Wednesday 27 June 2012

Altantuya tragedy- don't exploit the dead for politics

Ok, this is the original Pakatan story about the late Altantuya - She was an exotic sophisticated multi-lingual lady involved in the 2002 Malaysia-French  Scorpene deal as a broker cum intepreter. She was also said to have some sorts of an affair with Najib along the way with Razak Baginda acting as her "pimp". She was said to have come to Malaysia in 2006 to get her share of the deal and threatened to expose her affair with Najib. Her plan was however intercepted by the supremely evil Rosmah who then supervised her being blown up to pieces. Jolly good story indeed, isn't it?

This is however what we learned from the trial of Altantuya murder case -
She was a Mongolian single mother whose only foreign language skill is Russian and rudimentary English. She met Razak in 2004, two years after the Scorpene deal. The two fell in love and started an affair but the married Razak decided to end it after awhile. She then came to Malaysia trying to persuade him to continue with the affair. Razak asked for help from police officers that he knew to stop her from harrassing him and his family. Something went wrong and she ended dead. Razak was found not guilty for the murder as he never ordered the killing. The two policemen involved in the case were however found guilty and sentenced to death.

Fast forward to now -
Pro-Pakatan Suaram lodged a complaint with French court on the Scorpene deal in an effort to tarnish the government, particularly PM Najib by trying to revive the original Altantuya the sophisticated lady theory. The French court obliged as per their duty. Findings so far based on French police intel -

1. She had never set foot in France.
2. She can't speak French, thus she can't possibly be the intepreter, let alone be a broker in the Scorpene deal.
3. The negotiation over the Scorpene deal was in English anyway.

This proved to be quite an embarassment for Pakatan people.But as we know, these people are not known to be capable of being ashamed. Just go to any pro-Pakatan blogs and websites and you all can see how they tried to wriggle out of this quite tight spot. Some of their arguments were outright absurd if not hilarious. Maybe you all should check them out for entertainment.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, Pakatan people, via their lap dog Suaram had checkmated themselves on this issue. The whole thing make them look like idiots indeed.


  1. Harlo: Why were my sister's immigration details erased from the records in Malaysia ?



    Klakau la BINATANG(BigCat) ni story.. apa punya LMAO la lu kak...

    Anyway nice of you to "re-open" this subject again to the public....

    My q to u kak BINATANG(BigCat):- Why were those stupid so call Special Unit personnel have to kill this AlnajibTuya in the first place?.. simple q kak.. Don't u think it got to do with power & politics? or it just merely a SEX applications?

    hehehe.. u tell me kak BINATANG(BigCat)..
    Anyway I have to address you BINATANG due to your liken screen name aka BigCat..

    CheerS from PhatPhong!

  3. Malaysian mata2 are like James Bond. Other people's lover also want to kill. Silencer gun is not enough but use C4 bomb. Why bomb her and what is the connection between Malysian Mata2 who have study law in mata2 training. Since the immigration has no record, mata2 can sent her to detention and kick her off. Likewise immigration has no record of millions of cewek and cowok doing in Tanah Melayu.

  4. How do you know that her immigration details were erased? Is it possible that she was smuggled in the way RPK was smuggled out?

    My take is that she was being used by some foreign countries to blackmail baginda. And you know what we do to ppl like that? We do it the loudest possible way to send the right signal hahahaha


  5. Something went wrong and she died........only in boleh fucking land can this happen...shame on you ...shame on you lot...

  6. little-dick jantan melayu labu and their knack for flatbutt yellow p*antat tak cebok...kkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. it's a time wasting to explain to those whose mind already set in stone. Just a question though, how come only now they realised that the whole scorpene deal was done in English? Don't tell me people in big international company don't know English... That's a big joke man. Further more France and UK are neighbouring countries and we speak UK English. So can somebody i.e Suaram tell me, why Malaysian Ministry of Defence needed an interpreter in the first place? Lawak gila babeng la...

    1. i sepik no inglish oso maaaa... can or not?? can laaaa be my fscking gro..

      Ur quest for knowing why suddenly they realised that the whole sekopin deal was done in english will be submitted asap..

      i c4 U later bro.. sen masuuuuk so kasi "Kutip" <-- U.T.K acronym FOR TIME TO DIE


    2. I went to Paris last year..Surprisingly, the France people can speak English very well. The English is widely spoken over there..Need for interpreter? Maybe Big Cat can?

  8. Altantuya tried to blackmail Razak. Razak get help from these two officers, who cari extra money by playing bouncers, tough guys and gangsters, for people who have difficulties, private problems, debt collection, business rivalry, with money to pay & rich.
    They took her away in a car, in the dark off night. One fella drive, the other sit beside her at the back. She becomes violent. The back guy try to restrain her but she resist. Somehow, during the scuffle, her cloth were torn. Her boobs, exposed. The back guy got sexually aroused, hit her unconscious, handcuff, then rape her. The driver, in front, got arouse too. Drove off the main road onto a narrow dark path to a secluded forrest, near Bukit Cerakah water catchment dam, Puncak Alam. She maybe conscious by then, but too scared to resist, because one guy is holding a rambo knife. Take her out to some clearing in the semi-forrest. Both of them, rape her again & again under the night clear sky.
    Sexually satisfied, the guys then come to their senses. Start thinking of their job, wife, family and the shame, if what they did, went public. They panic, then shot her on the head. To eliminate evidence, especially their sperm/DNA, left inside her, they took C4(available in the car), shove them into her c**t, under her back & head, take off the handcuff, then blow her up to pieces.

    The main road, about 500m outside, was just open for traffic, so not many people use it yet. The housing estate in Puncak Alam just open for residence. No Taman Saujana or anything yet. That time, also Raya Puasa Eve. The kampung people at junction to Jalan Paip, about 1.5km from crime scene, may have heard the gun shot & C4 blast, but nobody is alarm. Many of the kampung boys ignite fire-cracker & even meriam buloh, , especially on Raya eve.

    From: The X-Files.
    Detective Conan

    1. her boobs exposed.....the back guy got sexually aroused...

      where got mah..... from the yellow flat-chest kind! Must be real desperado. :)

    2. C4 - bukan rokok or kretek. Mata2 can bring gun and C4 home then in DUMNO government askar can bring back tank or boozoka and malaysian airforce personnel can also bring back jet engine home and even sell to other countries!

      If Malaysian Mata2 so poor and mau cari makan no wonder Big cat and other rakyat are poorer but those in the party are so rich? Ubah.

      Sex File
      Will bruce

  9. If only the Suaram's version is a true story, it definately hv a make of a great hollywood movie.

  10. KEPALA BUTOH kau SawaDikrap..
    Nak panggil orang binatang.
    Kau dengan jenis2 kau la binatang.
    Kau ni mesti sejenis dengan Hisham Rais.
    Seumur hidup di jalanan.
    Jenis2 korang la yang suka berdemo macam binatang.
    Memang senang la pemimpin kaki liwat yang korang jilat tu jadikan korang penyokong tegar.
    Semua otak macam otak lembu..
    Otak yang bertahun2 diserap asap ganja...

  11. Regnum Defende29 June 2012 at 16:43

    Hmmmm... mildly put saudara.

  12. Regnum Defende30 June 2012 at 10:32

    Seriously, what is the point of this posting? Is someone trying to unearth something, expose someone, uncover the truth....Someone once said "some people dont like telling the truth, others dont like hearing it..."