Wednesday 9 January 2013

Selling the word "Allah" for votes

Things are not looking very well back in Malaysia.

As election draws near, political parties which feel that they are losing support are throwing caution to the wind. It doesn't matter to them anymore if there are going to be instability in the country caused by their action. All that matter for them is to sustain the chance of taking over the country.

Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang led a press conference yesterday afternoon which was attended by PKR's DS Anwar Ibrahim and DAP's Lim Kit Siang. He announced that Pakatan is making a stand that non-Muslims may use the word "Allah" to refer to their Gods.

Barely hours earlier on the same afternoon, the Sultan of Selangor had decreed that the word Allah should be used exclusively by Muslims. The Sultan must have understood the sensitivities of Muslims on this matter, especially among those in the Peninsular.

But of course the Pakatan leaders don't care what the Sultan has to say. They don't seem want to back off from being seen as champions of the non-Muslims. Anwar even suggested that the Selangor Religious Council (Mais) which issued the statement by the Sultan had acted independently and maliciously against the Pakatan.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh was even more blatant when he called upon the AG to investigate the Sultan's decree as he argued that it infringed on the constitutional rights of especially Sikhs whom he said on occasions referred to their God as Allah. Well, singh is king indeed, ya Karpal?

Back to Hadi, it appeared that he didn't even want to wait for the party's syura council meeting this Saturday where the party's ulama leadership was supposed to discuss the matter and issue their official stand. The Pas syura council chief Datuk Harun Taib had two days ago made a statement against allowing the non-Muslims to use the word "Allah" to refer to their Gods. Harun had also taken a swipe at other Pas leaders who supported such an idea, describing them as acting as if they have more religious knowledge than the Pas ulama. Well, Harun, looks like Hadi and his band of funny men such as Mat Sabu had checkmated the ulama. They value Anwar and Kit Siang more than you all.

It was also noted that Kit Siang has been quiet despite attending the press conference and had let Hadi and Anwar talked. His son, Guan Eng had started all these when he issued that Christmas  message demanding for the BN federal government to allow the use of the word "Allah" for the Bahasa Malaysia Bible to be expended to the Peninsular. Guan Eng had similarly been quiet after casting the stone. Both father and son are probably now enjoying themselves watching the Malay muslims on both side of the political divide dancing to the tune they had set as part of their schemings for power.

As to why all these are bad for Malaysia - it sets a precedent whereby Islam will no longer have the privilage of being sanctioned as a rung higher than the other religions courtesy of its status as the country's official religion. It will also pave the way for other demands for more concessions by the Muslims. There will then come a point whereby the Muslims will feel that they are being pushed to the wall and retaliated in not so pleasant manner. This is not fear mongering but a reality which if we choose to ignore will consume us all and destroy our beloved Malaysia.

Of course people such as Hadi, Anwar and Kit Siang will say that my assertions here were false. That's because all that matter for them now are votes. Votes mean power....that's all that they is as simple as that. They don't care if this country will later on burn in a fire fueled by their greed for power.


  1. Nik Aziz, who sits in PAS Syura Council agreed with Hadi Awang on this.

    Maybe they should bring the Syura Council to convene in Egypt with the Ikhwanul Muslimin & the top Islamic clerics in Al-Azhar to illuminate the "Allah" word issue to those blinded by UMNO's perverted propaganda...

    Anyway, it's good to know that coming GE13 UMNO has finally decided on a strategy of war against Sikhs & Bumiputera Christians in Malaysia!

    Bravo, Big Cat.
    We shall see if your UMNO party succeed in this.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. oi ,kluang Chow chee yu go girl!!!

    2. try to wag the dog eh?

      tell me abt the call from the grassroot for fresh re-erection of Dumb Ass Party.

      End the Lim Dynasty, Elect Dr Boo as the head

    3. PAS parti jual tanah12 January 2013 at 16:58

      PAS melayu Kelantan/Trengganu/Kedah perut buncit. Tahu tonggang tongek, nifas haid dan jual tanah pada kafir Cina. Itu je. Yang berniaga perempuan dia.

      Sudahlah. Jangan tertipu dengan melayu bodoh ni. Ugama hak Sultan bukan hak Hadi atau Nazis. Mcm pandai benor. Majlis syurak lah majlis itu ini.

      Lepas tu balek rumah. Esok jual tanah pada Cina lagi. Tok sah cakap pasal islam atau ugamalah.

      Cina kafir pun berlakon jadi penjajah kristian. Takkan Melayu nak biarkan.

      Pergi balek jual balak pada Cina toreh hutan rimba. Itu je Melayu PAS tahu. haprak...

  2. Big Cat:

    I would like to share the following video on why this issue is sensitive with a majority of Muslims. This issue can undo all that we have achieved so far as a nation. May Allah save this beloved nation!

  3. So what if I use Allah ? You want to take me to syariah court ? I belum potong, like Bigcat punya boyfriend.

  4. First they would want to use Allah in the Malay Bible. Next, their Malay religious book would also use the same Allah and that is their agenda. To infiltrate the Malays.

    Go to the Indonesia book stores on Religion Sections, you can see the Islam and Christian religion books mixed and use the term Allah. Initially you would find it difficult to see whether the book is about Islam or Christian. And that would make their mission to twist Muslims much easier.

  5. BC, i'm willing to die to defend the kalimah. moga kuburan keldai awang itu kelak disirami kencing & bau hancing !
    let's go to war ,u asked for it !!

  6. Hi Big Cat,

    Since last night i ive strolling the blogsphere to see what people wrote and commented on this issue. One thing i definitely can see is when PAS agreeing to the use of Allah by non-muslim, the non muslim immediately become arrogant in their comment, Anon 8.54 is a clear example. The sickness of Cristian translating meanings and name hasbeen an big issues highlighted by Sheikh Ahmad Deedat since the 80's. This sickness is now spread to the malaysian Cristian. In injil there no Jesus name at all, only Isa or esaw. but the Cristian change it to Jesus to make it more english. And where actually they got the title Jesus Crist? theres non in the actual book?
    This Cristaian are all confused people. Never in the bible have Isa said that he is God nor told the followers to worship him?. In the book itself said that one day Isa will come back to earth to remind the cristian that they have done wrong by worshiping him and not Allah.
    Now what they are doing is trying to make other people confused as they are. And that is something that will hount them back in near future.


    1. You are the confused one or at least an ignoramus who pretends to know more than he does. Have you even read the inspired word of GOD (the Bible) if yes, which of the numerous Books have you read to make such a claim that there is nor reference to Jesus or to Christ in the Bible Translations? Unless you have read the Injil/Bible with understanding you are not in any position to comment on the Christian beliefs. Muslims are more confused than the Christians and that is why the Muslims need to be protected, la. BTW, I do not see the need to use Allah in the Bible but then I'm not an East Malaysian or Indonesian who uses the Bahasa Indonesia Bible (which folk like you wrongly refer to as Malay Bible, la). maybe all of you should take up the issue with the Indonesians themselves.

      Sick of all the yadda, yadda, yadda on the matter.

    2. You tell me in which book have reference of Jesus and Crist?..Give me one good answer on the question i've mentioned above. For the last 2 decades nobody in the cristian worls have ever manage to answer this.. you guys have hundreds of books which each books contradict each others. And i presume you and the local cristians have read the Quran thus are in the position to question us?.. thats funny..:).. The muslim does not need protecting but we believe that we need to protect the purity of our religion from the sickness of the Cristians..:)..


    3. Matthew 1:21 - "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins."

      Maybe u can just refer to this website or Google "Jesus in the Bible" and you will get your answer. I'm not so sure about the 'purity of Islam'. There is some doubt to the whole thing but of course in Malaysia it is not allowed to be discussed openly:

      I'm just tired, la of people like u.

    4. One more thing - yes, I have read your Koran (or rather the interpretations of it). I had to as I was confused by many Muslims claiming all kinds of things are in the Koran and now I find that they are only in the Hadiths and other man written books (thanks to the blogger Syed Outsyed the box. Don't lie la Muslims are a really confused bunch too (I'm not saying that Christians or others are not confused too). Just go read his blog. Also have you even read what is happening between the Shiahs, Sunnis, Wahhabis etc in respect of their varying beliefs?

  7. Dear Big Cat
    This Allah thing is becos Kiasu rascist Chinaman party DAP cannot distiguish between allahmak when you suddenly forgot to zip up your trousers and or you forgot that your bra wasnt properly strapped after a session with yr bfriend. The word Allah when we muslim said when we pray..they think its the same..they still say that a chinese cannot be Malay but why are they adamant about that Zairil is a Malayu.....plse buat DNA ada tak Pak Khir punya DNA???

  8. it's all about the church want to collect more money. kristian is dead in western zone. the growth is in asia. follow the $ trail

  9. Stupid Bigcat also recruit 'Allah' to become her political tools like UMNO..kah..kah..kah...

    Woi Bigcat, 'Allah' sudah sms lu to talk on HIS behalf ar ??

    Rosie Black

  10. I think many christians in malaysia are victimof politicby their taliban vwrsion of christiamity. First the DAP dragged the non christian chinese into the fray then its the Sikh. The Sikh are now scares shit and their big mouth leader is now staying quiet as possible.

    As for the issue of Allah, its a proper noun, hence not general term. Christian Chinese shpuld stop being arrogant anpretend to know Arabic, you dont.

    Here is a website of the arab bible that uses classical arab, the same language used in thKoran. They even clarify that Allah is the name of Islam's deity just as Yahweh is the proper name of the
    Jewish deity just as Vishnu is a proper namfor one of the Hindu pantheon.

    Islam deals with the god/God issue as well. The general term for a god is “ilaah”. This Arabic word is a common noun, and can either refer to any supposed god, or may also refer to the unique one. This is universally accepted among all Arabic-speaking peoples. Next, we can talk about the proper noun, or his actual Arabic name. The name universally accepted among Muslims that refers to the deity of Islam is “Allah”. There is a swirl of controversy these days about the linguistic origins of that name, but the fact remains that there is no controversy whatsoever about what Islam’s deity is named. “Allah” is his proper name, the name that he calls himself, and expects others to call him. If someone would like to contest this claim, let him consider the words of Edward William Lane, the sole author of the Arabic-English Lexicon. This eight-volume authoritative series not only took thirty years to compile, but is said to far surpass every lexicon ever produced in any language. Concerning the word "Allah", Lane says that according to the most correct opinions of Arab grammarians, which are more than thirty in number, Allah "is a proper name". Also, Abdul Mannan Omar, the editor of the Encyclopedia of Islam, and translator of the Qur'an into English, says directly that Allah "is not a common noun" and, like Lane, declares it to be a "proper name" (The Dictionary of the Holy Qur'an p.28, 29). 

  11. Well done umno......

  12. perverted and stupid PAS followers, i really pray you win the GE13. and after that pls put ALLAH in Buddhism and Hinduism too. may allah jesus christ amitabha kali wish you luck in the same heavan and bless you.