Monday 31 October 2011

Am I bullshitting you?

Been off-grid over the past few days. Running around doing my work and no time to drop by the cyber cafe to post anything for this blog.

Yup, I am operating this blog from a cybercafe. The truth is, I don't even have a personal computer. Simple reason, because I can't afford to buy one yet. Contrary to popular belief, not all pro-BN bloggers are paid Umno cybertroopers or someone rich and fat from ill-gotten gain.

That cat is not me. I put the picture just because I wish I have that sort of  laptop.
Never mind, I will ask my financial controller to buy me a laptop like that. Hopefully my no-good bosses will give me some nice bonus end of this year so that I can afford it. It's really hard to write something with a nine-year old kid playing some gory shoot-em-up computer game sitting next to me in the cyber cafe.

For those who have been following this blog, I thank them from the bottom of my heart, but please note that the only Umno leader whom I have been singing praises is Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman....and this guy Ghani is not paying me anything for it. He does not know who I am and I am not working for him or expecting anything from him. I am praising him for free, simply because he is truly one of the good guys in BN.

Ok, some people in the opposing Johor Umno camps, who wanted their own guy as the new MB  may want to vomit whatever they had eaten this morning after reading what I wrote above. Sorry guys. I am still of the opinion that the reality is, if Ghani goes after the coming GE, your guy who replace him will vomit blood trying to do what Ghani had done so far for Johor.

Do you all think it is easy to maintain this BN bastion? I had listed the requirements to be a Johor MB here -
1. To administer the State Government
2. To command the Johor Umno warlords
3. To earn the respect of the BN component parties
4. To maintain BN dominance over the opposition in Johor.
5. To have a good working relationship with the Johor palace
6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - To resist the temptation of enriching oneself and cronies by plundering Johor's riches.

Most of the new Johor MB candidates, I believe, will not be able to satisfy the most important requirement, that is to resist the temptation to enrich oneself and not using the MB position to strengthen one's personal political position at the expense of Johor Umno's unity.

If you still think I am bullshitting about Ghani, go and ask the most experienced and reputedly honest of all the Johor Umno warlords - Datuk Shahrir Samad. Ask him to name one guy among his peers or juniors who can become the new Johor MB.


  1. Yes Datuk Ghani has done a good job as MB of Johor.He should continue to be MB after the next GE

  2. Well said bro....and i will doa that you'll get the lap top/pc that you need. Kesian jugak rasa nye. Insyallah soon bro.

  3. I really enjoy your writing! Keep up the great work...and hope you get a laptop soon! Cheers!

  4. ask him again in private, la bro.,,,,,