Wednesday 16 January 2013

Extreme flipping and flopping (Updated - Patrick Teoh's insult)


It turned out that the Pas' flip flop over the usage of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims may had some effect on the once popular actor Patrick Teoh of the pro- Pakatan Niamah  blog fame.

The guy went berserk on Facebook and called the Pas people in Kedah "Quran-thumping mother fuckers". It was his response to the Kedah government's directive on Chinese New Year performances.

Well, the "mother fuckers" part I can tolerate, but the "Quran-thumping" part is simply tasteless and shows what sorts of person Patrick really is. He must have kept it deep in his heart all these while but can't keep it down anymore as Pas starts to lately defy DAP on Islamic issues.

Or maybe Patrick is just taking a cue from Guan Eng, that it is nowadays fashionable to insult and push the Muslims up the wall.

Hey! What are they gonna do to us, eh? We are the king makers in this country now. We can insult the Muslims all we want. When the Muslims make noise, we just apologize lah. That will shut them up, ya. The Muslims are after all so wishy washy and flipping and flopping, aren't them?

Ok, Patrick apologized as  expected, but just read through it and you know that he is not really sorry. Here is his apology -

‘Whoa!!!… whoa… whoa… I now realise what I did that was wrong and why it generated so much hate-mail. I had thought that the criticism came from my use of the phrase, “Quran-thumping m***** F*****…” I was wrong. It came from my reference to “Give up individuality and be sheep? Pray 5 times a day? Cover up all women?” which was totally out of line. It didn’t convey what I was trying to say in the post and came out like a bigoted selfish statement. For that I apologise sincerely to all Muslims. Minta maaf (Sorry). But I do not apologise for calling that person a…well you know what I mean. I hope.”

“On good advice I am taking down the offensive post immediately. I am doing this not because I am censoring myself but to avoid causing further hurt to my fellow Malaysians whom I respect. Thank you.,”

It's like slapping someone for no good reason and then say "Eh, sakit ka? Sorry ya, but actually you deserved to be slapped, ok?"

And as Muslims, we are nowadays expected to accept such an apology.

Well, Pas people, there you have it. Next time go la play around again with these people who think of you all as nothing more than just tools for their political ambitions.

What Patrick Teoh called you all are what many of them also think of you all. Too bad for them that Patrick can't keep his big old man's mouth shut. Now we all know what they think of us Muslims.

Still want to be stupid and be together gather with them? Well, go ahead la and have fun.


Been busy since Monday. Classes started. Well, they are not really classes but more like research works. Getting to get the hang of things here. Unfortunately not much time for reading news from back home, let alone do any posting till now.

Ok, I think the most interesting Malaysian political news since the Pakatan rally on Saturday should be the decision by the Pas' Syura Council that the word "Allah" shouldn't be used in the Malay-version of the Bible. So, according to them non-Muslims shouldn't be using the word "Allah" after all. That's effectively Pas' stand on the matter now.

It's however glaringly contradicted the earlier stand of party president DS Abdul Hadi Awang and spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat that non-Muslims may use the word Allah to describe their Gods. Well, that was before Pas detected a surge of disapproval among especially Muslims in the Peninsular once they made that stand on the matter. Pas is after all a political party and decisions were to be made based on popularity....not very religious eh, but that's the way it is. So, change of stand lah. Very convenient liao.

I think now the Pas people are not even sure where the party's stand when it comes to even the most basics of theological issues. Sometimes it is like this and sometimes it is like that. I think the needs to please its secular allies the DAP and PKR while maintaining its Islamic credentials are muddling the brain of Pas leaders.

All these made me wonder how these people are going to be if they ever get to the seats of power in Putrajaya. At least the flipping and flopping of the unfortunate Pak Lah's administration didn't screw around when it comes to dealing with such sensitive religious issues. These Pakatan people are likely to flip flop even on even the smallest matters, just like what Pas did on the word  "Allah" issue.

Meanwhile, DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng who started the whole Allah issue mess had cleverly been keeping quiet. If I am a Pas leader, I would be very pissed off with Guan Eng for putting my party in a spot.

As far as I'm concerned, it shows Guan Eng's true feelings towards Pas. He doesn't care what Pas has to go through to explain such a difficult issue to its core Malay Muslim supporters.

All Guan Eng care about is how DAP could capitalize as much as possible from its relationship with Pas or any other of its allies. Once DAP got what it wants, it would not care what happened to its partners.

That was exactly how DAP's mother party, the PAP of Singapore behaves before assuming power.

Once they are in power, they get rid of the "baggages".


  1. Woi BigCat... the most interesting news now is #Listen, Listen, Listen.....not the Allah issue !!

    Allah the all mighty no need for you to speak on HIS behalf, okay !

  2. No, there's a lot more serious issue than that listen3x. The statement of Patrick Teoh. How's that dickhead 21:17?

  3. Listen, listen, listen, we gave you the right to reside in this country because we want your votes. If you don't vote for us, you go back to your grandparents' country. Then we give your places to new pendatangs from Mindanao, aceh, Pakistan, india, Kashmir. ...Afghanistan....

    1. We also make them bumis and enjoy all the same rights. what a instant maggie and cafe to have the previleges as the Malays

  4. Kincing kubur dia

  5. yes it is not treason but it shows how inconsistent you are...deprive sabahan of their own state??
    what nonsense are you talking...too much reading mkini is it?

  6. Big Cat,
    this is what PR is bringing to this country..the mentality that you can say anything under the sky and if it offends somebody..just apologize !!

  7. Actually this recent fiasco really showed how stupid PAS is.

    First they said UMNO is infidel for joining forces with MCA and MIC. Then they joined forces with DAP and PKR. In BN we know that UMNO, being the majority calls the shot. Can't say the same for PAS in PR. Now who is the real infidel?

    I don't know whether deep down MCA and MIC members actually hate us Malays or not.. BUT for the past 50+ years they have been cordial, gentlemanly and cooperative. So let's berbaik sangka until proven otherwise.

    Can't say the same for DAP members though. Their survival all these years was because of their unhappiness in the country's Malay leadership. Yeah.. yeah multi-racial thingy was just a ploy. Recent CEC "election" is a solid evidence DAP=Chinese agenda. And this is the party that PAS went to sleep with? Stupid right?

  8. What nonsense are we talking about ? Can you go and sit at the RCI hearing in KK and stop pretending that nothing has happened ? Mamakthir is going to be called as a primary witness and he will say - like Anon 08:17 - what nonsense are you talking about.....

  9. No need use tiny weeny matters to distract us from our objectives.We must look at our main goals..good governance, anti corruption, anti crony and anti rent seeking.This kind of trivial issues are not important to distract us.Why pay so much attention to a crazy rant by some old man.It's just his own opinion but you are trying to spin it out like all in PR are like him..So shallow.

    1. Anon 10.51,

      Yea right... if you are so in-depth, please explain these

      1. good governance - DAP CEC fiasco
      2. anti corruption - Land in Kelantan for MB post
      3. anti crony - sPICE project in Penang
      4. anti rent seeking - tell that to Selangor people of Talam fiasco.

      Pleeeassee... oh pleeeasee, enlightened us with your in-depth explanation. Please also take note that i only provide one example each for every subject. I guess many may be able to add more to each and every subject.

      Please engage at least 1% of your brain next time.... dumb ass!

      -Ordinary Malaysian-

    2. Yea anon 15:00
      Use 99% of your brain to call names is the best you can do.
      I will use 1% of my brain to focus on kicking out the corrupt government.
      And dont worry about the wrong doings of PR.
      The MSM and MACC will be after them faster then lightning if they sniff out anything.
      Hmm..I think even cannot sniff anything also they will make a meal out of it.

    3. So shallow ha?

      Go to PBT (municipal council)in Selangor. See how clean they are compares to the old UMNO.
      Bukan Ular lagi tapi sudah jadi NAGA

    4. It shows DUMNO MACC are just sleeping. We pay tax to DUMNO government and they pay MACC to be ular too. Once they are like dingo pounce on PKR over a transaction.

    5. Anon 20:26,

      You have not answered the questions... Kick out the corrupt goverment? Err... u mean penang, kelantan and selangor government? Thanks very much.... HAHAHA

      Ordinary Malaysia

  10. Tanya Patrick teo kenapa dia marah sangat dengan orang melayu dan Islam. Cuba tanya jugak bangsa dan ugama orang lelaki yangs elalu jumpa bini dia tu?

  11. Corruption, racism and deceit - we see it and hear about it daily. All against the teaching of the Prophet (PBUH). If Allah made covenant with Abraham, this is the same one God followed by all brothers of the book. Not many "gods", one God. And if I misuse God's word as a justification to impose the faith on others rather than let them come freely to Him, then I do deserve to be called an arsehole and worse, because I am not following His teachings. People deserve the government they get.

  12. The issue is that all PR cohorts are exactly like him.

  13. Big Cat,

    I'm getting pissed off too. They know it would anger us, but they did it anyway.

    Not that they would care what I think, but for me, apology is no longer accepted.

    1. Who is greater. Servant or God? U get cheesed but God and prophet Yeshua tell us to be long suffering and they are not cheesed off. U shamed your beief.

  14. Don't blame the Chinese for pushing the limits beyond treason and sedition if the most pathetic excuse for a Johorean Minister who is in charge of Internal Security and Home Affairs sits on his butt doing nothing! He is a disgrace to our great State. No wonder UMNO Johor never treated this passenger in Najib's Cabinet as a Johor leader!

  15. Bangsa tak tahu berterima kasih, sombong and bongkak - We should set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into how and why 1 million citizenship was granted to Chinese and Indian migrants!

  16. Now that DAP has temporarily “secured” a state base, the leaders will not throw caution to the wind and spread themselves thin all over Malaysia in the 13th General Election. They are paying lip-service to Anwar and PAS when they say that they will assist in capturing Federal power. No doubt, some young idealistic second echelon leaders may aspire to such heights of political ambition, but the old foxes in the party know too well that it is better to hang on to Penang at all costs so that in the event Pakatan Rakyat fails to capture power at the FederalLevel.

  17. But, Lim Guan Eng is not Tun Lim Chong Eu. Lim Chong Eu built Penang from ground up and voters in Penang MUST NEVER FORGET this historic contribution.
    Tun Lim Chong Eu laid the foundation, built an “economic palace” for all Penangites – an economic power house, and the Chinese in Penang never had it so good.
    Lim Guan Eng just took over the management of an established and thriving state, but in four years HAS NOT BROUGHT ANY FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE TO THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE IN PENANG. In all the decades of Penang’s development, DAP (Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and now Lim Guan Eng) have not contributed in any way to the various policies that have transformed Penang to what it is today.

  18. Bigcat,

    If he is not happy that he can't dance with sexy chinese amoi during CNY here in Malaya - why don't he go back and celebrate CNY in China!.

    He can do whatever he want in China! he can get drunk, he can dance with millions of beautiful amoi! Nobody would cares.

    He can also asked his friend LGE to go back with him, Amoi in China is more beautiful than you know who.

  19. Apology accepted. But thing will not remain the same.


    They are counting the number, and so do I

  20. By now Malaysia should had a good lesson to be learned by giving citizenship to pendatang ,they are far from appreciating what more shows some respect not only to the ones who gave their hands but now their religion and the Quran that the Malay believe in become their instrument of showing their hatred .
    Waiting for the last straw ,when the camel back will be broken,the Malay had been taking in too much.

    1. UMNo give them the same status as bumis just after 10 years or less. Pendatangs can also become BUMIS? Please tell what does BUMIs means?

  21. I would like to once again remind readers of this blog that I don't allow comments which are overly seditious, or overly vulgar. So, my apology to those who made such comments here for their wasted effort. Thank you.

    1. I'll share this as a Chinese. I think Patrick Teoh is not too popular among the Chinese too, not least because of his frequent rants and curses (which he is very proud of, hence the blog Niamah!).

      Patrick Teoh represents a segment of the Chinese population, like how Ibrahim Ali represent a segment of the Malay population. Uncle clearly thinks he is oh so cool and macho with his big words and f* you all attitude. The truth is, Patrick Teoh thinks he has earned enough stripes to judge others. It is a seniman syndrome, like how Samad Said or Shahnon Ahmad suddenly woke up that they want to be part of the anti-establishment movement. Hollywood loves Obama, it is only natural for the actors and actresses to love liberalism and libertarian views.

      But do they walk their talk? You have people who don't want gold mining, but their kind are the ones who hoard jewelleries and buy gold. You have folks who say no to rare earth, but they are the ones who snap up all the latest smart phones. You have people who don't want a big government, but these are the very people who want subsidies, handouts and the big brother to solve all their daily problems.

      It is not a Chinese thing, Patrick Teoh is just a symptom of the malaise that is typically Malaysian.

  22. Bigcat.. Ko sgt cantik bah...

  23. These DAP fellows are just the brainwashed clones of the awesome Lee Kuan Yew the founder of the DAP. How the PAS got involved with this lot is a complete mystery to me.

    1. Your uni did not teach U how to do rearch? LYK forms PAP and not DAP. DUMNO.

    2. How? One of them is 10,500 acres for the post of Puppet MB

  24. PAPPIES are same as PADDIES ! NUTHEAD !

  25. Ditto to katak ibrahim ali. Eh hypocrites don't know this person?

  26. Anon 0009 said Ditto...meaning he will also spit/piss on PT eh! Good lar smart boi

    Katak IA? Hehe, who is the father katak ooi boy? Sept 16 blaff hypocrite

  27. I lough at the comment saying PR against cronyism. .... have you looked at your party set up.. laki, bini anak, girlfriend, and boyfriend also ada.... choiiii

  28. This Allah issue is a non-issue really. If there is only one god and you call god Allah, what is the problem if others also use the same name?

    But for the non-Muslim it is dangerous issue: if you start calling god Allah, your children will think it is okay to become a Muslim. If you donot want that, then stick to whatever is in your own holy book. After all, a rose by any other name is just as sweet.

    As for me, I don't really care. If there a god, fine. If not, fine. I am not going to kill anyone over their beliefs (that is why religion is called "faith" and not "fact").