Saturday, 5 January 2013

A little rambling before departure

I'm a bit too early at the airport. So, got some time to do a posting. The wi-fi at this airport is however rather crappy.

I'm alone at the moment. Will only meet up with my Chinaman during transit at KLIA. He better be there to send me off. Otherwise, I will just get myself a replacement Chinaman in Taipei....hahaha...just kidding.

Well, in case you are wondering, I will be staying at the Da'an district in Taipei. The apartment (a room at an apartment, actually) is somewhere not far from the Taipei Grand Mosque and within cycling distance from where I will be studying. Ya, I'm definitely going to buy myself a bicycle. Just like I have always planned.

As for this blog, I'm going to continue with it depending on my schedule. Hopefully I got some time for it. Told my friends to keep me in the loop especially for these crucial next few weeks before the general election. I will then do my best with the writings from where I am.

But seriously, I really think that the Pakatan people are sorts of depleted of ideas and energy at the moment. The biggest issue they are playing now is allegations against the PM's wife. Those allegations, which were not actually new were not even properly substantiated except for words of some dodgy characters. They know they can't get directly at Najib because the PM has been doing very well, so they are attacking his wife. Rather pathetic, isn't it? Unlike the wife of Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim, Rosmah is not even a politician, and yet they still attacked her.

Eh, need to go now, they are calling for the passengers to board the plane. See you all later. Cheers :-)


  1. Big Cat
    Bon Voyage and happy landing..obviously you missed the story regarding the DAP bothched attempt at making a real bona fide genuine , psedo Melayu by the name of Zairil into the CEC...ha ha ha I still think that the Zairil is a baby dumped and found at the rubbish bin in Puchong or Cheras or anywhere in a Chinese infested area in KL and picked by Pak Khir and then left it to his concubine Christine to look after...ha ha ha where he got Malay look and suspect whether his is potong or not btw.your china man is his tool potonged too..

  2. Good riddance

  3. Its good for you to go China taipeh. Then you realised there are more yellow bananas than you can eat hehe..

    One Chinaman looks like another. They all look and taste the porcine taste the same especially in the dark!

    So enjoy your pork kissing adventure yeachh.

    Shame on the China men in Malaya who are afraid to go back to their motherland while malays find it easy.

    Please start a website for resettling China men who want to go back to China. Iam sure there are many who are proud of the 5000 poverty stricken and cruel history of the Chinese empire.

    Dont know what they dont like about China. Dong Keyong can speak mandarin all day long. Dance Chinese wayang all day long eat cats and dogs beside pigs. Way to go Bigcats.

    Guess you will enjoy being eaten there. They eat pussy cats in China hehe.

    Unless of course ketayap wearing Malays like Nik Aziz and Hadi gave thousands of acres to these China men. No wonder they dont want to leave Kelantan!

    Or UMNO Presidents giving IPPs, gambling licenses ports, businesses. These China men are good people. Why? They share their companies with others like my sons or menantus or brothers hehe.

    You going to China, Nga Ngeh, Nga Ngeh going to kelantan.. way to go.

  4. Selamat Jalan Sis dan InsyaAllah kembali balik ke Malaysia :))

  5. How come slit eyes allow to have a Grand Worship place in Taipei but not here in Malaysia?

    More malays go to China the merrier as they come back with new ideas and less taliban and not in favour of huduh

  6. Good Luck and Bon Voyage BC, always remember though that macam mana best hujan emas dinegeri orang, lagi hebat hujan monsun dinegeri kita ini. Keep on blogging ya:))

  7. Bigcat, have you read Black Rose 1.0 ? Do you think Rosie has the guts to deny the allegations or even take the author to court ?