Wednesday 2 January 2013

Exploiting a tragedy in Pengerang


This statement by the PDRM was released yesterday in direct response to an 1/1/2013 news article by an "English-language daily" as a measure to control the "speculative" nature of how this case has been reported by the Press and the pro-opposition sites.

So guys, stop the speculating, will ya?


The pro-Pakatan portals are apparently all abuzz with a story about how a Chinese family committed suicide for allegedly fearing the lost of their home which is being acquired for the Pengerang mammoth RAPID petroleum refinery project.

Here is a sample of those stories which cast the BN government as evilness most foul for initiating the project which will transform Pengerang into one of the country's main economic drivers -

Family in Pengerang commits suicide

As I am on the winding down mode at the moment pending my departure to Taiwan, I hardly checked on the news and only happened to see those stories just now.

I immediately contacted a friend in Johor who is closely involved with the issue to check on what had happened.

Here is my friend's texted reply in verbatim -

"Adik simati telah buat laporan polis menafikan bunuh diri disebabkan oleh isu Pengerang. Factor leading to t suicide was depressions due to t health condition of his bed ridden wife n down syndrome's son n nothing to do with poor condition. This family was on RM450 monthly aids from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat n being supported by siblings. Rumah dan tanah yg didiami simati adalah milik Melayu. Tanah ini belum lagi masuk proses bicara penilaian pampasan pengambilan tanah."

Ok, that is the real story behind the suicide.

If anyone want to accuse me of lying about this, please show me evidence contrary to what my friend had told me.

I guess, these Pakatan people will stop at nothing to win votes for the coming general election. They even went to the extent of exploiting the tragic death of the three in the family.

They simply have no shame.

Ya, that also goes to the reporters of the pro-Pakatan portals and Chinese newspapers who wrote the speculative stories linking the suicide of the three in the family to the Pengerang project.


  1. Disgusting to make political mileage out of such a tragedy before checking the facts. Another tragedy where a family trying to manage with mental health issues doesn't have (or doesn't feel it has) the support they need to live. About time that something was done for families with members having mental health issues - and it should be tackled by govt and opposition - free from politics.


  2. That display a typical character of the pakatan people , no people with sounds minds will go along with them .
    Their "semua salah aku sahaja yang betul" mentality does more harm than goods on them.

  3. Ms BC,
    It cannot ne denied that the underdogs will always have the upperhand. It wll always be the underdogs to receive sympathy and the so called provocateur to be treated with disdain.
    Thus it s not suprising many groups (the underdogs) have mushroomed to ridicule or question many government projects (the provocateurs) like the MRT, Lynas, and now Rapid.
    The only worry is whether such divisive issues bears any political or (at worst) racial undertones.
    And now the himpunan hijau is embarking on the call for regime change!
    What the heck! Malaysian has ample opportunity for regime change every five years. Use your vote to change the government. If the status quo prevails, tough luck, try again in five years time. That's democracy, you monkeys!!