and jungles to beaches anyway.  However, I look forward to visiting Sabah again and maybe see the land and the people with more mature eyes.

And of course there's all that LIMA stories and Malaysia's plans to buy 18 fighter jets.  But this time Tony Pua is strangely quiet, or maybe he is still reading up on the subject.  It is rather amusing though to see all those five foreign suppliers shortlisted are falling all over themselves to sign MOUs with local partners.  I bet Tony Pua and gang are hopping mad that the acquisition wasn't made earlier, especially if Mindef decides on the Rafales.  I can just see the headlines in Malaysiakini "Kickbacks: The French Connection".


  1. The cake any good?

    I LOLed at your obvious distaste for the good Info Minister. He tries so hard to articulate himself that he makes up words as he goes. Rumors abound that he may be dropped. Let's hope that's the case. He's an egomaniac if Info Dept staff are to be believed. Cross him & be prepared for immediate transfer.

    Apparently PM may allow the term to expire as he had committed to attend the Asean summit. Damn tired of waiting & the incessant politicking lah. Should get it done & dusted pronto.

    I think despite his tough outwardly demeanor, I think Hamza has a soft side to him. I recalled when he announced the death of his men, he was choking & holding back his tears as his voice quivered. Truly a real man in every sense I think.

    As for ESSCOM, I believe someone like Hamza or even former IGP Musa Hassan should be appointed to lead it. Their experience & know how would be an asset in ensuring the safety of ESS Zone. When RASCOM was set up in Sarawak, an SB guy, Tan Sri Yuen led them to an unmitigated success against the CT. Anyways I think the local populace would dig Hamza in charge.

    As for Tony Pua, he's probably reading up Wikipedia to back up his arguments. If PR takes over, he'd probably be fine with Malaysia retrofitting Cessnas with chainguns, missile rail & under belly bombs. Berjimat lah katakan.

    Anyways, it is Sunday. Have a good one, however miserable you may feel. And a belated birthday too!

    1. Yes, the cake was yummy.

      I think Tan Sri Yuen is super cool too, but tough men who can shed tears touch my heart. So now Datuk Hamza is up there among the best of them in my estimation. I saw pictures of those commandos with tears for their fallen comrades too, and I feel for them.

      Retrofitted Cessna .. heh .. I'd love to see that.

      Thank you for the birthday wish. You have a good weekend too.

    2. Tony The Pony is he any better than the other nincompoops in DAP ? if LGE is the failed accountant, Hasnah Yeop the failed lawyer turned event planner turned assemblywoman, what to make of Tony The Pony ? right, he too failed, failed as an entrepreneur that he needed the help of a rich patron to bailed him out.