Tuesday 17 January 2012

You really want Umno dead meh?

I have been following the Pakatan's "Asal Bukan Umno" (ABU) campaign with some amusement.

The campaign, as I understand it was to vote in anyone, except Umno and anyone related to that Malay-based party.

Umno is to these campaigners, the source of all evils in this country. Members of the party are deemed to be corrupt, insidious and immoral.

In fact, DAP leaders such as Guan Eng even equated Umno to the Nazis and the BN government something like the Germany's Third Reich. well, that one was mostly targeted for the Chinese audience la. Najib is something like Adolph Hitler? Are you serious?   

My understanding is that this campaign targeted ALL Umno members and those related to them. Ya lah - anything/anyone but Umno, isn't it? Good or bad Umno people, doesn't matter isn't it?

Is it really like that? All those pakchik-pakchik and makchik-makchik of Umno are evil? Are we very sure of that?

Well, there is this Youtube video clip starring that comedian turned Pas ustaz who goes by the name of Bob Lokman which I watched the other day.

It was of course done in the usual Malay comedy acting where Ustaz Bob was hanging out with his Pas friends at a kedai kopi and making fun of the government's financial assistance for those in the lower income group. It was not very funny to me at that stage, but then again I am not much of a Malay comedy fan.

Then came this man wearing a songkok acting as an Umno man. Ustaz Bob and his gang started giving a lecture on the evils of Umno to the guy and at the end told him to throw away his songkok. In its place they gave him a skull cap whereupon they congratulated him for jumping ship to become a Pas man.

Well, it was funny to me at that point as to me that reflects the simplistic mentality of the Pakatan people when they tell everyone, especially the Malays to throw away Umno.

Let's say after the next general election, Pakatan rules the country. What will happened after that?

Will BN still be there to be the opposition?

.My calculation, based on the reasoning of these ABU campaigners, Umno will die a natural death.


I do not think that BN will still be there once Umno is dead.

 So, will everything be honky dory in Malaysia then?

Umno, is the main force of BN, they said. BN is therefore evil as a whole. All those over 50 years of their rule has made Malaysia such a terrible place. Same as Zimbabwe. Really ka? Ustaz Bob have been to Zimbabwe meh? Guan Eng, you have been there ka?

Fine, which party is the main force of Pakatan? Don't tell me they are all equal. If I say I want Guan Eng as PM, would PKR and Pas object against it? I think they will.

Anyway, they said they want Anwar Ibrahim of PKR as PM. Are we so sure everyone in PKR are pure and sinless? Remember arrr....Anwar and the gang are mostly Umno rejects. Are we so sure they got kicked out of Umno because they are sinless people? Think carefully.

I wonder what was the doa of Anwar and Mahathir when that picture was taken.

Will this country be as perfect as .... let's say Singapore (this is if you ask the DAP fellas la).... once Pakatan takes over and Umno is dead?

Are we sure everything will be fine once Umno is no more?

Are we sure we want to vote just anyone (even an ultra of some sorts) if the Umno candidate is proven to be a good man/woman?

Is that how we should determine the future of our country? The future of our children?



  1. My friend Anas Zubedy has written clearly (which I concur fully) about this ABU thingy -


    I am planning to run a campaign called ABBA :
    Anyone but Brahim Ali :)

    1. Well, obviously it isn't fair to assume EVERYONE in umno is bad. But the current bunch of umno/bn ministers sure doesn't do very great jobs. Failed, cost overrun, delayed projects are the norm rather than the exception, no?

      All the Iskandar hanky-panky highlighted here, are contributed by umno & gang + the GLCs, no?

      Yr beloved MB Ghani also led Johor to billions in debt & a messy Jcorp, after a few terms, no? Just because they've paved some roads in rural areas, do we hv to be eternally grateful to them & conveniently overlook all their other failures?

      If one thinks umno & gang is trying very hard now, wait till u see how much harder they try when they don't hv a majority anymore. Having Pakatan & BN form a coalition gov looks like the best compromise for now, to keep each other on their toes. Unless, of course, they gang up to rob & sodomise us rakyat again. We'll figure out how to solve that when it occurs.

    2. Anon 06:26,
      Johor surplus budget la the past two years. Last time got debt, that one borrowed from Federal want to build new water pipe system. JCorp messy, that's why Ali Hashim need to go. Iskandar hanky panky - this evil pro-Umno blog highlighted what.

  2. Bigcat,

    "In its place they gave him a skull cap whereupon they congratulated him for jumping ship to become a Pas man."

    Brilliant symbolism!

    Anyone wearing a skull cap is a PAS supporter.

    Guess a lot of Jewish tourists out there in Malaysia must also be a PAS supporter.

    The Picketan Rakyat fellas know they cannot conceivably take over the Fed Govt.

    So, the DAP and PAS make the ex-con a figurehead PM just to collect from the PKR loyalists some, now that is, scraps of votes here and there.

    The thing is, Bigcat, not to give these new born Ustaz like Bobby Lookman, too much attention, one or two lines will do.

    Free pubs is all they want.

    And free pubs we should not give.


  3. UMNO is the biggest threat. and the most hardest of them all in BN. and of course the strongest link holding all component parties in BN. if UMNO fail, or be made failed, pretty sure these clowns will think thats the end of BN.

    which i am afraid yes. spot on. thats why they are going gung ho against UMNO. only UMNO.

    the same people who buy their houses with 5% bumiputera discount. eh typo. 7%

    and they support people who WILL abolished bumi discount for purchasing houses.

    1. 7% applies to all UMNO,PKR, PAS, DAP bumi laaaa. Not only UMNO

  4. Aku Bersaama Umno ?

  5. Salam BigCat

    The tsunami of 2008 happened as we all know was not because the voters wanted PR but because we hated UMNO or BN ,where the malays hated Pak Lah & gang. the Indians hated Samy Vellu etc..etc..

    UMNO needs a very brave leader now to transform this obese party into a mean, lean fighting machine that fights for the rakyat. You can call it re-engineering, paradigm shift or what ever (bukan pandai sekolah pondok je). Enuf of the rhetoric. If I am Najib, I will do that transformation now (I'm not talking abt the ETP crap). Get rid of dead woods, expired ministers,corruption, extremely rich ministers and then look at people running the GLC and other Govt. agencies. Then look at UMNO and tell those UMNO people that those who are willing to sacrifice his life and work for the rakyat will be selected and not joining UMNO to enrich oneself. Ketua Bahagian or not Integrity, capabilities, qualified candidates are the key criteria for choosing a candidate. And please retire all the controversial Ministers, re-conditioned one included and for heaven sake do not appoint them as Chairman of this or adviser of that..just retire. Some of these Ministers are very rich...so just retire..we are sick of you. I think 3/4 of the cabinet should go.

    Malaysia is blessed with abundance of natural resources, hard working people and only 26 million population. We should be at least 5x better off than now if we have good government.Most of our policy are screwed such our education policy, motor industry, public transportation etc. Why I say Najib has not done that well because I think he is not serious by looking at the people he appoints to head critical agencies. Take SPAD and Felda for example. Is there no other qualified professional in Malaysia to head such agencies, that you need to appoint retired below par ministers? What happen to that Talent Corp. thing? How many road shows have they gone around the world? How much tax-payers money have been spend?

    I have been an UMNO member quite a long time. I did not apply to join but some people in my kampung in JB thinks I'm leadership material and submit my application. They hv pestered me to become their ketua pemuda (when I was much younger then)but I declined. They wanted to overthrow their ineffective leader then. I told them I'm not leadership material and suggested some other name instead. What I had said then and again now is that you don't have to be a party member to support the party. To me you join a party if you HONESTLY think that you can contribute more and by being a leader you can translate that for the good of the rakyat...then go ahead present your case to the rakyat. But what we have now is many of the UMNO members are supporting certain "leaders" for something in return. So you have energies and resources being diverted for unproductive means.

    So when it comes to the crunch Najib must act now and get rid of these people. If he becomes unpopular and get sabotaged by his own UMNO people, well at least he goes down fighting and get the respect of the people. He will rise again believe me as the message from the people will be heard loud and clear in PRU13 to UMNO. To me he is playing safe trying to please too many people ending up pleasing no one.

    So, this is the predicament now...who do we vote this time? BN? or Pakatan? To Pakatan, definitely NO..cos I think they are worse off. My friends and I have decided that we will look at the overall candidate selected...and take it from there.

    We are just sick n tired of our politicians.

    1. glad to read your comment mph. what you said is what the thinking malays are hoping now. we are on a mode of wait n see najib's next serious action ..the selection of candidates that is.

      -3rd force-

  6. Big Cat:

    Look at what's happening with NFC. Look at what's happening with Jamil Khir, Awang Adek and Azalina Othman. Why do you think people are demoralised with UMNO. No, not all UMNO is bad, but UMNO will not change, and the only way to change UMNO is to get rid of present management. Like the management of any mismanaged company gone wild.

    UMNO will survive even if it loses the next GE. It will just have to get rid of bad rubbish and put in new and clean faces. And I know plenty of such people around.


  7. Lu mau tunggu sampai UMNO curi Malaysia bankrap ? Tak boleh, kita kena tendang dia orang yang korup keluar dulu. Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu, kita sama-sama tolong negara kita jadi tak korup.

  8. Back in 1998, when AI was sacked and the big huuhaas of reformasi going around, I was thinking, why didnt this guy do the changes from within, he was in the system yet all the bad things was said about UMNO after things got turned against him?

    I have been to AI's talk during his visit to the univ where I studied. Then I discovered that this guy only knows how to play around with sentences and words but to a substance of none.

    I have been with the close circles of 'supporters' of AI in the 1998/99 era. Hearing how they gloom over lost opportunities, projects and all the possibilities of enjoying benefits with the departure of AI from being the 2nd man in the country. And that tells a lot about how things wouldn't be much of a difference even if AI rises to be the PM.

    This is just a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    My advise to PM Najib (wow advise).. just clean up the bad apples in UMNO, do not rely too much on appointed advisers, go with the gut feels.

    1. Politicalimaty9,
      You had your experience in 1998/89 era..
      My encounter was in 1968/69 era, a loud mouthed student leader, full of retorics, stiriring gullible students ' emotion, empty drum sound the loudest ,etc etc etc.
      When Anwar was invited into UMNO in 1988 some of us responded......OMG....!!!

  9. UMNO worsen during AI being pluck-in by TM to join UMNO in 80's - during his era - they call it on-the-table; no more under-the-table..he is a manipulator

    Persoalan besar - Apa pasai AI tak sujud syukur or pergi buat umrah [pergi mumbai instead] selepas Mahkamah lepaskan dia?


  10. Look at this :

    It is the inequality that causes the unhappiness, along with corruption, mismanagement, incompentency, wastage of rakyat's money etc

    Take a look at our country's budget for the last decade, they are all in deficit. Do some research and you will find out that the majority of the $$ comes from Rakyat and some type of government's opaque scheme.
    Who will foot the bill for their pension when they retire ?? WIll there be any money left when they need it ?

    There is a lack of transparency and accountability, and someone should do an audit on the govt budget.

    Will Malaysia end up like the Greece ?

    1. Hmmm...the NFC thingy was due to auditor-general report of the evil BN government, isn't it???? Ya lah, maybe can do better....

  11. Umno is a party built on corruption. Period, and we have skunks like you supporting it. Time corruption is got rid of. And the only way is to get rid of umno.

  12. Even a child can see what has been going on in the last 55 years: Voted into power; create mega projects, buy submarines to get giant kickbacks; plunder & steal the wealth from the Country; enjoy immense wealth & luxury; need to cling on to power; so control media, deceive the people, lie & twists the facts; sabotage Anwar & the Opposition; steal the elections….Why do you think Mahathir’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…Sarawak’s Taib 31 yrs in power, a billionaire and his daughter lin law’s divorce claim alone is RM400 million. 3 murders, Altantuyaa (Scorpene commission recipient, Ross Boyert (Taib’s former US aide) & Manser ( native & rainforest activist) yet to be resolved….. Hell is awaiting. Many natives in Sarawak had their land grabbed from them, many don’t even have electricity & good drinking water.

  13. Watching from a clean, democratic NZ as a neutral 3rd Party: In the democratic and ‘bersih’ Western countries we see clearly and have little respect for these criminals who fool, fleece, pillage & plunder their nations. To add insult to injury, they self-glorify to the extent of playing God. It’s most smelly & sickening. In the West, we have no state-controlled media, gerrymandering, vote buying or enticement, only public interviews of politicians & public debates between them. Voting is held is schools & public venues without a policeman in sight. How long would these corrupt, BN criminals, Asian & African politicians last in NZ, Aus, Canada, US, UK & the West? 1 month or 40 years?

  14. Robbing the Rakyat, multimillion kick-backs, deceiving the electorate, leaking strategic defence secrets. High level treason!
    Dynamite-blasting of an aide & ex-lover, then the master-culprit was allowed to go scot-free to the UK. The total costs of the Scorpenes ran into multi-billions, not millions; while Teoh B H was grilled to death over an alleged few thousand ringgits. 3 murders, Altantuyaa (Scorpene commission recipient, Ross Boyert (Taib’s former US aide) & Manser (native & rainforest activist), yet to be resolved….. Hell is awaiting. Many natives in Sarawak had their land grabbed from them, many don’t even have electricity & good drinking water. Even a kid can see the total lack of morals in these heinous crimes.. You think God ‘s punishment won’t come to you like He did to Ceausescu, Mussolini, Saddam, Gaddaffi, Mubarak and soon Assad? Just watch…

  15. We must not forget that the Old and Real UMNO has already been declared dead by the High Court during Mahathir's reign as PM. The present UMNO is called UMNO (Baru) which is unlawfully and illegally using the old symbol of Old UMNO and does not clearly identified itself as UMNO(Baru). ROS should take action on this matter!