Tuesday 10 January 2012

What a DAP girl want

Had a chat with a friend from Kota Iskandar last night.

It turned out that she was not even interested in the KL High Court's verdict of Anwar Ibrahim's case.

"Anwar will not make much difference anyway," she said.

"He was not even the main contributing factor to the BN losses in 2008 as he was just there to take the credit from the screwed ups of the past BN administration.

"Do you really think Anwar would have been of any consequence if Pak Lah was not the Prime Minister back then?," she asked

Reflecting on what my friend said, I do have to agree with her.

My personal opinion is that, this coming general election will be decided mostly only by two factors :

1. How fragmented is the Malay electorates?

2. How much have BN win back the Chinese votes?

Some may argue that Anwar is the uniting factor of the Pakatan coalition. Well, maybe so to a certain extent, but now that he is saddled with so much baggage, I see him as more of a liability than anything else to PKR, Pas or even DAP.

The night before the sodomy verdict came out, I had a phone conversation with someone close to me who is a DAP supporter.

She was very confident that Anwar was to go to jail due to the "corrupt" judiciary.

"Let's say Anwar is found to be innocent by the court, and he lead Pakatan to victory and become PM....you like or not?" I asked.

"Choy!!!! Don't want lah. I actually cannot tahan him la. I think he really like men lar.....errr, can someone else become PM?" she replied, much to my surprise..

"Can, but who?" I asked back.

"Guan Eng lar....," she said.

Honestly, I rather have Hsien Loong as my PM.....at least he is more handsome what....


  1. Oh my god, Guan Eng ah? She must be in her own dreamland.... Look at the damage he's doing in Penang!!! 400 million plus debt can be reduced to 29 million overnight, fuiyoh... that means our 400 plus billion debt also can be reduced...amazing, poverty is eradicated in Penang coz he has chased all the poor away from Penang, they cant afford to stay there anymore.... easy!!! And people are convinced he's the best CM and will make a good PM

    1. 80% of Chinese support him. We Chinese are long suppressed politically by new UMNO Mamak Mahathir.

  2. Aiyo Big Cat,

    Dunno true or not your so-called DAP fren.
    Another make-up story ke? Haha

    After being exposed by ABITW as a man pretending to be a female blogger, shameful la you...

    At least be proud la of your identity, if you can lie about your gender what more of the alleged frens you may have.

    ~ Little Cat

  3. Bigcat is a man or a woman or whatever doesn't matter to me. This blog is cool.

  4. Aiya little cat,
    you think I lie, don't read my blog la. Like that also you don't know ka.

  5. Whats wrong with Mat Sabu as PM?
    He is as handsome as LGE whaaaat!

  6. Shheeeshh Big Cat,

    Why la you need to create this fake persona of a lady blogger to impress readers? Why so insecure?

    Bro Bujai, Rocky, Tiger, ABITW, Hantulautan etc are good bloggers without this play-acting la...

    I'm just a fan who likes to poke Big Cat for holes of inconsistencies in his postings.

    ~ Little Cat

  7. Aiyo so many grammatical mistakes meh? Where you educated meh? Singular and plural also Rojak meh? Journalism school dropout?

  8. Little Cat,

    You are such a retard.

    If you are intelligent enough, which unfortunately you are not, its is a given that Big Cat is a guy.

    Let me teach you a new word S.A.T.I.R.E

    Donch knows what it means meh?

    Thought so.

  9. Big Cat

    I like that conversation.

    Pity the big eyed DAP supporter. She'll be disappointed to know that DAP do not want the PM post .... yet.

    If DAP controls Parliament, it doesn't matter which Melayu become PM loh...

  10. Bigcat,

    It was just a chit chat eh!

    So nothing much to be considered seriously.

  11. Dear Anon 18:57
    U smart one la. If I want the conversation to be considered seriously, I would had lied and put Karpal Singh saying that instead. U think Karpal really want Anwar as PM?

  12. hai bigcat lama tak tulis hal2 j corp dan iskandar.....salam

  13. Who become PM also nevermind as long as can lead our country to greater heights which the present government is found lacking in governance with so many screwups and corruptions.Just dont wait till this great country of ours is beyond repairs.

  14. Anon 22:22
    That's why la I prefer Hsein Loong to be our PM. Sure can bring to greater height one. Pakatan people I am not so sure lar.

  15. I don't know about handsome-lah but Hsien Loong has a genuine smile, Guan Eng's seemed artificial. Definitely Hsien Loong looks a lot more clever than Guan Eng though.