Monday 10 October 2011

Good stuff, poor marketing

Looks like Anwar has a new porn video. This guy is really something, don't you think so? Nonetheless, I don't think the BN people who handle those videos are very good at their job. A more professional team would had killed off Anwar's political career by now with all those materials.

I think here is where Pakatan cybertroopers are better than their BN rivals. Just imagine if they have a video of Najib having fun like Anwar was having in those videos. BN would be dead by now. In fact, when Tian Chua photoshoped Najib's picture - that was enough to convince some fools that he was guilty of murder. When it comes to convincing people, the Pakatan fellas are simply superb.

Ok, just look at Guan Eng - the evidence clearly proves that he badmouthed Johor, he did apologised for badmouthing Johor. yet, he can still go around telling people he did'nt badmouth Johor. Now, I don't think anyone in BN can beat that.

Well, some will say that people who support Pakatan are much easier to convince.....then again, Umno for instance has that joker Ahmad Maslan as information chief and the hopelessly stupid Rais Yatim as information to win la like that....

BTW, Guan Eng, when are you going to sue Bernama, TV3 and maybe me??? My bet is, you are not going to. It's all just part of the con, is'nt it?

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  1. On the dot, sir

    BN is just like a big elephant...slow to move. Each limbs has a mind of their own.

    Pakatan even controls the international media. Look at google news. 70% are towards pakatan stuff. Even Youtube is "sepakatan".
    We shiver to think of what "pakatan" that pakatan hold overseas.