Friday 18 January 2013

Of armpits and thighs

In yet another U-turn by Pas, female performers are now allowed to take part in Chinese New Year stage shows in Kedah.

Initially, they were not allowed to do so by the Pas Kedah government, causing an uproar even among the pious guys of Pakatan such as the ultimately handsome DAP boy, the Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

The catch however, I was told by a journalist friend back home is that the female performers, were still not allowed to wear "inappropriate" attire, which according to the guideline issued include those which revealed the armpits and too much of the thighs of the performers.

Hmmm....that means, no cheogsam like this la -

Or like this -

Or even like this -

Well, maybe good also la. I'm always jealous whenever my Chinese friends wear cheongsam because I can never fit into one. My body shape got no curves leh. Macam papan only.

Anyway, what is it about the armpits thing.... Cannot show thighs, I can understand la....but armpits? Like that also can get aroused ka?

So teruk la you all men.


  1. "SO teruk la you all men"

    Only muslim men isit?

    We chinese men have seen armpits and thighs and what have you everyday also no rasa.

    Does it mean we have better control or we are so used to it that it is normal dressing to us?

    Those good old days during the P.Ramlee/Saloma era we have Malay gals dress in tight kebayas and sarongs that show off their good curves..guess that wont happen anymore..

    Maybe those days the Malay men are more used to

    1. Eh, you all non-Muslim men also the same la. All hamsap one. Don't bluff, ok? See, even Guan Eng ended up being hit in the head by an ashtray.

    2. So Big Cat:

      From your grapevine, what did Chua Sr got hit with ?

    3. Dont simply accuse la..

      Please show proof..

      Be more professional..

      People got cut on forehead say kena ashtray..kena sue baru

    4. Wrong story by Dumno. LEG was kissed on the forehead by many malaysians who love him. That is the proof.

    5. Chua Sr? He simply said "Ya, I'm hamsap. Sorry. I don't pretend pretend my tummy not buncit like some people when get caught or threatened to sue sue like some other people. I just admit and resigned." Like that, how to throw ashtray at him leh.

    6. Anon 19:34,
      Like that also disgraced my uni and professor ka? Ayo, fyi, Taiwan uni and professors know the meaning of having some fun la. Not like u all DAP cybertroopers. A bit a bit also want to get ganchiong all over the place....sheeeeshhh...

    7. Aiiyoo why must pretend ah... Girls want more men. Men want more women.

      Just because these Indians came with Arabic religion doesnt mean we Malay men want to miss beautiful women. The more flesh the better. The cheong sam was designed to arouse the women who wear them as it force them to walk in a particular manner while arousing the men who watch the now you see now you dont flesh.

      PAS malays are only fooling their stupid followers. With the youtube we know Mat Sabu was sapuing his best friend wife. You can hear Mat Sabu saying "Muka bau burit mah"...weeii.. he seems quite adventurous and a man who will pleasure women no matter the smell. hehe.

      The joke is everyone of them AI , Mat Sabu , Fati bari, Azhar Idrus all crave pussies (in some case men too) but try to outdo each other. "Not me ma. I am warak." While groping any women every chance they get.

      So old fashion. Come out and say we all love women and sex and be done with it.

  2. It's quite dangerous to tempt the melayu men....they even can't control their fantasies and have to take 4 wives. If you don't let them take 4 wives, they will commit incest.

    So many unborn children, so many abandoned children. Sigh....what is it with melayu men ?

  3. U naughty Cat!

    Not only Ustaz2 PAS cannot tahan, the Bosses from PKR also cannot tahan.

    Thats why that guy so angry!

    1. Hahaha...PKR boss, not only womens', guys' butt, thighs n also armpits also cannot tahan one....

  4. PKR Boss cannot see buntut... male or female... kesian Jijah, sure dia selalu sakit sebelum ni.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa, sick or not Big Cat?

  5. Me, spokeswomen of Allah and belittling the non-muslims? You know how to read or not? This kind of clever also got,..siaow la.

  6. Aiyoo..the Chinese want to act like holy one.. cannot marry 4 wife but can have many concubine... Commit incense?..Go check your bible la..its full of pornography maa.. Dad rape by daugther, dad rape daughter... walawel.. better than Playboy sei....
    Go check KL brothel.. all chinese dude x blei tahan the mainland girl la wei.. some more want to claim saint ka?.. hipocrite..

  7. Aiyo...chingkie females in cheongsam have curves???? must also be blind. Flattest women on earth there is..

  8. Glad to see PAS standing up for women's rights. There's no restrictions on male exotic entertainers to help the ladies welcome in CNY.

  9. Dear Big Kat...
    some chinese girls when they raise their hand and on their arm pits we see black hairy bonzai plants.That will take the sting out of the PAS religious zealots.Thats the reasons for the ban
    but looking at LGE greasy face is also very ugly, like the arm pits

  10. When I was very young, my English friend asked 'How is your landlady'? I replied innocently, 'She has a moustache!'