Wednesday 5 October 2011

Bad political videos

Feels like writing about the coming Budget, but everyone seems to be doing it now. Since I am not very good with economics, I think I better leave that to the experts.
Anyway, I just hope that the coming Budget will make life easier for the low income earners, especially those in the urban areas.
I always feels that they are the ones who are always left out. I mean, people like those in the Felda settlements, they already got lots of things given by the government. Despite all that, there are still those who are not happy.  I am not saying that  Najib should forget about them, but please Mr Prime Minister, the urban poor need even more help. Cost of living in the cities is very high these days. At least in the kampung and Felda settlements, people can still plant their own vegetables or keep some chicken in the backyard. Seriously.

Ok, the real thing I want to complain today is the poor quality of local political videos. Some were simply bad and most were done in poor taste.

The few which were done nicely on the other hand got other problems such as putting the banner of the maker so prominently. If you are doing a video for Umno for instance, don't la put a banner declaring that it is done by Umno. Of course like that those who are not from Umno will be put off before they even watch it.

This is an example of one of the worst ones -
So, ok arrr, please, improve the videos. Otherwise, don't post it on Youtube.

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