Friday 11 January 2013

My own little GE13 (Updated: An appeal to Pakatan people)


Just hours after I started my little GE13 in this blog, I discovered that I need to urgently appeal for Pakatan supporters and cybertroopers who are kind enough to visit or troll this blog to cast their votes.

This is necessary because as I am writing this, 103 visitors of this blog had casted their votes and an overwhelming 90 of them, or 87 per cent of those who took part had voted for BN. The other 13 either voted for Pakatan or just don't give a crap. This is not good for Pakatan's image, ok?

Despite this blog being pro-BN, I believe a significant number of its visitors are pro-Pakatan. This is based on the fact that this blog received more comments from pro-Pakatan visitors than pro-BN. I think if you have been following this blog for quite awhile, you would agree with that assessment.

Or, I could probably be wrong in the sense that the Pakatan supporters are not actually that many but they are the vocal ones. BN supporters who in this case should be in the majority on the other hand are the quiet type who don't talk much and just wait for polling day to teach the Pakatan kepoh people a lesson.

Whatever it is, I think this is reflective of what is happening on the ground. As the Pakatan people geared up themselves to create a ruckus at their rally in Stadium Merdeka tomorrow, the BN people are just bidding their time for the general election which will be held just a few weeks from now.


News from home is that the Pakatan people can't seem to wait for the general election which is just a few weeks from now. They are organizing a rally tomorrow dubbed Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat....or something like that. Rocky rather cheekily called it

Anwar's Taharin Square

Since the Pakatan people can't seems to wait, I have decided that I can't wait either.

So, I'm going to have my own mini general election in this blog.

You all are invited to cast your vote at the top right corner of this blog page.

I hope for the DAP cybertroopers to take part too. The more the merrier, ya?

The thing will run throughout the remainder of this month and the whole of next month. The purpose is for you all to have a bit of insight as to which way the election may be decided when you go to cast your votes on the actual polling day.

Well, at least my little election will not involve any risk of violence like the Pakatan's rally.


  1. Correction BIJAN, it is the ex-umno reject man who is screwing upside down, front and back and the PAKATAN pick this turd as their main leader and they still call for support...hehehehe.

  2. No need to be nasty la. Just vote, ok? If BN is really bad, then vote them out la. No need to fight fight one. This country quite democratic what. Pakatan already control Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and Federal Territory. They did it through democratic process. No need to go through DEMO process, ok? That one troublesome only for the rakyat la.

  3. Sis
    LOL!! DAP troopers miss u a lot..
    No matter where r u, they still barking like crazy.. Rindu tapi malu...

    Wish u all the best in Taiwan...

    Air putih

  4. Dear big cat, I think you have a long ways to go. At this point you're nothing more than an annoying mosquito. Surely, surely umno have found someone more matured?

    1. Dear Anon, I never claim to be some super duper intelligently mature blogger. I just write whatever I feel should be written. If you agree with what I wrote, then I am glad. If you disagree, well, I don't actually give a crap, ok? Thank you.

  5. Big cat is a copycat. You can't even get within sniffing dist ance of Rocky. If your poll is accurate then BN should call for elections now. Instead, Bijan is pussyfooting....while the country burns.

    1. Johor UMNO MB Ghani in Kulai recently also admitted that PR will win GE13 with 12-22 seats majority...

      ~ Kluang girl

    2. Yoor loo Kluang girl, I herd the next MB is from Kluang maa... .

  6. Voted, the majority !
    JB Boy

  7. Actually we people really dont have much choice.It's either vote for a government that screws us for 50 over years with all their corrupt leaders and cronies and rent seekers that bleeds our country of so much money or vote for a PR government that have no experience in governing a country.
    WTF,,lets give a chance to the newbies..
    If really they are as corrupted as the previous guys then let someone else have a hand in the cookie jar instead of all the same old same old farts.
    FYI,,not all people who support PR are cybertroopers and get paid.
    We just crave for good governance.
    How can we lose to a tiny red dot down south with all our resources if it's not cos of corruption and bad governance.
    We just want our country to do better.

  8. with the HKR rally is over and done..and PR claimed they had a resounding success with more than 80k turn-out I am sure all PR suppoters are ready for erection already. (OCPD of Dang Wangi in his media statement said the turnout is between 40-45k - uploaded in the youtube)
    Therefore instead of accusing najib of being scared to call for election and since PR supporters are in erection mood, then perhaps all the PR states can dissolve their state assemblies now so that election for their Dewan Undangan Negeri can be held. Itu pun kalau the PR heads of states betul2 tidak penakut macam PM Najib. Apa macam? ada berani???

  9. Voted BN! (y)!!

  10. The election winner will be determined by fence sitters who makeup about 30-40% of voters. the rest are hardcore supporters of BN and PR. Those who attend the rally are actually hardcore PR supporters mainly malays. Fence sitters will not bother to attend any BN or PR rallies. In Malaysia issues that concern fence sitters are economy, stability being no 1 and 2. Think about it and guess the winner.

  11. This is syok syok sendiri. Maybe try ask MI or Mkini to let you put the poll and see what happen?

  12. The poll conducted in this manner is not accurate. First, the sample is too small. Second, there are many who give you different answer on purpose.
    My brother supports PR but answered that he supported BN on SMS survey to gauge the popularity of Najib. The purpose was for Najib to be misled into earlier GE.
    My brother, a political analyst, predicted that new UMNO could not get more than 80 seats at best, so an end to its rule after GE13.
    Najib political fortune was shrouded by Satu Malaysia logo.
    To the superstitious chinaman, Satu Malaysia logo was bad for Najib. He mutilates our national flag by displaying incomplete star and crescent everywhere He curtailed his own power of influence as CEO of our government as he only wanted a small portion. He really did not uphold the utmost respect of our national flag which represent the soul of the people. Najib was supposed to be our servant but he was too arrogant to mutilate our flag . Political events unfolded subsequently were not in Najib's favor.