Tuesday 26 June 2012

Our dear Mickey Mouse Club neighbour

The case of three Singaporeans from their High Commission office taking part in Bersih 3.0 is actually quite funny to me. There's no denying that they were there.  High Commissioner Ong Keng Yong even said they were there in their personal capacity. The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs had on the other hand issued a statement that that the trio were at the Bersih 3.0 as "impartial observers" as " part of their normal professional diplomatic duties".

Hmmm...which one of these explainations is true? Very wierd that the usually sharp Singaporeans behaving this way. I tend to believe that they were really caught in a fix this time. You see, Singaporean officials are mostly smart and efficient but there is something not very mature about them. They tend to blush and behaving awkward when caught with their hand in a cookie jar. Well, I hope my Singaporean friends would not get angry with me for saying that. It's just my personal observation from years of going in and out of their country via the Causeway. I'm not saying that they are not good but I always feel that there is something mickey mousy behaviour about the way they carry themselves.

Actually, I don't really blame the Singaporeans for being who they are. I mean, it's their own business if they want to hire some Ghurkas and place them at their CIQ checkpoint at the Causeway...which is kinda childish in my opinion. Afterall, their country is more like a gated housing area of rich people more than anything else. So, every little excitement should be treated with maximum due care, I guess.

So, that's why I think those ladies from their embassy should be excused for getting over excited over the Bersih nonsense. That's of course provided that they were not real instigators and were at the rally just for fun la.

What we shouldnt excused is when Malaysians trying to behave like the Singaporeans. I mean the childish side of the Singaporeans. Also the kiasu side of the Singaporeans.

If you can't figure what I meant by that, then you should just observe the way Guan Eng behaves and carry himself...and then imagine what if he become the role model of the rest of us all. Scary isn't it?


  1. Whatever it is the mickey mouse country is expanding and expanding like nobody's business, thanks to the cheap sand and silica thats being send day in day out ..the mickey mouse is laughing away at how stupid this southern state is..to sell sand in the name of silica...ha ha ha

  2. These Singaporeans can't be blamed. With LEe Kuan Yew having made them nerds and zombies in a gated community called Singapore, they have to look to KL for entertainment. If this had happened in Spore, they would be behind bars under the ISA. Just look at how they behave in Johor. Like a bunch of dingos let loose....idiots.

  3. Sigh...another barisan stooge at work

  4. BC

    you should watch the Ultra Malaya doing a parade before a recent football match in mickey kiasu country.


    they know they cant do a demo in spore but yet they want to join a demo in Malaysia.

    Fcuk you kiasu

  5. And when Malaysia goes bankrupt with all the reckless spending by BN, then Najib has to go down on his knees and beg for financial aid from the little red dot. That's when Kuching Besar also will have to do a quick U-turn and start polishing Singaporean shoes.....


    1. Bn spending on rakyat? so what? jealous? PR like godfather - spent on &*%$#

    2. BN spending on rakyat ? Bodoh betoi. They take RM 100 billion, and give the rakyat RM 10 billion, and the stupid rakyat never asked what happened to the RM 90 billion. Shiok sendiri over peanuts while the masters bask in their mansions in Ottawa, Perth, London, Paris...

    3. They send anak2 to UK, USA etc to learn farang or bule but keep rakyat in the kampong and give kacang putih or panas like animal farm (soori zoo-logical park)