Wednesday 27 June 2012

An undeserving dog, speculation and a music video

Today is the first time I got hold of a proper PC in more than a month. The cybercafe where I used to hang out at had closed down. The owner had moved it to Larkin which is a bit far from my place. I have been updating this blog using my hopelessly useless netbook which is without proper link as well as cut and paste abilities. If you noticed, my postings the past few weeks had been all straight forward and without referral link. The pictures were pasted actually with much difficulties. I am still saving to buy a proper lap top. Every time I almost had enough money, something will come up and I have to spend the money on other things.

Never mind, hopefully I can get a decent one by next month. I know, many of you all probably thinking that I am bluffing, but it's true, I am still without a proper computer and still jealous whenever I see my friends showing off their changgih computer. ALL of them have one, including this fella -

 I am now at my sister's plaxe using my nephew's PC. Well, what I miss most about not having a proper computer is pasting a good music video on this blog.

It's kinda stiff la writing about politics all the time. I know, things are hotting up with some speculations that the parliament may be dissolved tomorrow - Thursday -, but sometimes we do need to take a break la. Anyway, I don't think that the speculation is true anyway. Lots of things still need to be done. I don't think Najib want to go to the polls yet.

Ok, back to the music video, here is a good one, I think....


  1. Last time it was Santana and now Led Zep.
    You must be a baby boomer or remnant of the flower children..
    Let the good times roll .....))


  2. Big cat - You look after UMNO but UMNO don't look after you. You did not satay enough or main2 guli. Time to swatch to the opposite and maybe LGE will give you a job in Penang Insitute and every can drive to Black Forest Hill to relax and release. In south, you want to see Harry?

  3. Oh what a laugh. An UMNO cybertrouper without an UMNO issued computer. Peruntukkan komputer pi mana?