Sunday 1 January 2012

A very good Malay movie

Started this new day of this new year by doing something I normally do not do. I watched a Malay movie.

The last time I watched a Malay movie in a cinema was many many years ago.

Not really a fan of Malay movies because I find most of them being of poor quality. Sorry to say that, but facts are facts.

But this movie I watched just now is very very good. It made me cried at one point. It reminds me of my own life. Never thought a Malay movie can make me cry, seriously.

It's Ombak Rindu.


  1. Aha, a very big cat named Ai who cried when watching Ombak Rindu.

  2. Hi GUiKP
    I see that your last posting was something about chasing squirrels at Kensington. Lovely pictures. Reminds me of those at Hyde Park. Used to feed them on spring mornings. Very friendly fellas. Happy new year to you and your family :) Thanks for visiting.

  3. Reading your posting, it gives me the impression that you breed no nonsense. Yet like any other lovely lady, you too have that silky feeling in your heart.

    My admiration for you.

  4. Dear Anon 07:20,
    Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Tacing (oops, smack smack smack) very touching fella, this big cat, don't you think? And what a cogent blog too.

  6. Oh my God, u cried. My wife watch it at YouTube n she said it just a normal Malay movie with weak script n bad editing. Facts is facts.

  7. Dear Anon 16:25,
    true, the movie is not perfect. But to me it is relatively good compared to the usual cerita hantu, rempit and drift. The part which made me cry was a scene which exactly happened to me in real life. You must be a good husband that your wife doesn't feel what I felt when watching the scene. Well, good for you and her. Cheers.

  8. Hi Bigcat,
    I watched Ombak Rindu more than 10 times, 3 at the cinemas. My hubby who doesn't like Malay movie also gave a thumbs-up after watching this movie. What I like most iare the music score, gorgeous casts esp. Aaron Aziz (hehe), beautiful and braethtaking scenery and interesting plot/script.