Saturday 7 January 2012

Hsien Loong the handsome

Last month I wrote this
Bridge to happiness

That posting was actually prompted after PM DS Najib Razak's visit to Iskandar Malaysia earlier on the day.

I was full of hope for the "crooked bridge" project to be revived when Najib during the visit did not rule out the possibility of the project to be discussed in his next meeting with Hsein Loong, which took place several days ago.

It turned out that the bridge project was not discussed. At least that was what appeared in their joint-statement.

Instead they mentioned about the possibility of building a tunnel.

I am happy that Malaysia and Singapore seems to be on good terms. By the way, I kinda like Hsien Loong. He seems to be genuinely friendly and smiles a lot.

Well, at least he is more handsome than Lim Guan Eng lor....I think.

Eh...sorry....back to the tunnel.

Ok, I am all ok for Malaysia and Singapore to built the tunnel. Very good, I said. But will it replaced the Causeway? Will the water of  Tebrau Straits be freely flowing ever again?

Hmmm... here I promise to Hsien Loong that I will forever be a supporter of the Singapore football team if ever the answer to all that is yes. Of course except when the team is playing against Malaysia lah.


  1. I was hoping for a scenic bridge too, but a tunnel? Hmmm...

  2. Anyone is better looking than Guan Eng...even after he changed his hair-style...

  3. Catty,

    Dont rush into happiness when dealing with our neighbour. Still remember about the development fees that were never discussed during negotiation on KTM land but suddenly charged after we signed all the papers? Better be careful with the smiles ehhh sure got meaning one hehehe

  4. jesus christ

    i bet that comes from singapore. and please, if anything comes from ur 'rival' then u might at risk of losing something
    i may be offering u fantasies but i believe we all know bilateral bond between countries also got back stabbing. i cudnt care less who heads singapore or who was heading singapore

    last time we got everything under our term hence we move CIQ to a very strategic area but did the good neighbour thought about that? no. and ball less sleepy head didnt help of course but singapore didnt offer us any favor as well. so we were saddled with ciq at wrong place until we cleared up that later.

    what i am trying to say is, do not agree to anything before u do critical deep research of ur own first. ktm land was gone because of our lack of critical thinking. jesus i would have let them use that leasehold and pay us 25% instead of now 50-50 jv, because if leasehold, even after 100. years i can have back, a land that bleed across that tiny little dot

    najib got to think for MALAYSIANs first, and our generations.

    everytime singapore comes to town offering something, u need to be on guard 24/7.

    again what the use of that tunnel?
    crossing to singapore without us getting bigger piece of the cake?
    u know what i mean about that bigger piece?

    i want ships to be able to cross that sea so that we can undercut singapore's ports income. and give us absolute everything. all the good stuffs. even if that come at the expense of singapore. or anybody else for that matter.

    so can u do that, mr pm?

  5. Aik BIGCAT sudah takda modal ke? Finger gatal nak menaip tapi sub-contractor tulis article sudah habis peluru ke?

  6. Anon 09:29, this is my blog, I can write about whatever I wish, however I wish, whenever I wish. Some days I want to write light, sometimes I like to opine, up to me la. I am not here to please anyone else but myself, an outlet for when I can't say things out loud IRL. You should try it yourself ... trust me, it's very liberating.

  7. Bigcat,
    Just remembering a few weeks ago, the CM of Melaka wishes to acquire a 30 yr old junk from down south. Seller willing to throw a sweeter deal if two tigers become a full fledge Lion citizen. So who win-win or loose-loose?

  8. Bigcat,
    "So who win win or lose lose?"

  9. Anonymous 09:29 sounds like Khazanah operative. What happen to your bru-ha-ha media statement to deny things written on this blog?

    As usual, if you cannot deny - you will deflect, disperse, diffuse, discredit and slander. That is so communist-era and out-of-date.

    We'll let everyone get distracted with Anwar Ibrahim's verdict over the next few days. We can even wait until after the Lembu-NFC fiasco dies down, no problem. But rest assured, Medini will haunt you after that.

  10. Khazanah guys lack the 'power of argument'..wpun depa 80% yg duduk as EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS' are from OXBRIDGE..depa tak reti negotiate..asyik kena chong aja hahaha lawak2 budak2 khazanah pimpinan amok nih