Monday 18 March 2013

Cracking Rocket (Updated - Lim Kit Siang contesting P162)

Update: Lim Kit Siang has declared that he will be contesting the P162 Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.

Correction : It was Kulai Head of Operations, not Johor - sorry.

A little birdie gave me a tinkle just now about a press conference that was called by YB Ong Kow Meng, the Senai DAP rep.  I was told only the Chinese press was invited (tsk, tsk YB Ong .. you think NST, BH and Utusan won't carry your story ke?) to this event.  And the YB wasn't alone - there were sixteen DAP branch heads with him at the press conference to lend weight on what YB Ong wanted to announce.

Impressed, I asked the friend, what was that all about?

According to my friend, Ong was pretty scathing about Dr Boo Cheng Hou, head of DAP Johor.  He indicated that Dr Boo practices cronyism, nepotism and is responsible for breaking up the Pact with PKR in Johor by attacking Datuk Chua Jui Meng.  In essence, Ong is telling everyone that Dr Boo is bad medicine for Pakatan in Johor.

So what was the real story behind this one then, I asked?

Well apparently, not so long ago, Boo appointed someone, whom Ong and his group consider as an outsider as DAP Johor Kulai Head of Operations.  This appointment is, by Ong's reckoning, an indication that he may be dropped from the DAP line-up for the coming GE.  So he was unhappy with the possibility of not being a YB anymore as Senai is considered a sure-win seat for DAP.  FYI, 65% of voters in Senai are Chinese.

And I thought only Umno have this problem.

As for the big pronouncements that the revered Father of Tokong will be contesting in Gelang Patah as reported here, I was told that the old man, who is in Muar today, said that he had not decided on where he would be contesting.  Hehehe .. what we are sure of at this point is that he will definitely be contesting somewhere ...


  1. Tokong's father should take on Hisham in Sembrong if he's convinced DAP can attract Malay votes. Now wouldn't that be a dream match up? Or perhaps take on Datuk Shahrir?

  2. Bigcat pergilah sembah tokong nanti boleh dapat 4 nombor ekor, tak payalah susah-susah tulis, UMNO ni bad paymaster tahu !!

    1. What? Be dependent on a political entity to make a living? I am not that desperate, thanks. I'd rather go home and live off my parents.

    2. Anon 22:28,

      Why dont you go and sembah tokong and asked the tokong if he can help L.K.S to win Gelang Patah seat, then can purpose under ground tunnel to Singapore from Gelang Patah since the jambatan bengkok was cancelled .

    3. Anon 22:28

      Dont be stupid ok.. why susah2 to sembah tokong to get nombor ekor? u sembah him sure get cash maa.. at least 1% of that 6billion ass tunnel in penang is given to u if u go and sembah him now.

  3. Atuk lim kit siang bila mau pencen daaa.boringgg

  4. Lee Kuan Yew is the tail that wags the dog !

  5. How old is Kit Siang anyway, 25? Pencen ler woi...

  6. LKS, Karpal Singh, Nik Ajis, Hadi Awang ni semua bila nak pencen. Mcm la bagus sgt nk serve rakyat konon. Give young blood chance la pulak. Mahadir n pak lah tido pun dh pencen la weyyyy.

  7. Me too thinks that Kit Siang should just retire from active politics. We need young and healthy people as YBs. Of course he can still be mentor to DAP. Last time I heard, he was almost blind already. Like Nik Azizi and Hadi, the Rakyat don't like to have a YB who always spend their time in hospital. Furthermore, with all his family members in the top post in DAP, Rakyat in other constituent will be affected too. Their YBs will have to visit or take care their father or grandfather in hospital. (That is why a husband and wife cannot be working in the same department. Both will most probably take leave, together).

    I think it's about time we enact a law, prohibiting old and sick people from contesting in GE. We want healthy politician who will not die on us in office. We do not want to waste our (Rakyat) money and the unnecessary political issues related with by-election. We want our YBs to serve the Rakyat and make the country prosper. Not playing politics, all the time.


  8. Aisey! Itu dinosaur bila mau retire maa?

    I think politicians yg seangkatan dgn Tun M should all retire. Most especially those yg obviously sick. They want to die in office meh? Baru puas hati?

    And they dare call people gila kuasa? Aren't they 2x5 or worse? Such a hipocrite! Tun M sudah close to a decade retire.

    Orang yg dah tua2 sangat ni can they actually serve the people under their constituency? Or people need to serve them instead?

    They must be real hard-up for the MP and ADUN fat salary and allowances. At the end of the day, it is always about money and power..

  9. See how huge stomach attacks Tokong Sr and his barabrians.
    Not holding back any punches and taking casualties at the same time.
    Now this is the main agenda we should all be fighting against.
    Lets see if you can show more garang to our common real enemy.


  10. No surprise LKS wanting to contest in Gelang Patah or wherever ( where there is a substantial majority of Chinese voters) and I fully believe 89% of the Chinese in this area will pangkah him. So BN (ie the Johor Malays ) should always be mentally prepared that the Chinese can forever be our friends or otherwise but in terms of political empowerment , LKS (DAP) still remains their iconic figure.

  11. Dear Tinsel
    Among others if you visit South Johor one would see the proliferation of Perpetual parks/ memorial the same ones you see in Nilai from the NS Highways.As you land Senai airport tyou see the verdant and well kept oarks with those pigeon holes epitaph and so on..In Ulu Tiram too .all very well located facing heavens. This is because we Malays/UMNO are very understanding people we allow all these in Tanah melayu. Yes they pay good money though
    So Lim Kit Siang which one have you chosen or you want in Batu Pahat???