Thursday 12 January 2012

Ultra men need to shut up

A lot of not so nice things have been said about Chinese-based BN component parties after the disastrous 2008 general election.

Some of the harshest critics are in fact their own friends within the coalition, particularly those from Umno.

MCA and Gerakan were said to be not working hard enough to win back the Chinese community's support and some of their leaders were accused of being Chinese chauvinists who would be ever ready to defect to Pakatan in the event BN were pushed to the brink of defeat.

I used to think so too, that is until of late.

I am not very familiar with Gerakan and therefore not very sure what they are doing these days, but from what I observed, MCA seems to be on the rebound.

No matter what the Pakatan people said about MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek, I think he is working very hard to do the right things for the party ever since he made his dramatic comeback from the sex video incident.

There seems to be some sense of urgency now in MCA's preparations for the coming general election. Well, at least that is what I observed in Johor of late.

Ok, it is still not so tip top, but at least the grassroots members seems to be enthusiastic again.

MCA service centers are now mostly opened and doing what they are good at - providing services for the Chinese community and others, by tackling problems ranging from ahlong menace to daughters running away from home.

These may seems trivial for most people more familiar with big big issues such as Anwar Ibrahim's saintly persona and the super intellectuality of Guan Eng and his new oh so handsome look - but the truth is that, these grassroots problems and efforts by these MCA guys in solving them are the ones which would win over the people's trust and confidence.

I honestly believed that no matter how much we argue for our cause and how cogent  the evidence of wrong doings we throw at our opponents, it all doesn't really matter if we do nothing to make any impact on what really matters to the every day life of people.

After all, mere talks are cheap.

On this point, I think MCA is the best party in this country. I can't remember any of their good leaders who are fiery orators. All are hard workers who were judged by the results of their efforts rather than what were spewing from their mouth.

MCA works for the Chinese community all these years, and I don't think anyone can deny that.

Yes, some may accused them of being involved in corruption or even organized crime, but individuals who strays from the good path should not be used to condemn the ideals of the party.

Do not tell me that all DAP people are pure. Do not tell me that they do not know any gangster and not made deals with them. Come on lah, we are all not so dumb, ok?

All those good things done by MCA touched the very soul of the Chinese community - their schools, temples, guilds, etc etc. I do not think the Chinese community would easily forget.

The other day I had a chat with an MCA friend who runs a hardware shop in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.

He said things are not yet as good as before 2008, but at least things are improving and it would not be getting any worse for the party.

"And it is bullshit that they are saying Johor BN only have less than 10 per cent of the Chinese community support," he said.

"Those people who made that calculations are from KL lah, what do they know about things in Johor. Look at what happened in Tenang, BN got more than 30 per cent of the Chinese votes what. It could be better but at least it was more than the less than the 25 per cent in 2008.

"And can you please tell your Umno friends not to keep saying we are not doing work and Chinese are all against BN.

"They think all Chinese people like DAP ka? What have DAP done so great for us that we all like them so much ? Please la har, tell them that.

"Oh, one more thing, can you please tell that bugger Ibrahim Ali and people like him to shut the f#@* up. They are making it difficult for us la. They want to win personal brownie points, go and fight among themselves la. Don't use us Chinese as  bogeymen to make themselves look like heroes. Real stupid f*^&s la those people."


  1. Yup I think with the very hard working Dr. Chua, the MCA has finally touched bottom and is slowly but surely rising up.

  2. guess, it's hard to differentiate DAP man and MCA man. Let me know if you know the difference(s).
    as for perkasa, i don't think perkasa will scare other chinese in joining MCA. That is another thingy that MCA should do. Better , concise info should be propagated quickly to the grassroot.
    UMNO has that problem too.

  3. Bigcat,

    Have to disagree with you.

    My post link below, of a TMI report titled, "In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls" quote,

    "Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but Abu Hassan said support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent."

    Thank you

    1. Freddie,
      They said the same thing before Tenang. In fact all pro-Pakatan people in KL said the same thing. The most confident of Pakatan people in Johor don't dare to say that BN will get less than 20 per cent of Chinese support. The TMi writer also from KL. He came down to Kluang to see Ghani Othman but the MB got no time for pro-Pakatan portal like TMI. We (the real BN workers) in Johor just do work. We don't care about all these stupid statistics from KL.

    2. You Malays do not know the actual feeling of Chinese. We have been politically oppressed for too long. That was the reason Penang fell to opposition.

  4. So KL people not arrogant when they make judgements about Johor and Johor people?

  5. Great one Warrior 231, the Malay majority is with you on this one.

  6. Dear Bigcat,

    I have been following your posting, and when it comes to politics, your assessment and analysis, I feel that they are less credible as your sources of information are just from the men/women on the street, who have very limited access to what's really going on in the respective political parties.

    It's a far cry from what you are doing on IIB and Iskandar.

    1. Dear Anon Jan 12, 2012 05:40 PM

      At the end of the day, it is men/women on the street who are the voters that determine the outcome of any election.

  7. Few months back I was having breakfast at my favourite Kak Pah lontong stall in a packed Chinese coffee shop.
    Across the road posters are being put up for a Mat Sabu & Chua Jiu Meng ceramah.
    The coffee shop towkay loudly invited me to the ceramah,"abang ini malam datang la itu seafood restaurant...."
    Maybe he thought I was a PAS member. I don't blame him.
    Everyone in the packed coffee shop looked like they will go.
    Now thats so much for the men/women in the street.

    JoJo (JowoJohor)

    1. JoJo, I believe you are also a man/woman on the streets too... and I respect your opinion. Thank you

  8. Bigcat,
    I fully agree with you that 'at the end of the day, it is men/women on the street who are the voters that determine the outcome of any election.'

    But which party they'll vote for will to a great extent depends on the policies of the party and how best they are translated into action through well planned strategies. It is this aspect of analysis that is expected of you as you have proven very prescient and articulate in your treatment of IIB and Iskandar.

    Thank you.

    Anon 05:40