Saturday 23 June 2012

Weekend road trip

Going on a road trip today. Just taking a break from all my nonsense routine. Want to see a bit of this beautiful country for this weekend. Really tired of mostly being cooped up in the office for the past week.

Going to drive slowly northward and stop here and there. Will see how far can I go, then spend the night there before returning on Sunday. I think it will be refreshing to get out of this place once in awhile.

Honestly, I'm a bit tired, and maybe even jaded. Hopefully this little excursion will help. Need to manage my energy better. Last night a reliable source told me the general election may even going to be held as late as February next year. Whatever lah...just hoping I still have the energy by that time.

Ok, need to shower now and pack a bit. You all, take care and have a nice weekend. Cheers :-)


  1. big cat

    Stop here and there. Hope your final stop is at Black Forest and cross over to have a swinging time and get your full release and discharge!

    Otherwise after the next erection, DUMNOs will be in the background nursing the wounds

  2. i thot the PR dum dumb will be nursing their badly wouded heart. Definitely not in JOHOR the PR will eat their heart out ouch ouch ouch!!!!!! BIGCAT go,go,go