Thursday 6 October 2011

It's the same la

Most Malaysians who think their country is bad normally say that they wish our country could be something like Singapore. It is clean, proper and has a good government.
The truth is, there is not much difference between Malaysia and Singapore. Our country is more similar to that republic than any other part of the world. We are like US and Canada. Its just that one is a bit richer and louder than the other.
What problems that we have, Singapore also have. Just that it comes in different forms on both side of the Causeway.

In Malaysia, for instance, we have women problems which prompted Nik Aziz to say this -
In Singapore, they also have women problems like this -
In Malaysia. motorists have problems due to this -
In Singapore, motorists have problems due to this pulak-
See, more or less the same what......

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