Friday 25 January 2013

Opportunist monkeys back home and a Johor commentary

Checked the political stories from home and was not happy at all with what is happening there.

The most depressing was that the fire which was reignited by DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng over the kalimah Allah issue last month has spread. Now we have the irritatingly loud mouth opportunist Ibrahim Ali reportedly calling for the burning of bibles with the word Allah in it.

When this fire going to stop spreading is anyone's guess. This is why I always caution everyone to control their mouth. All those liberals talking about how matured Malaysians are nowadays are so full of crap.

Well, now we know that we got an opportunist Chinese kiasu brat as a chief minister stirring up religious sentiments for political mileage on one side and on the other side we have an equally opportunist Malay clown who will stop at nothing to gain popularity. The end result is indeed combustible for our multi-racial and multi-religious society.

With the general election around the corner, I am hoping that PM DS Najib Razak will calm things down once he come back from his overseas trip. I don't really fancy his job though. Previous PMs had the ISA. They simply throw these troublemaking crap heads into the slammer. Now Najib has to really use all of his persuasive power to handle the monkeys and their bananas.

Eh, enough lah about that depressing stuff. You can read the details of that nonsense all over the net, anyway. No need for me to elaborate on it.

Actually, I woke up this morning and realized that I have not written anything about my home state Johor for a long time. My plan to get my contacts in Johor to write in this blog has not worked out. With the GE13 coming soon, they simply got no time for it.

So, for this posting, I'm cutting and pasting this commentary from Johor written by the outgoing NST bureau chief Ahmad Fairuz Othman who has been promoted and transfeered to KL. I was informed that this was the last piece by him in the NST's On the Frontline column.

Ahmad Fairuz is being replaced by Ben Tan as the NST Johor bureau chief.

Johor's political veterans work behind the scenes

AS a state with a formidable track record under Barisan Nasional's component parties, it is natural for Johor to have many experienced leaders who have been around long enough to be well-versed with the highs and lows of politics.

These seasoned politicians, ranging from incumbent policy-makers to former assemblymen and candidates, are a testament to the ruling coalition's wealth of experience.
Five-term state assemblyman Tan Kok Hong, for one, always holds on to the concept of serving the party above all else.
The state executive councillor for international trade and industry, energy, water, communication and environment is approaching 60. He is quite honest about his intention to pass the baton to younger leaders in the coming general election.
But as the convention of BN stalwarts goes, Tan continuously works behind the scenes to ensure an election victory for the coalition under state BN chief Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.
Tan is almost certain of the support of the Chinese community in his state constituency of Bekok and in other parts of Johor due to the community's positive response to transformation initiatives under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
"The Chinese community would be stupid not to vote for him (Najib)," he says. "Even though there are grumblings from certain sections of the Chinese community, particularly businessmen, when it comes to voting time, they will likely favour the BN."
Tan's optimism may be due to the fact that MCA, as with Umno, continues to regard Johor as a large vote bank.
In the 2008 general election, MCA won seven out of the eight parliamentary seats it contested, and 12 of the 15 state seats it contested.
Tan says BN component party members sing praises of Ghani's leadership for always ensuring the welfare of all the races are being taken care of.
"Even the menteri besar's wife, Prof Datin Paduka Jamilah Ariffin, touches base with many Chinese non-governmental organisations in the state," he adds.
State MIC chief and former state executive councillor Datuk K.S. Balakrishnan concurs with Tan on the uniting factor that exists under Ghani's leadership.
The Indian community in Johor, who comprise the Tamil, Malayalee and Urdu-speaking people, represent about 6.5 per cent of the 1.58 million registered voters in Johor.
But despite their miniscule numbers, Balakarishnan, 65, knows too well that even the smallest group of voters could tip the scale in any direction.
"There are almost 105,000 voters from the Indian community in Johor now, which is a more than 100 per cent jump as compared with the figures from 2008. Back then, there were only 82,000 Indian voters," he notes.
Out of the 26 parliamentary seats in Johor, 10 seats have between 9 and 15 per cent of their electorate comprising those from the Indian community.
These seats are Labis (15.2 per cent Indian voters), Tebrau (13.4 per cent), Gelang Patah (12.4 per cent), Pasir Gudang (11.1 per cent), Segamat (10 per cent) and Kluang (9.8 per cent).
Balakrishnan says much of Johor's Indian community are generally known to be staunch supporters of the BN, and this was particularly evident during the Tenang by-election almost two years ago.
Observers have noted how ballot boxes at Indian-majority areas in Tenang recorded almost 100 per cent support for BN's candidate, Azhar Ibrahim, who eventually won the seat.
Balakrishnan says such support was not based on mere political loyalty, but BN's efficiency in handling bread-and-butter issues, in cluding that of Tamil schools, temples and welfare.
Balakrishnan did not seek re-election as Permas assemblyman in 2008 but remains a regular figure at many party and state functions.
He is most proud of the Gelang Patah MIC-initiated Pongal gathering, which is now in its 17th year.
The festival began as a way to mark the harvesting of crops and sees the boiling of rice, milk and sugar in earthen pots to symbolise good fortune.
"This year's event at the Taman Ungku Tun Aminah stadium attracted more than 1,000 people and it is becoming a more multiracial gathering than ever before," he says.
Meanwhile, state Gerakan chairman Datuk Teo Kok Chee says the party has 60,000 members statewide and despite having one parliamentary and three state seats under BN's seat allocation quota, it was a force to be reckoned with.
"Even if there were no Gerakan candidates in any one seat, we would help the machinery as all of us work under the BN banner."


  1. Hoping for Bijan to wake up ? It's like waiting for Godot.

  2. We shall see if MCA and Gerakan survive the next GE. If they don't, you know the next batch of MCA and Gerakan leAders will put all blame on Dumno. Which would be absolutely justified

  3. Bigcat: very civilised of you to condemn Ibrahim Katak for his senseless remarks. Unfortunately the Umno leadership has chosen to remain silent and we all know why. Ibrahim katak is just a proxy for the evil mamakthir.

    1. You are putting all the blame at the feet of Umno, but you are blind to the fact that DAP leadership has been very freely and openly provoking and fanning negative sentiments all over the place. This is typical of the kind of bigots who are not only biased but also blinkered and arrogant in their stupidity that they think everyone else can be duped and manipulated to think how you people wanted us to think.

    2. Anon 10:27

      There are laws in this country. If someone has fanned racial sentiments, then charge them. Don't hesitate. Two wrongs don't make a right. If there are two wrongs, charge both. Don't charge one and not the other. Mamakthir managed to con the Malays for 30 years by making the Malays look small, while he and his kind made themselves look indispensable. He fanned racial sentiments just to win votes at the appropriate time. He walks on water because he has convinced the Malays that he is smarter than everyone else. He is just a common criminal.

    3. Mahathir did not con anyone. Did he con the chinese? In what way? Did he con the malays? Did he con the indians? You call him a racist just because he is defending the rights of the malays? Did he dismantle the rights of the non malays? Do you know how many chinese became rich when he was PM? And you dont want malays to be rich?

    4. None of you condemned lge when he started this issue. Why? because he is chinese.

    5. Anon 10:48

      Your usage of the term "mamak" in ascribing Mahathir speaks volume of your racist tendencies. The problem with bigots like you is that racism is so ingrained in your being, that in your arrogance, you reveal your own bigotry without even realising it. You think you are smarter than everyone else, when in fact you are just a small-minded racist.

    6. What is your problem with Tun Mahathir? Did you not eat during his time? No food to feed your kids? No money to go to kfc or pizza hut during his time? No car to drive? No house to live in? Did you and family sleep under a bridge during his time? You had to eat gabbage from dustbins? Could not send your kids to school? Could not celebrate your new year? No clinic or hospital to go to when you and family were sick? Could not watch tv? Could not travel freely during his time? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? THIS COUNTRY NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? ANYONE FORCING YOU TO STAY HERE?

    7. Yes, I have food but not caviar I have a car but it's not a BMW. I have a house but it's not in damansara heights. I have an office but not near KLCC. I go on holidays but it's not first class. I am angry because I could have all these if mamakthir had not squandered all our money. We live an average life but our country's riches meant we could have lived a better life. These crooks led by mamakthir live in guarded mansions with holiday homes in Perth, London, Ottawa, Paris. They drive Lamborghinis and Ferrari s. They have private helicopters and planes.

      Yes, after 40 years of paying taxes, I am angry.

    8. Eh, mahathir not a mamak meh ? Oh I forgot, he is the real king of the poor Malays.

    9. Anon 21:28

      Mamakthir invented the crutch system. Those like you who get the crutches are happy. Those who pay for the crutches are not happy. Faham tak ?

    10. anon7:17 What money did he squander? Which coffee shop did you hear this? Why are you jealous of the rich? NOBODY was given a pot of gold. Everyone of those rich guys took advantage of the many business opportunities offered by the govt. Did you? From your comment it is obvious that you didnt. Did you work hard? I didnt myself because age is catching up. But I showed my children how to succeed and they are all doing well in business . AND none of them knows any govt big guns. They have not pulled any strings because they dont have any string to pull. They all had to apply for loans and had to repay them. This is the crutch system which people like you misinterprete. The govt merely offered opportunities, not free cash.Those who failed still had to repay loans. No such thing as 'no need to pay'. These guys who became rich became richer because they continued scouting for new businesses. Sitting in front of the computer whacking the govt will not get you any where. For those who took up those offers and made it, then why cant they have caviar for breakfast, lunch and dinner? COME ON, THINK HARD.In Malaysia ANYONE can become rich. If you call all rich men crooks, then I feel sorry for you.

    11. Not all rich men are crooks. In bolehland, many rich men got their opportunities through the abuse of the system engineered by mamakthir. The system of nepotism and cronyism perfected by the mamak. How hard did these people work : Daim, Syed Mokhtar, Syed Azman, Mirzan , Mokhzani, Vincent Tan, Nasimuddin, Taib Mahmud, Mike Tyson. The list goes on and on.

    12. Give me 200 APs a year , and I'll be a rich man without having to work very hard. Give me a tollroad or IPP concession, can ? Which rich UMNO guy is not a rent-seeker ?

    13. Hey man.Why so foolish? Take the old road. Dont have to pay any toll.

    14. Sure, give me land at RM 1 psf when the market price is RM 50 psf. Buta2 sure become rich.

  4. big cat name Ai..wo ai ni..

    whatever it is we still think AGO should retire and let others be the new MB.Plse retire and plse fade away , plse dont overstay your welcome .There are so many other capable, educated and younger people to lead Johor .My vote would still be for BN but plse give others a chance la
    There is a coffee table book by AGO's wife on her so called achievements ..its not so nice to force people to buy, the poor GLC's have been forced to buy by the hundreds.Poor GLC after having to caugh out so much to pay the DT Footballers, now force to buy the book.Plse lah

    1. Pls give some evidence that GLCs were forced to buy that coffee table books so that I can contact Ghani and scold him for that. Don't simply accuse accuse, ok? Not nice like that. As for the DT footballers, I think you and everyone else know the real story behind it and that it's not true Ghani was the culprit. I don't think I need to elaborate on that. Thank you.

    2. If you don't know what the real situation is in Johor, please lah don't display your ignorance here by throwing innuendos just to promote your own line of political agenda. If we leave it to the so called younger men in Umno, and by that you probably mean the likes of Pemuda Umno, nothing will get done other than political infighting and lobbying for contracts. Simple things pun cannot deliver, nak demand greater leadership role konon. Prove your worth by increasing support with the young voters first, before you hanker for bigger role.

  5. Anon 7.58, Don't only blame PM or UMNO for not putting out the fire!

    You should first blame the fire starter - Lim Guan Eng! Without a fire starter - fire will not start.

    Then you must also blame the guys who pour oil to the fire - Anwar, Ibrahim Ali

    You must also blame the guy who fan the fire - PAS.

    Once it is out of control and the country got burn! you blame PM and UMNO for not putting out the fire.

    What lah you!

  6. Pig heads thrown into mosques were done by agent provocateurs. As a Chinese, I condemn those who do such things, and I want these criminals charged and jailed because it's the only thing they will understand. So Ibrahim Katak must be charged and jailed so that he won't utter such nonsense again. But then, as someone pointed out above, Ibrahim Katak is just a proxy for an unnamed criminal who walks on water.

  7. Anon 10:05

    Who does Islam need defending from ? Who does Islam need fighting against ? If you are so shaky from your own faith, there is no need to reach out and try to blame others.

  8. What lah the last comment. Why not charge all of them ? Mamakthir included. You think that calling for a RCI for the pre-independence citizenship is not fanning racial sentiments ?

  9. Anon 7.58 and 10.22

    Blaming Ibrahim alone won’t stop the fire, Lim Guan Eng and Anwar are equally guilty.

    By the way, the guy who started it - Lim Guan Eng, Is he a Buddhist or Christian?

    Think surely he must be a Buddhist, that's why people call him 'Tokong', only Buddhist go and pray in a Tokong!

    But if he is a Buddhist, why must he meddle with Christians?

    or he must be a Muslim because people also equate him with Saidina Omar.

    But then again, calling people Katak is not nice, why must we say bad things, name calling?

    If Ibrahim is a Katak, Anwar is a Chameleon, what is Lim Guan Eng? A Monkey?

    1. I think Lim Guan Eng is lone ranger waiting for a tonto to show up.

  10. Anon 10.50

    We should charge all of them, in fact we should support the formation of RCI for the pre-independence citizenship. If we find Mahathir is an illegal immigrant, we should strip his citizenship - send him back to where he belong! so to the Lims' and the Singhs'. We will have a peaceful country!

    1. Try going to Australia and tell the aussies to let you in because the original inhabitants of Australia are the aborigines ( many were shot dead by the early english convict settlers). Or go to the US and ask for citizenship from the Red Indians. Or maybe go back to where your grandads came from and beg for citizenship. Do this if you want to be shown the middle finger.

  11. BC, if you listen to Ibrahim Ali, he was not instigating. He was responding to the incident about the Chinese evangelists distributing bibles to school students (including Muslims). He said which I think echoes what many parents would tell their own children ... If a bible is given to you (which he further qualified as bibles containing the Kalimah ALLAH), then burn it. In other words he is telling the evangelists, don't waste time or money cos we will just throw your "gifts" away. That is not instigation. That is just sound advise, the same advise I tell all my Muslim children and friends. Take note that he did not ask anyone to seek the bibles and burn them. Again, if given to you then burn it.

  12. Dear BC, hope you are doing fine in Taiwan.

    I am not defending Ibrahim Ali but I have read and heard enough to confirm that what Sharifah 16:57 said is the truth of the matter. I would give the same advise to my son if somebody gives him a Bible with the name Allah in it, because that will be an attempt to proselytize as far as I and many Muslims are concerned.

    I don't forget the ronson fire starter Guan Eng who rekindled all these reactions in his X'mas message. I hope the arrogant tokong don't spoil the coming Lunar New Year Holidays with another speech peppered with DAP divide and hate politics.

  13. Dear sharifah and eddy,
    Thank you for your comments. However, I still disagree with the burning of any type of holy book. Those Malay language bibles with the word Allah in it are those being used by our brothers and sisters among the Christian bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak. Therefore I feel that it's disrespectful of us to burn those bibles. I would rather we hand over those bibles to the authorities and let the matter be settled by them. To publicly call for the burning of those bibles would only inflamed hatred between us muslims and the christians. I think that is the effect desired by guan eng when he started the whole mess. Thank you.

    1. Tabik to BC. I love Bigcat even more!

  14. Kalau dah melibatkan sensitiviti agama, dan sensitiviti sesama saudara saudara agama lain...memang angkara syaitan. Sukalah Iblis tu tengok kita asyik bergaduh. Stop this nonsense and be a bit more human, people. We're better than this.