Monday 18 June 2012

Murad to put Anwar in deep crap

Saw somewhere that the former Bank Negara assistant governor Abdul Murad Khalid today issued a statement that he is willing to help in any investigation into his 1999 statutory declaration about Anwar's Rm3 billion.

This is indeed bad news for Anwar.

MACC will now have to investigate and all the dirts will come up to surface. You can just google to find Murad's SD in full. It's all over the place. Quite sordid actually.

The Rm3billion is indeed a lot of money for a political war chest. All those talks about money politics of Umno... well, Anwar was then the deputy president of Umno. Sure can buy lots of votes, isn't it. Now he talks about corrupt Umno...sheeessh....

Oh, ok, some may says he is now a changed man. Well, give me Rm3 billion and I probably can changed too. Changed my foot la. Just look at the PKR people these days, especially in Selangor, do you really think they are angels ka?

Well, lets see how this whole thing developed, ok? Told you already, Pakatan should put Guan Eng as number one leader. Anwar got too many baggages. Guan Eng only got one serious trouble only - flying ashtray....or was it a file? Well, that one also he can just overcomed if he can get Soi Lek to be his sifu in handling women folk. Sure can one.


  1. ala.

    hang jangan dok excited sangat. semua penyamun. dulu depa sama2 menyamun dengan anwar. sekarang anwar sorang saja yang nak kena. anwar dah masuk jel.. depa duk tunjuk kononnya bersih bagai kain putih
    kalau murad nak dedah, dedah lah semua.. tak kan anwar sapu sorang.. dedah sapa yang sapu sama2 dgn anwar.. baru lah adil..

  2. Police must keep sharp eye on this fella. Don't want him mysteriously dead like that fella in HK, during that BBMB. Sodomy I, Azizan's wife also died in accident. Do not know whether the outcome of Police Accident Report. NFA, I guess.

  3. It makes the NFC issue small change, but they still harp on small things to cover up their big scandals.

    Funny but Karpal, The Lims and Nick Aziz still cannot see it.

  4. hahaha...BS!! just another lanun peruk kenyang!

    1. BBMB berapa kali bengkrap - penyamun-penyamun tarbus itu ngapa tak buka dan siasat semula. dekat PRU 13 ni macam-macam cerita lah. baik-baik sikit nanti kalau main pedang karat akan makan diri sendiri.

  5. Nuar dulu kena pecat kan ke dia di tindas di anaiya maka ramai pula yang bersimpati dengannya......

    nasib baik la tak jadi pemimpin islam dan negara

    syukur alhamdullillah Allah tunjuk kan jalan yanf benar kalau tak negara ni jadi mesir, syiria, iraq dan palestin

  6. Banyak la bertaubat, dah tua dah senja dah tak lama lagi...masa ni boleh bertaubat lagi. Baba dunia tak pernah habis, cair keduniaan dapat la bala.....itu je sebagai saudar islam nasihat diberi lain dah tak boleh tolong. macam man kaya macamman macho pun mati jugak kepada DIA jugak kita pi balik.

  7. Sangat baik if the Mata2 and MACC go and gorek Anwar. So it also gorek to all DUMNO Ministers as there are links. How can a small sum of few billions is know by a few persons. What about those in Bank Negara? I would like to see what my taxes go into ex-DUMNO and present DUMNO's pockets.

  8. You are truly a daydreamer. Murad said he would "cooperate". It's the same way that Mamakthir "cooperated" on the Lingam RCI - "I don't remember."

    It's a good red herring to sidetrack the UMNO goons.


  9. In Parliment today when anwar challenged BN MPs to stand up and accuse him of the 3 billion account to his face nobody took the challenge. Why? BN only pandai fitnah behind people's back using bloggers and MSM but not jantan enough to face him? The BN MPs are cowards.

  10. Ya, Mother Fu...ers MACC want to bring out 1999 case and re investigate. BUt all UMNO shit like Scorpenes, Khir Baharom Haj money scandal, NFC scandal, Syed Mohtar direct award scandal, PKFZ scandal, MUsa the Musang of SAbah scandal, Taib Mahmud launderer scandal.....push it under the carpet. The people will teach BN UMNO a lesson in the next election. U think Malaysians today are stupid!!! As for Murad, he is a gone case. Lebih baik main dengan cucu, datuk...jangan main politik kotor MACC dan UMNO