Friday 21 October 2011

Dr Boo - Ramble on

You all want to know what happened to this guy Dr Boo Cheng Hau, go and buy the NST.
They got an exclusive on this Johor DAP chief today.
I am not going to link the story here.
Go buy the newspaper and read it. Its on page 8.
You all Umno people better buy NST, ok.
 The buggers at the papers are running the bloody establishment  to the ground to help you all and you all go and read some thrashy Malay papers for what?

OK, a bit on why DAP gangsters want to kill Dr Boo, the Johor party leader -
1. Dr Boo has the potential to out shine Guan Eng.
2. Dr Boo wants to include more Indians and Malays in Johor DAP line-up and the Chinese chauvanists in DAP dont like it one bit.
3. Dr Boo is behind the suspension of that moronic crook DAP's Bentayan assemblyman Gwee.
4. Dr Boo want to swap seat with PKR in the tussle for the coveted Gelang Patah seat for the next general election but hard core DAP arseholes want to just grab it.

Well, Dr Boo, I know you are all stressed up now. When my day is fucked up like your's, I listen to these cool guys. Their music has the calming effect.

This is my favourite song of these guys. I dedicated it to you Dr Boo. Cheers.

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