Thursday 19 January 2012

An old war story

Met an old friend I haven't seen for a long time last night.

We hanged out over a few drinks and mostly talked about our "old war stories".

He is by the way my senior and mentor. A really cool dude, who takes no bullshit from anyone.

He was with me at No8, Jalan Setiamurni, Bukit Damansara when Anwar Ibrahim was arrested that tense night on Sept 20th back in 1998.

I was a Reformasi sympathizer at that time while he was, and still is a pro-BN guy.

At that time, I had wondered why my senior, who knows so much more than me and never compromised on his principles could be so sure that Anwar was not innocent.

I never asked him what were his reasons to take such a stand at that time as I did not want to offend him.

Whenever people asked me why I was sympathetic to Anwar at that time, I always said that the case against him was so poorly handled that it smells a conspiracy from the start.

I was young and rebellious. I was ready to side with anyone who was deemed to be victimized.

The image of Anwar, his soft-mannered wife and young children being victimized really didn't go down well with me.

The funny thing about it all was that I didn't even like Anwar previously. I encountered him several times before he was sacked from his DPM post and find him to be arrogant to those whom he can be arrogant with. His young aides and even his bodyguards were the same. Anwar was at that time at the pinnacle of his power.

But I brushed aside all negetive thoughts about Anwar after I went to his house a day after his sacking. On that day the house was packed with his supporters. But what caught my attention most was the sight of his daughter Nurul Nuha, then 14 crying at one corner and was being consoled by Wan Azizah. That was the turning point for me at that moment.

Now, I'm much older and more objective. I do not let my emotion rules my thinking anymore. Post 2008, I realized that this country is in danger of falling into the hands of hypocrites.

My friend finally told me last night why he was so sure that everything are not right about Anwar.

He was closely involved in the Anwar's case since a year before his arrest. He saw with his own eyes when Anwar abused his power by ordering the police to arrest and harass Umi Hafilda and his driver Azizan to retract their allegations of his sexual misconducts. Anwar was later convicted for that but many, including me at that time believed that it was just part of the conspiracy against him. My friend nonetheless told me how the policemen who had to execute Anwar's orders agonized over what they had to do.

Knowing my friend and what he stands for, I know he was not lying.

"Do you think the same thing will not happened again if that bugger really becomes a PM?" my friend asked.     


  1. Bigcat,

    Those in the know, know.

    Once when watching on TV those who detained for involvement to having homosexual actvities, a very very dear friend of mine, confirmed they were gays.

    You see, some of these guys were not welcome and uninvited guests at functions organised by my dear dear friend's boss because of their sexual proclivities.

    My friend's boss was at that time was a well connected UMNO member from Johore, who passed away some years back.

    Even a slightest hint about him will disclose who that well connected person was.

    So, at that time there was nothing else to convince me.

    Thank you

  2. Well,
    anwar akan kata.. BN salah kuasa. Polis anjing BN. Mahkamah tunduk bawah BN. Sultan ikut ckp BN. etc etc blablabla...

    Actually... Anwar ni refer kat diri sendiri. Sebab tu mulut dia laju je nak cakap part ni.

    Ni semua psikologi. Org gila takkan ngaku dia gila. Org gila akan tuduh org lain gila. Org yg langgar org lain sbb dier pegang HP akan ckp kat org lain... Oiii buta ka?

  3. Anwar has a sorry history,he is a ex-convict jailed for abuse of power when he was Deputy prime Minister and has been charged twice for sodomy with two different men in a space of 10 years.He probably has more personal problems compared with all the Pakatan Leaders combined.

    Kalau kita dengar dengan teliti apa yang Anwar cakap didalam interbiu dengan BBC di Mumbai baru-baru ini, I am absolutely convinced that he is not fit to be the PM of our blessed country.

    Saya berdoa supaya Malaysia dijauhkan malapetaka besar daripada mendapat PM macam beliau.

  4. kucing besar,

    saya dah kenal nwar ni sejak 1993 lagi.
    masa tu saya umur 20an. saya dah buat keputusan yang nwar ni tak boleh dipercayai.


    1. Anwar is no saint, but neither are BN ministers. So, amacam, continue to vote BN back into power & continue the mass daylight robberies before we end up bankrupt like Greece?

    2. jesus christ
      we are not greece

      and we will forever not be greece

      get real.

    3. semua 2 kali 5, keputusan ditangan masing-masing. sendiri mahu ingat.

  5. Dear Big Cat,

    Am still waiting for your conclusion of KPRJ story....what happens to that story and if it is going to come out soon.

    Things for you to ponder and investigate on ABITW story. There they state Iskandar Waterfront previously had Arlida and her gang as Board of Directors. Then after Arlida was removed,

    Iskandar Waterfront started as a joint venture between IIB, KPRJ and Danga Bay. Later, IIB began to take control and sidelined the interest of KPRJ and Danga Bay by making those dubious land deals. That did not

    1. Dear Anon 06:35

      The KPRJ story is still in the oven. Please be patient. Belum masak lagi. I don't want to do a cincai job on that one. Cheers.

    2. That is so wrong. Iskandar Waterfront Development started off as a JV between IIB, Danga Bay and KPRJ. Members of their Board consisted representatives of all 3 companies. After a while the three shareholders realized they couldn't work together because their priorities were different.

      Later they decided to break-up the company into two: one is called Iskandar Waterfront and the other Iskandar Coast. Iskandar Waterfront is controlled by KPRJ/Danga Bay and Iskandar Coast is controlled by IIB.

      The breakup was amicable and purely a corporate restructuring exercise. Sorry guys, there is no spice and pepper in this story. ABITW was wrong.

    3. Yes, it's a corp. restructuring exercise.. How sure are you that there are no spice and pepper? Which of the two ended up with the fucked up end of the deal when they split? Now close shop somemore... Millions of Ringgit down the drain... Go check la if you think i'm bluffing.

      Man In The Mirror

    4. Man in the Mirror. You need to distinguish facts and opinion. Both new entities are still around. Both still have lands in their balance sheets. You are the one bluffing by confusing facts and hearsay, mingling truth and rumours. Neither Iskandar Waterfront nor Iskandar Coast is closing down.

  6. Has anyone seen Tun M's interview in BBC's Hardtalk? Well.. thats the kind of man I want to lead me and my country. Will vote him again and again, seriously. Even if he starts a new party.

    1. i am with u, all the way.

      Hantu Siber

  7. hati hati dengan budak mckk

  8. Budak Kolek ramai yang dah jadi pembesar negara yang suka temberang rakyat - Anwar Ibrahim, Azman Moktar, Halim Saad dan sebagainya.

  9. LOL!They don't called MCGayGay with no reason....anyway bukan semua budak MC cam tu, ramai yang bagus jugak...
    Orang Kuala.

  10. I am the lucky or the unlucky few who remained with BN Mahathir during Anwar "reformasi". Lucky becoz i am not falling into his pious image trapped.

    Unlucky becoz at that time in the land Down Under majorities of the student were hardcore Anwar save for the few. Still we fight on.

    Those days, all opposition leaders made frequent trips to student overseas frm hadi wan azizah nurul izzah and so on.

    The only regular frm BN is the present Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud who made his yeraly trip to Australia and spent some time with Malaysian student each time he came here.

    Syabas Datu Patinggi Taib Mahmud. Greatly appreciated.

    p/s: when Mahathir in collision with Abdullah, i am all out with Mahathir as History shows that he is though not perfect still the best Man to trust.

    muo mari

  11. BC , stop meowing. Bark. You were an idiot to have been easily impressed by anwar. Today there's still many young blood easily fooled, like you. So why dont you take to the blog - roadshow and impress on them why and how you were easily fooled and they are falling into the same trap- anwar and his people's acting skills.

    Anwar's men , whn anwar was powerful, can talk about its time for them to take contracts away from the Daim Camp since Anwar was TPM, then- without caring who was around them to hear them. They treated anyone else outside their camp as deadwoods who dont matter if they were there to listen. SO arrogant that they were. There were businessmen, amongst the anwar men and all they talked about was what should go to them which big contract and how to checkmate daim and his greedy men and the vincent tan greedier cleverer manipulating connections . Anwar's greedy friends were 1 malaysia at least. And they all talk like as if Mahathir knew their thievings and gave his blessings to rape the country.

    They soon become robber barons. There was indian busnessman representing a big indian name ' my boss say we must do somethig to take care of tpm too and laughter and cheering greeted him all round. Malays quickly learn how to be come so greedy that they were raping the country and willing to destroy another malay if they dont get their way.All or nothng .

    Those were the days of many fallen decent Malays. And many became poorer and many sacked from their jobs because of political difference. Whether with anwar,mahathir or daim- the hatred they attarcted amongst the ordinary Malays , the common men were astounding.They knew but didnt care. The destruction of the Malay psyche started then. It was the beginning of the era of arrogance of the powerful and rich malay men- the slow poisoning of UMNO. It didnt start during the time of Abdullah Badawi. It started duirng anwar and daim combination unleased by mahatir.

    Many of us knew what anwar did to Umi Hafilda and some had the fortune of listening direct from Umi's dentist the late Dr. Ristina.But many then were either children , siblings and friends of those who fell prey and victims to the combination of mahathir,s Anwar's and Daim's clinical destruction of the Malay pschye- thinking capacity and sense of fairplay and loyalty. The 2 Mahahtir 's ' hearthrobs' then were hoarding power not for truth , not for the country , not for the malay race not for religion. Just pure greed , lust for power , money grabbing and sex and more sex hypocritical malays . The sex part Mahathir excluded.

    It was no suprise- the revolt that took place in the form of reformasi. For many of us , it wasnt in support of anwar , it was an expression of anger , disappoitnment and desolation and the want for change and for more just ways of wealth. That Anwar and daim had manipulated mahathir to the max was somthng no one cared - People were angry and they wanted to blame someone and mahathir was it.

    I thank god that mahathir finally saw the light and the truth of both greedy monsters he created .But for the many ordinary hard working malays, it was too late. Mahathir save the country, but he could not save what was lost in the broken hearts of the malays. And today their children roam the streets lost as ever, a prey to anwar.Deja Vu and only Najib can correct the wrong and do right to mend this.

    I for one will never allow what mahathr, anwar and daim did to happen again. I am glad Najib razak , the son of tun razak ,the man who loved his country and his people, with no pretensions, will uphold his father's love for his country and his people and the poor malays. Yes ' poor the malays. ' And I am one of them.


    1. I think you are missing the point BC is highlighting.

      I am apolitical, but I would like to be enlightened with the notion of supporting reformasi yet not supporting anwar? how about supporting BN but not supporting Najib or Pak Lah or Mahathir? Please, Im confuse.