Monday 17 October 2011

Guan Eng's breasts issue


Hah!!!!...finally. A denial by Guan Eng

Next step Guan Eng -
The pro-Umno blogger who first started the posting on this issue is Dr Novandri. Go after him lah. But make sure you are completely innocent, ok. Otherwise you will be screwed again like when you denied saying bad thing about Johor.

Also remember ya - the whole thing actually started when pro-Pakatan blogs highlighted about a son of a VVIP from BN who molested a schoolmate.

Nonetheless Guan Eng, I promise, I will cheer for you if you take this case to court. If you failed to do so, I will think lowly of you and believe that you are actually trying to hide something. 

From the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider

Guan Eng slams pro-Umno ‘beasts’ for targetting son in ‘barbaric lies’

UPDATED @ 03:37:11 PM 18-10-2011
October 18, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Lim Guan Eng said today he was furious with the “barbaric lies” made about his young son by “pro-Umno ferocious beasts” and singled out Khairy Jamaluddin and other party leaders for perpetrating the allegations with snide comments on blogs and on social media.
 “My family and I deplore these lies and fabrications against my young son as morally despicable and barbaric. Umno should act against those trying to wreck the life of my young son with cruel and barbaric lies just to finish me off politically,” Lim  said in a strongly-worded statement today..


Guan Eng, I am dissapointed with you

From the pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini -

Guan Eng mum over blog disparaging VVIP's son
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declined to answer allegations in pro-Umno blogs that a VVIP’s son was involved in a case of outraging the modesty of his female schoolmate.


What is this nonsense about Guan En's son fondling a girl's breasts? Several blogs had posted the story and one of them is here

Panas! Guang Eng : RM100 Untuk Warga Emas, 200K Untuk Ramas Tetek

It is indeed a serious allegation and in my opinion, those bloggers better got their facts right.

I don't care much about  Guan Eng's political career which could be hanging in balance due to the issue, but his son's future is completely something else.

The boy deserves a fair hearing as he may after all be innocent. He should not be punished simply for being the son of Guan Eng. The stigma of this allegation will stick on him for the rest of his life.

If this is a false allegation, I hope Guan Eng will come out with a denial and proceed to take IMMEDIATE legal action against the bloggers. As a father, he need to act fast and decisively to defend his son as well as refute the other allegation that he had paid quite a considerable amount of money to shut up the family of the girl.

I am not in any way a fan of Guan Eng, but in this case I will back him up if he and his son are innocent. One way for him to convince me is for him to act on this allegation. Otherwise, I will tend to believe the bloggers more than him and I will also believe that he doesn't  love his son more than his political career.

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