Sunday 2 October 2011

Guan Eng's cup of tea

Ok Ok, I admit, I had been a bit too harsh on Guan Eng...making fun of him and all.

He said people like me had "misrepresented" him. Well, in my case, I think I did - as far as his choice of entertainment is concerned. Somebody in his office said he was irritated because I keep posting those The Police music video which goes along with his story.  He is, after all not a fan of the Police like me.

It turned out that this is the kind of entertainment that he likes -

Sorry arr Guan Eng.


  1. LOL! even when you don't unsheath claws, you can annoy. menikus betul! :DDD

  2. wakakakaka thanks for making my day, big cat!
    LGE had a huge grin plastered on his mug throughout - he musta really enjoyed the serenade.
    Different strokes for weird folks?