Monday 23 January 2012

It's gonna be a good year for the Chinese

Sorry, I'm a bit late in wishing a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates the occasion via this blog.

I was actually giving some time for my earlier posting on
Remembering the good old man of Bukit Serene
to be this blog's main headline.

Well, at the time I'm writing this, it's still the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Personally, I think this is going to be a great year for the Chinese community.
Despite the rather gloomy economic forecasts, things shouldn't be too bad. Politically, the community will be the ones who will decide where this country is heading in the coming general election. The Malays are too fragmented to play that role. I think, they will choose wisely and not let this country falls into ruin due to racial polarization and stuff.

I can see that most Chinese people are enjoying themselves today. A lot of firecrackers being lit at midnight and later today. So, things must be good for the Chinese community for now..

Heard, even Guan Eng and family had flown off to celebrate CNY in Italy....flying business class some more....hmmm, good la if true....sometimes must enjoy also ma.

Guan Eng's father had meanwhile called for the Chinese to unite into one big dragon this year (for the coming general election, he said)....ok lor, if he want to say country liao...just that later don't hantam Umno as racists la if they call Malays to unite, ok?.

I didn't get to go visit my Chinese friends today as I am working. Instead, I just ate some mandarin oranges which were send by the crates to my office by some well-wishers. Maybe, I will get the time to go on my CNY rounds tomorrow.

Ok lah. Everyone must be still busy celebrating. What do you expect....hehehehe....whatever it is,  please try not to lose too much at the mahjong table ya. CHEERS!!!!

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  1. i beg to differ. it is still the Malays and Bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak who will be the kingmaker in PRU 13.

    I think the Chinese alerted about this in the recent Sarawak Election.

    Eventhough the community given almost 95 % votes for the opposition, still at the end of the day the Sarawak Bumis with solid support to Taib Mahmud leadership desperate the Chinese agenda in Sarawak.

    The same will be in Semenanjung. NEver underestimate the Malays, Portuguese, Indians .

    They are not stupid as what the Chinese though they are.

    2008 ppl in droves supporting PR becoz supporting pak Lah akin to supporting the most stupidest leader on EARTH.

    If Pak Lah still around as the PM..only Allah know what gonna happened to this country.

    2008 is blessing in disguise. coz of it, Malaysia saved frm weak leadership of a man who will eventually put Malaysia into a slow and painful death.

    muo mari