Monday 2 January 2012

Another fashionable reformasi, anyone?

So, it's really looks like we are going to have another major demonstration in KL on Jan 9.

Free Anwar Campaign, they said. They are already starting with the national road tour.

Errr....Anwar still free what....these people don't want to wait until he is not free first ka?

Well, I guess these people are more advance.

By the way, the whole thing makes me feels like I am somewhere in Indonesia....or rather the Philipines. Thought these people want to be something like Singapore? Singapore better what, very peaceful and neat.

Anyway, I have to admit that I have this wicked wish for the "gathering" to happen. I don't think the authorities will be too nice this time like it was during the Bersih 2.0. No more nasi beriyani meal for those nab for rioting.

I also want to see if Marina Mahathir is stupid enough to join them.

Also Ambiga and her Bar Council gang for that matter....well, I just want to see this bunch joining in the rioting just for the simple pleasure of seeing them smartly attired in suits and being hosed down by the water cannons.

Yes, I am that wicked....hehehe

On a more serious note - I pray that no one is moronic enough to bring their children along. Errr, Marina, please ya, I know you want to be as cool as your daughter, but this time I believe it is going to be really some serious heavy duty stuff and not just a fun and be cool like occassion.

As for the uni students taking part, hmmm...sorry to say this - boys and girls, you all are being stupid.
Well, I don't blame you. I was as stupid as you back in 1998.

I was at all the major events of the Reformasi era...Kampung Baru, Masjid Negara, Anwar's house at Jalan Setiamurni in Damansara....I was even there when they arrested Anwar that night.

Wah, I tell you...I was so semangat...wore that white ribbon all over the place. Sometimes I got embarassed whenever I remember those days.

I know you all boys and girls will not listen to me, but what the heck lah, let me tell you's all just a con lah adik-adik.

Well, I know you all are still going to join the crowd. Really, I understand, it's the fasionable thing to do. Demi perjuangan dan keadilan, they said. Yes, I understand. I was conned too back then. Never mind. Whatever it is, please don't get hurt ya.

 Remember you parents who work hard to raise you into a smart adult and a uni student. Please try not to commit any serious crime during the rioting. It can destroy not only your life, but also your parents'.

I know, you have no intention to commit any crime...just a gathering for justice, they said....well, trust me, things will most likely get out of hand. I am speaking from experience. If that happened, try to stand to one side and avoid getting into any serious trouble, ok?  Take care.


  1. LOL! Naughty BigCat! I don't think MM will join this demo... don't think she is the fan of AI. But Ambiga might.. so your "dream" to see her being hosed by water cannon might still come true!!

    On a serious note, the students are truly being conned. But being young and foolish, they will never listen to us boring adults. Their idealistic young minds will not let them see facts.

    Let them be lah... just hope they are smart enough to take care of themselves by not destroying their body, their future and their parents' hopes..


  2. Anybody who supports Anwar must have their brains checked. Isn't he another UMNO clown - I mean, a frustrated UMNO clown who failed to unseat his boss way back in 1998?

    Wasn't he trying to do a Daim-scheme to enrich himself while he was the Finance Minister? Didn't we see him smiling next to the tycoons like Vincent Tan and Francis Yeoh back then?

    When asked to swear on Quran for allegations on homosexuality and prostitution, he refused.
    When asked to defend himself in court, he opted not to go for sworn testimony. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

    Yes people may not like BN, but people need not necessarily like Anwar too. He's mistaken if he thinks he's the Diva that Malaysians want as the PM. I would rather have a monkey running the country than Anwar.

  3. Dearest Bigcat,

    Yes, any rational thinking adik-adik may not want to risk himself/herself participating in an illegal gathering that serves the purpose of only one person. The risk is against the long arm of the law - the police

    Experiences have shown that however much the police wants to exercise restraint, but under circumstances where there are grave and sudden provocations from the demonstrators, crowd control may become rough and physical, resulting in injuries ad arrests.

    Unfortunately not to those who have been subtly and systematically indoctrinated with Anwarism. They see this as an opportunity to spark a wave of protest throughout the country to subsequently topple the present government and save Anwar from 'the heinous conspiracy of Najib." So they are ever prepared and willing to risk anything and sacrifice anything.

    Police brutality has always been one of the battle cries of any anti-government protest of any country.

  4. Craig Daud Al Tongkol2 January 2012 at 11:29

    Wah Big Cat, you also kena conned kah? Sama lah kita. Boy oh boy, those were the days when I would proudly don the Reformasi t-shirts wherever I went, showing-off to the world of the new-found ideals I learned from Anwar. Come to think of it, I must have looked like one of those yellow clowns of the Bersih 2.0.

    Those were the days when I was being such a smart-ass to my boring old Dad, preaching to him about the evils of cronysm, nepotism and whatever -ism else (those were new words for me back then, which I learned from guess who -- Anwar). I would also enthusiastically tell my Dad about the liwat conspiracy to smear Anwar, and why the corrupt Gomen was so scared of the Anwar. To all of these my wise old Dad would only smile, as if telling me that I'd soon wise out of my naivety.

    Those were the days when I wouldn't mind standing toe-to-toe among the sweating crowds of thousands amidst deafening cries of "Reformasi!" and Takbir while listening to Anwar's ceramahs; and I would later listened again repeatedly to his ceramah cassettes at home. I would also loudly play the cassettes so that the boys in my dormitory room would end up brainwashed like me. FYI, I went to the same all-boys boarding school which Anwar also attended (MCKK), so obviously he as an old boy enjoyed a considerable support from all of us his school juniors. But contrary to popular belief, most of us went out of the school with our anus intact.

    Boy oh boy, those were the days. And I would never trade those foolish years with anything in the world.

  5. Bigcat,

    Watching that fireworks in the sky 1/1/2012, could not but admire the professional and friendliest of manner the police carried themselves in a happy happy occasion.

    On this 901 occasion, police brass tacks will see the other side of being professional in keeping law and order.

    You had to mention the other MM, sheesh.

    In my books not worthy of mention.


  6. as of 901, i think the authoritites could well suprise them by just not doing a thing. or just stood there and not start revving things up

    and then maybe fuse them up so that they attacked first. make sure all the medias are there. videos, everything. and get their men to broadcast it live to the world asap

    wif u want to check mate these guys, u need a well oiled plan surprise element

  7. Yeah.... I was wearing ribbon as well, even on my small head for Anwar to untie it and give it a nice bj. But he cheated, he likes girls too.

  8. enjoyed all the comments...u are all talking like ur parents. U guys should try the maharaja lawak thing.
    Let youngsters have their days .Its just a phase like acne and endless hard-ons.
    What the authorities need to do is to minimise damages to public and private properties. On those particular days authorities should organize free concerts for those other disinterested young uns before they get dragged in the herd mentality..then they only have to deal with the hard core and mercenaries.

  9. Wan Azizah should also invite the COW (Club of Obedient Wives) members to participate in the demo. Then there will be some fun. Mua ha ha.

  10. wahhh.. good idea also la.. "counter terrorism'... organize an MU match or Metallica concert, then we see how many still want to join the 901... even better, make it full one day back to back... sure best.

  11. Aik macamana kita tak jumpa kat rumah Nuar pd mlm Sept 1998 tu? i've been there - first 100 ppl kut berkampong kat rumah dia...hahaha lama gak kena kencing berdiri ngan pak janggut kambing sorang ni