Tuesday 12 June 2012

Nizar's belated remorse

Just saw a report by Bernama that Pas' fomer Perak MB DS Nizar Jamaluddin is now seeking an audience to apologise to Sultan of Johor. He also said he wanted to explain to the Sultan about his offending twitter posting about the Sultan's WWW1 car plate number.

Well, on Sunday, when told that more than 30,000 Johoreans gathered in support of the Sultan at Istana Pasir Pelangi, Nizar was quoted by NST as bravely saying that he will continue to speak up against anyone, including the royal families on issues which affect public interests.

Here are Nizar's quote in verbatim -

"If it is an issue which is totally unimaginable, like irrational spending or behaviour, I will continue to speak up...but I will do it in the most polite manner."

Hmmm...I wonder what makes him want to apologise now.

Personally, I think it's a bit late now for him to say sorry.

The Sultan of Johor was clearly offended, judging by what he said to NST on Sunday. Here is the Sultan's statement about Nizar's initial apology via twitter -

"If he really wants to apologise, he must seek an apology from my people first because he was disrespectful to them.

"He should engage his brain before he shoot off his mouth."

I'm not sure where Nizar got the idea that he can apologise to a Sultan by merely twitting it, but I suspect he may be following the lead of DAP's Penang chief minister Guan Eng who simply issued a statement of apology last year when Sultan of Johor remarked that he was offended when Guan Eng told foreign journalists while in Singapore that Johor is not a safe place.

Guess, only now that these Pakatan leaders are learning that their 2008 electoral gains do not give them the licence to be kurang ajar with just anybody.


  1. hehe.....*must apologize to MY PEOPLE* ...... feel the power beb. gunakan rakyat- smart move!

    1. that is why he is the Sultan of Johor

    2. and you bend over kiss ass and feel great about it... don't now who feels greater - the person idolized or the person who needs to idolized luxury and extravagance, symbolic power....for what purpose really????

    3. You are not a malay. You simply won't understand it.

      Orang Johor

  2. Oh...you are so vain...Nijar

    Nik Rahmoh

  3. Serve him right ....mulut puaka

  4. Now PAS has got no chance at all in Johor.
    Better to concentrate in other states.

  5. Stupid Nizar, he said he didn't know and wasn't targeting the Sultan of Johor and just follow the news reported inside Kosmo and Utusan. So if he didn't target the Sultan why he tweet this later "DR. ASRI: JIWA FEUDAL MELAYU (RM500K BIDA WWW1): http://youtu.be/M2xWasGXQo4 via @youtube" this clearly he offended the Sultan of Johor by implying we are not living in the age of Hang Tuah...so stupid and the Sultan was right about Nizar stupidity...now bcoz the stake are high, want to apologize. Why so late U blabber mouth "kera sengal".... Daulat Tuanku

  6. Looks like truth hurts...what Nizar said is nothing but the truth!!! So what? And all humans are mortals, not Gods!!! there is only Allah to pray to, not humans.